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Info:The abbreviation CMR stands for Cross Movement Records. It's founded in 1997 and is the label of the hiphop crew Cross Movement. CMR has an agreement with BEC recordings.

In 2005 they made a license agreement with Reach Records' Lecrae. CMR will release his next three albums. Hence solidifying the label's span of music being Da Truth, Cross Movement for the East Coast, Midwest with the artists Flame and JR plus the South with Lacrae.

Lacrae's album "After The Music Stops" (2006) is distributed by CMR's partners being Provident (christian market) and Sony/BMG for the general market.

New Label
In 2006 a new imprint was made, Issachar Recordings, this will release albums with different musical styles than hip hop. Issachar Media will also house Issachar Digital and Issachar Publishing. The first album of the label is Michelle Bonilla's R&B album: "Phenomenal" (2006).
Address:P.O. Box 5620
NJ, 08096
Country:United States
Phone:+ (856) 845 0984
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Higher definition Cross Movement - Higher definition
Our World Redeemed : The Sequel Flame - Our World Redeemed : The Sequel
Blood Spilla (single) Cross Movement - Blood Spilla (single)
The Faith TRUTH, Da - The Faith
Christology In Laymen's Terms Ambassador - Christology In Laymen's Terms

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