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Kingdom City Records

Kingdom City Records
Info:Kingdom City Records LLC, was founded by Michael Watson in the fall of 2007. A former UMKC Basketball standout and current Professional Athlete, Michael's love of all genre's of music began at an early age.

Renewed Purpose
With a renewed purpose in Christ and a heart to do God's will, Michael reached out to his close friend's in the Faith with the idea that God had placed upon him. The supporting members initially met at a local Christian open mic event hosted by 4H.I.S. W.I.L.L. Entertainment. They were drawn together as brethren in Christ with one common desire, to see lives changed for Christ.

While discussing the possibility of a Christian record label with its roots firmly planted in the Kansas City area, the friends built a stronger bond with one another as God allowed their minds to be on one accord. But as with anything that is in God’s will, fleshly doubt eventually ensued.

This caused Michael to question the endeavor and whether or not it should be pursued due to himself not being a Christian artist or being familiar with the christian record business. While pondering on the eventual record company, Michael continued to aid his close friend Andre Roberson (Dre Sr.) with his first album release, “Living Sacrifice: The Soundtrack 4 Christian Livin”.

After seeing the impact this album had on the lives of young people, he decided to pursue what Christ had already set in motion and ventured out to create Kingdom City Records. Since Kansas City was ripe for harvest and bursting with talented people whom desired an intimate relationship with Christ, Michael enlisted the help of Joseph "1-Lyfe" Chavez, Wendell "Deacon" Cole, and Andre "Dre Sr." Roberson to firmly plant Kingdom City Records as a legitimate Christian label in the Kansas City area.

Sole Desire
With the sole desire of seeing lives changed and under one call, "Missionary Minded Muzikc (M3)", Kingdom City Records and those involved continue to pursue holiness while exhorting both the believer and nonbeliever to the same belief, that Jesus Christ is Lord.

The roster exists of:
- Azrielicia
- Dre Sr.
- Dry Bonez Live
- Dillon Chase
Address:P.O. Box 413211
Zipcode:MO 6414
City:Kansas City
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
The Pursuit Dillon Chase - The Pursuit

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