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Don-T Records

Info:In 2003 Donald Thompson better known as Deliverer Of The Never Ending Truth (Don-T) founded Don-T Records.

Don-T's vision is to reach the lost souls, but main focus is the lost youth. Don-T is an artist, CEO, music producer, music composer, and music engineer.

The artists on this label are:
- Don-T (Holy Hip Hop)
- Scrybe (Holy Hip Hop/Reggae),
- Mission Oriented (Holy Hip Hop),
- Issiah Haynes (Gospel Singer)
- Keith Powers(Gospel Singer)
- Donte' Johnson (Gospel Singer)
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Don-T & The Family :  Walk With Christ Don-T - Don-T & The Family : Walk With Christ
Holy Heat Volume 1 Various Artists - Holy Heat Volume 1

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