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Left Table Productions

Left Table Productions
Info:Left Table Productions is founded by Todd Banks also known as Imago Dei. He is a producer and DJ as well.

The goal of this label from Middletown, Ohio is to produce positive and effective music. It's not driven to make money. It doesn't try to fit into a mold of mass appeal.

Their aspiration is to allow its artists to share their experiences and perspectives in hopes that it will relate to, and perhaps even inspire its listeners. No matter the artist or style, the heartbeat of Left Table Productions is share what God has revealed in our lives.

Their current roster is (2007/09):
- The Affiliate: Birdman and Imago Dei
- Bunkee: MC
- Imago Dei (Todd Banks): Producer & DJ
- Master's Touch: Bunkee, Miss K, The Bald Fat Kid, Birdman and imago Dei
- Second Edmund: Producer imago Dei and singer/songwriter Sarah.
- Spencer Harmon: MC
- Word Spoken: a group from Oasis Youth Church

First album
The first release of the label is of The Affiliate and called "A Demonstration" (2004).
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
L.T.P. Remix Volume 1 Imago Dei - L.T.P. Remix Volume 1
Our Message Masters Touch - Our Message
Empty Chairs Spencor Harmon - Empty Chairs
Ministry Instrumentals Imago Dei - Ministry Instrumentals
The Arts and The Intellect Affiliate, The - The Arts and The Intellect

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