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Index Artists
TobyMac (Toby McKeehan) started out as part of the famous rockband DC talk. He is a producer as well as co-founder of Gotee Records. Toby was the last member of the band to release a solo album. Momentum His album Momentum came out in November 2001 a
Timothy Brindle
This Philadelphia based rapper Timothy Brindle let Christ in his life in September 2001. He began rapping at the age of 17 years old and was part of a battle group called the Parts of Speech (of the Deadly Scribes Crew). As he says \"I used to spit self-g
Travis Tyler is Thi\'sl from Saint Louis, Missouri. His name is based on th Bibical concept, that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God dwells in Christians after conversion. As Thi\'sl states about his name: \"Our bodies are the temple of God\'s Spirit\". T
Theziz from Capitol Heights, Maryland released his album "The Invitation" in 2007. Name The MC explains his name: A lot of people said I was poetic with my style so, I liked science and in everything there is a thesis that you do for your project. So
Theory Hazit & Wonder Brown
Theory Hazit joined his fellow Scribbling Idiots crewmember Wonder Brown to release this album \"Firearms Mixtape\". Theory Hazit He is born in Winchester, Kentucky in 1978. When Theory was fourteen years old, he started recording in the studio with D
Theory Hazit
Theory Hazit is born in Winchester, Kentucky in 1978. When Theory was fourteen years old, he started recording in the studio with DJ Hi-Tek, Leroy Brown and associated with MCs like Holmskillet. Shows He also has his own show "Theoretically Speaking
Formed in 2006, the members are an eclectic cast from: - Azerbaijan, Baku - Ruslan: MC/Producer - Baltimore, Maryland - Beleaf: DJ/ MC - Oceanside, California - Mic B: Drummer/ Production - Vista, California - Name Brand: Producer Sound TheBREAX
ThaPsalmist2 got interested in Hiphop by a mixtape his older brother gave him. He later on began to express himself as a MC. ThaPsalmist2 got connected to the crew Elekt Poetz and began recording with founding member Kwon 59. Albums His debut, the "P
Tena Jones
Tena Jones hailing from, Little Rock, Arkansas, and now residing in Long beach, California, is member of the band 4th Avenue Jones as a singer and femcee. Inspiration Tena\'s musical interests were heavily influenced by gospel music and her mother, wh
Tedashii also known as Tdot residing in Denton, Texas released his debut album Kingdom People on the 2nd of May 2006 through Reach Records. It\'s the second solo release on the label, since Lecrae\'s Real Talk from 2004. Guest Tedashii can be heard on
T.Bizzy is the hip hop alias of urban gospel artist Tonex. As Tonex the singer he has made several successful albums. As a producer he uses the alias T.Boy. The artist is born on May 16th, 1979 and his name given to him by his parents is Anthony Charles W
T-Bone or the lyrical assassin as he introduced himself on his debut album Redeemed Hoodlum in 1993 started his career in 1991 with the JC Crew. Chase All of his albums are produced by his musical partner Chase Gigante. His west-coast sound, funky b
SYD, pronounced as the letters \"s-y-d\", was raised in a christian home with strong values. Nonetheless, life was far from perfect. Born with a heart defect, SYD constantly battled his condition until the age of 16. In spite of his physical and spiritual
SWORD is from from Westerville, Ohio. His age is in the heart, not the body. Testimony Simply put: God is good! Living long enough to be delivered is a testimony itself. However, showing you what God has done and will do for me in this ministry is my
The native American rapper and producer Supaman of Crow Agency, Montana released his sophomore album "Crow Hop" in 2007.
Surreal and DJ Balance
Surreal is born in Sacramento California. He grew up surrounded by music: Jazz, soul, rock and reggae. It wasn't until he moved to Tampa, Florida in 1984, that he found his love for hiphop. Skills After hearing Eric B and Rakim's "Microphone Friend"
Supa Mario
Supa Mario also known as Mario Record was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1973. He discovered his interest in music about the age of 7 when he heard his first rap song by "Rappin' Duke". Mixtapes Shortly after that, he became involved in secular rap mu
Sup the Chemist
Chris Cooper is Sup the Chemist, a veteran MC, who started out in SFC as Super C. SFC was a famous crew during the nineteen nineties and one of the early pioneers. Guest Appearances He can be heard on these albums and compilations: - DJ Dove - The D
Suave\' The Messenger
Suave\' The Messenger is born in Detroit and schooled in the realities of life in one of the toughest communities in the Midwest, Benton Harbor, Michigan, music became a natural way of expression for Suave`. Rap Music Like many young black men, rap m
Stu Dent
Sev Statik\'s alter ego Stu Dent has released two albums to date. Stu Dent is a character inspired by the book of Genesis during the time of Noah. The Nephilim album of 2003 is the first part of three in the The Act of God series.
Strijder & JDA
The two Dutch MCs Strijder & JDA teamed up to release "Levensstijl" through One Way Records in 2008. JDA Born in January 1987 Jozef Daniel Astley is JDA. He has been involved in making music, since the age of 16. Growing in his skills, making beats,
Str8 Young Gangstaz 4 Christ
The Str8 Young Gangstaz started with three members and made their debut with the album Steady Bangin\' on the Grapetree Music Group label\' Phat Boy Recordings in 1998. Come Back The crew returns as the SYG\'z and work on their 2008 release \"Ride Wit
The Storytellers feature five different Christian hiphop groups - Brothers Inc. 4 da Lord - Brother E. - Lordz Ambassador - POW - Sons of God The project merged the musicalstyles of bebop and hip hop, creating \"hip bop\" alongside some spo
Stephen Wiley
Stephen Wiley is the founder of the holy hip hop scene. For a few years he was the only holy hip hop artist around until the year 1985, when the Rap Sures released Gospel Rap and Michael Peace came with RRRock It Right in 1987. The hip hop artists or crew
Stephen the Levite
Stephen the Levite from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania releases his debut album "To Die Is Gain" on Lamp Mode Recordings on August 22nd, 2006. Track The track "KnA" on the "To Die Is Gain" album stands for Kensington and Allegheny, which is a popular area
Squashy Nice & A-D
This duo is raised in the country outside of Atlanta, they teamed up to form Squashy Nice and A-D (Evan Wix). The tasks being DJ and producer Squashy Nice and MC A-D. A-D Since 2000 A-D has been a member of the Atlanta hip hop super-group Minamina G
Spoken Nerd
Nathan Conrad is Spoken Nerd he released the album "Too Real for Vision" in 2005. Spoken Nerd resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Labels In November 2006 it became known Spoken Nerd teamed up with the Modurn Languaj Asosiashun (MLA) roster. Spoken Nerd i
Spiegel-Beeld is member of the duo Tegendraads and the crew She\'erith Nation. His EP De Spiegel en Ik (editor: The Mirror and I) is released in February 2006. The EP is compiled with songs made over a two year period. Gospelrap The MC doesn\'t want t
Spencor Harmon
Spencer Harmon has been writing poetry since thirteen years of age. At fifteen he expressed interest in working in hip hop to the members of The Affiliate. First Track Open to work with one who has a sincere drive, Imago Dei handed Spencer a CD full
Spanish Kid
Spanish Kid is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. His debut albums is Pieces of a Man released on Divine Flava Records in 2003.
Serving as the current CEO for the Fla.vor Alliance, Edward Bayonet Jr. also known as Spec is a youth leader under Urban D\'s hip hop youth ministry at Crossover Community Church in Tampa, Florida. Besides this he is the chief graphic designer for all art
Christina Grimes was born in Dallas, Texas on March 12, 1985. Being the daughter of a pastor and evangelist, Christina knew she would have a calling on her life. After hearing the first generation of the BIC Rappers, she knew gospel rap would be her minis
The Souljahz started as a trio they consisted of Joshua, Jekob, and Rachael Washington releasing their first album in 1998. But they are now performing as The Washington Projects featuring Jekob and Rachael Washington, since July 2006. Dream Joshua an
SoulFood is a group of artists made up from new and old artists that have turned their lives around from gangsta rap/hip hop to the most High God style of music making them Psalmist. Success Some of these artists have already sold millions of records
The members of Soulfire were Just paraDOX, Pro.Klaima, Fire.Cracker and Jay C. Start The crew Soulfire started about December 2002. Just paraDOX left the group in September 2003. Pro.Klaima and Fire.Cracker got married about the same time and they mov
Soul Plasma
Mike Greene is Soul Plasma from Portland, Oregon, who firmly established his name as a key member of the Acts 29 project along with Ohmega Watts and Braille. Soul Plasma released his debut album Simply Soul in 2003. Name After two albums he changed h
Soul Intent
Soul Intent is formed in 2004 and consists of Change and K-Otic. Their first mixtape \"The keys of life\" was released in September of 2004. It featured the Boombox Titans and The Psalmist2.
Souf Land
The members of Souf Land are \"Krazy World\", \"Spitkwik\", and \"II Tre\". The crew has been together, since May, 2003. They each attended high school together at Fort Smith Northside in a period of time when they rapped with a multi-talented group calle
Sonik is another new solo artist added to the 4th Man Records roster. His MC career started on the battlefield in cyphers, until he acccepted christ at a Fros\'T concert in the mid 1990s. Long Beach Sonik is born in 1979 in the city of Long Beach. He
Son of Jesse
Everyone who is familiar with SGR knows that the label is all about a vision and that vision being saving souls. Deriek Smith (Son of Jesse) is the vessel that God is using to head up SGR. Tool He was given more, than just the normal talents to rock
SOM (Soldiers On A Mission)
It was in the summer of 2000 when S.O.M. or Soldiers On a Mission, hit the scene. The group consists of four young artists and friends originating out of Houston, Texas. Quartet S.O.M. was originally founded by Jeff Roman (Twin) and Raymond Steward (
The Solseekers are DJ DNA and Capture-One. The name is a wordplay with the word \"sol\". This means sun in Spanish, with which they mean son and as seekers of Christ, the son, the crew decided to call themselves Solseekers. Their last album is the Halfw
Solomon Starr
Born and raised in New York City, Solomon Starr is a gifted Gospel hip hop minister. Start Solomon began rapping at age nine during the height of a crack epidemic. The intensity of crime in his neighborhood presented Solomon with threatening obstacle
Solomon Cain
Solomon Cain are the MCs DiRT and 80Proof also known as ILLa Instinct. Producers The music producers mentioned are Theory Hazit and Black Symphony Entertainment. Recording On July 11th, 2007 DiRT announces teaming up with 80Proof in Arizona for th
Solemn Saint Harbinger
Solemn Saint Harbinger is one of the founders of the Bruthaz Grimm and now still active as a solo artist. The Bruthaz Grimm released their first album \"He\'s Coming\" on Grapetree Records in 1998. Youth The MC says: \"My story begins at about age 13.
The MC Sojourn from San Diego is known for his membership of the crew Future Shock. Talents Sojourn is strongly connected to creative self-expression through the outlets of MCing, beat boxing, performance poetry and drumming. LPG He has appeared
SOG Crew, The
The S.O.G. Crew from Anaheim is a unique slice of modern west coast hip hop that is sent by God to reach all generations, nations, and countries through the influence of powerful lyrics. Members Comprised of Team Leader and ordained Evangelist, Rober
SOCOM (Soldier Of Christ On A Mission)
Soldier Of Christ On A Mission or S.O.C.O.M. is from Augusta, Georgia. He has performed in various places and events through out the country including states like Alabama, Oklahoma, California, Colorado Springs, Arkansas, Florida, Texas and Utah. Albu
SOCOM & Apaulsoul
The record "We Will Not Lose : The Mixtape" from Socom and Apaulsoul began recording in March of 2008 by 2 of the hardest working musicians in the holy hip hop community. The mixtape was made in one month. Solo To date Socom has released 2 full lengt
Snowman & Leonard
Snowman (Jordan Andrews) & Leonard (Matthew Pack), started rapping together back in early 2006 when they formed the crew Pottie Skippen with some friends. Concerts Pottie Skippen has shared the stage with Bradley Hathaway (Relevent Magazine), JustMe
Smooth tha Messenger
Smooth tha Messenger released his selftitled debut album on Metro One in 2001. Smooth is one of the premier rap/hip-hop artists in Christian music today, as well as being the creative force behind the popular rap group K2S (Key to Salvation). Awards
Smoke from Lynnwood, Washington is well known from the underground crew Oldominion. Only active in the mainstream realm he has released his first solo album \"Bleed\" on September 26th, 2006. Style Smoke\'s style is emo hip hop. He has opened across t
Rik Zutphen from Gouda is the Skinfiltr8r. This former MC, then known as Eye Deeh, of the crew Vorm has evolved into Skinfiltr8r, an artist experimenting with soundscapes and spoken word. Founding Father Rik Zutphen can be seen as one of the founding
Gary Watson also known as Sivion is from Lewisville, Texas and member of the Deepspace5 family. He made his debut in 2005 on Illect Recordings. His former crew was Phat KATS, which he formed together with his twin brother, Wushu. KATS stands for Knowledge
SirWiLZ from Austin, Texas began writing rhymes and creating visual art (painting, drawing,etc.) at a very early age. He fell in love with drawing, when a childhood injury put his right hand out of commision for a couple of weeks. Music The MC states
Sintax the Terrific
Joe Brewer is Sintax the Terrific member of the Deepspace5 crew. He is from South Carolina and his solo album Simple Moves was re-released in 2004 on ILLECT Recordings. Guest appearances Before this full length album he made one EP, a 12 inch record
Silent Words
Silent Words are the brothers The Runaway & Qu-C of Canada. Instrumentals As The Runaway explains the project "Silent Words" : "My brother and I teamed up a while back and compiled some instrumentals with the hope of communicating our souls through t
Silas Zephania
Silas a native African originating from Zimbabwe grew up without hisfather but was raised by his mother, sister, grandmother and aunties who instilled in him a belief in God from a very young age. Hip Hop Being passionate about football he gave up th
Signtist also known as Floe Montana residing in Sacramento, California released his debut album Magnum Opus on Mad Hits Entertainment in 2003. New Label He later got signed to RunOff Records Inc, and secured a music production deal for Tyra Banks\' r
Raashon Daniels is ShunDi now residing in Bolingbrook, Illinois, but hailing from Chicago\'s south side. Home ShunDi is raised up in a God-fearing home. Though surrounded by alcohol, drugs, and gang activity, ShunDi managed to stand strong and stay t
Shorty Roc
Shorty Roc also known as Khalif Morris was born in Binghamton, New York on September 11, 1981. However his mother moved to various places when he was a baby before finally landing in the Bronx, New York when he was seven years old. Bronx In the Bronx
DJ Shortop resides in Alberta, Canada. Start Shortop started DJ-ing in 1998, and rapping in 1993. He explains more about his start in hip hop: "I mean the first rap performance I ever did was in 1989 in grade 7 at a talent show. But it wasn't until I
Deshon Bullock is Shonlock from Chicago, Illinois started out as a "b-boy" in the midwest streets of Chicago. Although writing was always a passion, dancing was a major contributor to his reputation as “talented” during his high school years. Aaliya
Sho Baraka
Born in Canada, but raised in California and now residing in Texas, communicating a message as an artist has always been a part of who Sho Baraka is. Gangsta Rap Introduced to hip hop at a young age, he grew to love its content and attitude. Living
She\'erith Nation
She\'erith Nation consists of two crews Holy Eyes and Tegendraads. Holy Eyes are LeeuweZoon (Lioncub) and DJ Diecast. Tegendraads are Glashelder, Spiegel-Beeld and Tijdgeest. Other members are DNT, producer, and Heleen, vocals. The line up on Vechtstreke
Shaun B. & Wut Metaphysical
Pinnacle Rhythms producer Shaun B., who brought you the Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty (SOTSA) album (2004 compilation album of the year - Sphere of hip-hop) will be collaborating with fellow Shadow of the Locust artist via the MC known as Wut Metaphys
Sharp Skills
Philip Bryce Jacobs also known as Sharp Skills was born October 9, 1984 in Inglewood, California. From a young age, God had a strong calling and anointing on his life. Different Direction Sharp Skills comes from a long line of preachers, pastors, psa
Sharlok Poems
Sharlok Poems released his debut album "Left" in 2002. He is part of LA Symphony and a member of the Halieyoos Fishermen. Poetry The MC explains the beginnings: "I started out writing poetry when I was 11 and my grandmother found my stuff and let me
Shantell Morrissette
Femcee Shantell Morrissette calles herself The New Hip Hope Artist. She is born in 1984 in Orlando, Florida. Flow Shantell Morrissette has a divine gift to flow, with lines that ride like a river upon your heart, soul, and mind. The river created by S
Shai Linne
Shai Linne - the lowercase MC is from Philadelphia. He released his solo debut The solus Christus project on Lamp Mode Recordings in 2005. The introduction of the CD was successful it sold out pretty quickly at some online musicstores. Featured He f
The ShadowFacts are reSEARCH and Details of the crew Vision1, Obstacle and DJ Frantic. Featured They have featured on a long list of albums, individually or as a crew, such as "The Genesis Project" (2006) compilation and the "Fun with Motion" mixtape
Shadow Of The Locust
Shadow of the Locust (SOTL) is a hip hop collective founded by DiRT. SOTL was a vision given to DiRT in the mid nineteen nineties, during the infancy of his career as a MC. Inspired by Joel chapter 2 of the Bible. DiRT penned the words that would be the m
SGR Gladiators
This crew comes from Houston, Texas and brings the Dirty south hip hop style. The crew consists of Alkendria, Big Nate, J. Boney, Mr. Soul, Son of Jesse (SOJ) and Tragedy. Alkendria is a R&B singer, Big Nate is also a solo artist, J. Boney and Mr. Soul ar
SFC stands for Soldiers for Christ. The crew consisted of Super C, QP and DJ Dove. Super C is also known as Sup Everyday Remembering Christ or later on as Sup the Chemist. Debut The record Fully Armed , only released on music cassette, can be seen a
Sevin from Sacramento, California emerged to the scene at the age of 17, in 1999, with his debut release "All or none", and he has evolved into the well-seasoned lyrical MC that he is today. Kenoly Brothers The album All or None was re-released on NG
Sev Statik & DJ Dust
In 2006 DJ Dust and rapper Sev Statik teamed up to make the album: "Back To Dust". On April 6th, 2007 it became known that the project is chosen to be distributed through the label Rawkus Records. The deal, a digital release, plus special promotional acti
Set Free
Sev Statik
Sev Statik is from Albany, New York and is member of two of the finest crews within the holyhiphop scene being the Tunnel Rats and Deepspace5. He has made several albums and guest appearances. Alter ego Sev Statik's alter ego Stu Dent has released tw
Former member of the She\'erith Nation, now in Arc!tex, this emcee from Nieuwegein is also dropping solo-tracks on the internet.
Secta 7
After the television show Ministerz of tha Underground merged into a label in 1999 the crew Secta 7 saw the light of day. Members of the crew are: - Black Seed (founding member) - Eleazar The Last Testament (founding member) - Just paraDOX (August
Sean Slaughter & Mona J.
The Just Add Water Tour was created to inspire and empower youth by addressing the issues they encounter in their walk with Christ. But it doesnt stop there, it is also designed to examine life from a unique perspective that will reach all age groups.
Sean Slaughter
Sean Slaughter is son of urban/gospel artist Alvin Slaughter. He was born and raised in Queens, New York. Sean feels that he fills the communication gap, parents, kids and young people feel today between them. Choice Although he was raised in a chris
Scribbling Idiots
The crew consists of Cas Metah, JustMe, Mattman, Mouf Warren, MuzeONE, Re:Flex the Architect, Theory Hazit and Wonder Brown. Cas Metah Taylor Hogle also known as Cas Metah started writing lyrics in 1995 and recording demo tapes in 1997. He has his ow
Scratch Apostle
Scratch Apostle\'s name comes from the fact that although he is a DJ, he also liked to rap and now he does both! He is also part of the duo Fil-a-ment.
Scott Allen
Scott Allen also known as Mindscape grew up in south Phoenix. He is a poet, a MC and a spoken word artist. Label Scott Allen is also co-founder of Modurn Languaj Asosiashun Records. Name His first artistname was Mindscape, a reference to his tim
Sanctified Syndicate
This crew from Baton Rouge, Los Angeles consists of Chosen Child , Navigator, P.O.O.C.H. and Se-Lah. The group was formed in December 1999. Their goal is to win souls for Christ in Baton Rouge.
The MC Saylah from San Jose, California released his debut album "A Look Inside" in 2007. Beginnings Saylah started writing poetry since the 1st grade and began rapping in 2004. Mission The mission is to promote, help, encourage, advance, assist,
Sammy G
Sammy G of Birmingham blends ragga, hip hop and garage. EP He released his debut EP "Two Thousand Years and Still..." in 2004. Albums On January 28th, 2008 Sammy G announces the release of his album "Plain & Simple" for 2008. The beats are made
SameOldJake from Cleveland, Ohio are: SameOldJake - vocals, keys, drum programming. Josh Gardner - drums, percussion, guitar. Andy B. - Guitar. The Schuetz - Bass. Albums The MC released his debut recording the EP \"Is Not Your Average Joe\" in
Sackcloth Fashion
Sackcloth Fashion are Steve Trudeau, Tim Trudeau, Kaitlyn Cassels, Byron Musser and Brandon Musser. Label The brothers Trudeau are known for their production work and their "Quality Junk" label Syntax Records. Tim Trudeau is known as sirROCDOMZ and S
Originally from the greater Boston area, Sabe started off breakdancing in the streets and listening to the old school kings of rap, whenever he had the chance. Tape decks were always bumping the likes of Run DMC, LL Cool J. and many other hip hop pioneers
Russ-ILL the Journalist
Russ-ILL the Journalist from Regina, Saskatchewan has a heart that beats with an unbridled passion after God. A blind faith that has called him to minister in places most pastors wouldn\'t dare go. Freestyle A gifted man in speech, communication and
Ruslan from Baku, Azerbaijan is a MC and producer. He lives in the United States, since 1991. Crew He is member of the crew TheBREAX, since 2006. Ruslan is also part of the crew Gallery Drive, consisting of ArtOfacT, Afaar, Insufficient Funds (TruthB
Runaway, The
The Runaway is from Mississauga, Ontario. He started making music in 2003 in collaboration with two other artists: ILL Seer & Shad K. Nominations The album "A Brief Word" (2007) has been nominated for "Rap/Hip Hop Album Of The Year" at the Canadian Go
Nelson Diaz from New Jersey is Runaway. Despite his dysfunctional upbringing and history of civil disobedience, Runaway has been able to accept that which many people fail to realize they are created for a purpose! This purpose is what enables Runaway to
Royalty Jackson
A native of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Royalty Jackson makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a new and upcoming Holy Hip Hop artist and songwriter, who currently attends Berea College in Berea, Kentucky. College He has quickly impacted his col
Royal Ruckus Productions
The band consists of Jamey Bennett and Michael Walker. Their tongue in cheek attitude is mixed with pop and hip hop. After several independant releases they got signed to Flicker Records for the self titled album in 2002.
Royal Priesthood, The
Royal Priesthood are husband and wife, Femi Iloyi also known as Smooflow and Roucheon Iloyi. The crew used to include Roucheon's brother Silas as well. Tasks The team is - Roucheon: Writer & Singer - Smooflow: Producer & MC Member The former th
Rootbeer is a revived project of the two MCs Pigeon John and Flynn Adam Atkins. Start Rootbeer started around the end of 1998. It came about as a result of Pigeon John and Flynn Adam Atkins hanging out all the time and just making music together, sin
Rob Hodge
Rob Hodge also known as Solomon is a writer/producer/MC from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Music As a child of the nineteenseventies, he has seen the struggle and crime of the inner city ghetto living in an urban life from North Philadelphia. Since his
Rize is born in1976, in Sacramento, California. But soon moved to Queens, New York, where he would stay until he was 5 years old . His father, who wanted a better life for his children, moved them to Tampa, Florida, where Rize has been ever since. He was
Righteouz Knight
Righteouz Knight, member of Secta 7, released the album "Spiritual Warfare" in 2007. Secta 7 The MC joined the collective Secta 7 early 2007, due to his affiliation with Atom tha Immortal, Lord Metatron and Eleazar The Last Testament. EP A second
Ricky B & 4Given
Ricky B. Frederick Burchell is Ricky B. who released his debut album The Calling on D-Fusion Music/ Broken Records in 1998. Besides being a rapper, he is a a producer and a youth minister at Murfreesboro Faith Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. After hi
Ricky B
Frederick Burchell is Ricky B. who released his debut album The Calling on D-Fusion Music/ Broken Records in 1998. Besides being a rapper, he is a a producer and a youth minister at Murfreesboro Faith Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. After his release h
Rick D & Priest
Rick D is besides rapper the president of the recordlabel Infinite International. He is born and raised on the south side of Columbus, Ohio. Lyrics His lyrics encourage listeners to pursue purpose destiny and a stronger relationship with God. Rick D
Richy D.
Richy D (stands for Righteous Intellect Can Help You Decipher) is an MC/Producer/Sound engineer residing in the UK. Richy became involved in the hip-hop at a very young age and started out Djing before concentrating on MCing/Production. Richys first offic
Richie Righteous
Richard Mohammed Ishmael was born in the country of Guyana, South America. His dad was the Pastor of a church called Eccles assembly of God. Queens At around age 11 Richie and his family migrated to the United States where they settled in Queens New
Considering I\'m a middle-class white kid, born and raised throughout the gorgeous scenery of British Columbia, Canada, I have no business being a rapper. Honestly, I never meant to. It just sort of happened. And though I\'ve tried, I can\'t stop. It\'s i
Rhymes Elect
Rhymes Elect is a hip-hop group represented by two MCs, Signet-ring and Verses, and DJ Selah. Their goal is to spread the love of God through hip hop with music that, while current, is contrary to the message promulgated by today’s popular culture. His
Rhyme Rock
Rhyme Rock is a collective of four seasoned rappers talented both musically and lyrically. They are: MC Till, Source Aura, Wise Logic and Verbal. The crew may have disbanded in 2007. But MC Till, Source Aura and Wise Logic are still active making hip h
Rhema Soul
Rhema Soul from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida consist of: - Butta P (Femcee) - K-Nuff (MC) - Juanlove (MC) Energetic The members, K-nuff, Juanlove, and Butta P, the feminine soul of the group, shine forth with a lyrical prowess that many would agree is m
Ronald Haggerty Jr . from Kansas is RH. On his second album his name is Get Right RH. Albums He released the album "I Got Favor" in December 2006. His most recent release is "Life in the Making Starring... God" (2009).
Rev. Run
Reverend Run (Joseph Simmons) from the world famous crew Run DMC already released a holyhiphop compilation album called \"Rev. Run Presents\" in 1995. This featured several crews, but in 2005 he made his solodebut with Distortion. During the performances
Travis Harmon is reSEARCH from Harriman, Tennessee. The MC is member of the crew ShadowFacts, Poetic Chaos, Drop Sci. Giants and the duo Vision1. Name The name "reSEARCH" is a calling, and challenge to everyone to reEVALUATE your very thoughts, actio
Representa, Tha
Darnell Alexander Missouriino is Tha Representa. He is also known as "Alexander Da Great" being part of the duo Missouriino with Corey Thomas (Mr. Triganaillie). Missouriino The duo Missouriino disbanded in August of 2008 as the MC states: "After 10
Rep, The
The Rep from Phoenix, Arizona released his debut album Street Prophecy on SoulFlavaMusik in 2002. New Project In 2006 the MC has returned to the studio and started working on his sophomore release. No workingtitle known as of yet.
Remnant, The
The Remnant not to be mistaking for Remnant Militia also from Atlanta, Georgia are: Niles Gray - Tribe1 Adam Beane - Adan Genesis John Jordan - Just John Genesis Divinely assembled in the summer of 1999, three guys from various parts of the country
Remnant Militia
The Remnant formely known as Remnant Militia are Construct, Deacon, Drastic (Eric Lopez), Neogen and Surreal. Surreal and Drastic are brothers. The crew started in 1996 and released A Document EP in 1997. Albums After several guest appearances on CD\
Ashlei also known as REIGN is a native of Oakland, California. Intensive Care A little after a year of her arrival into this world, the devil attempted an execution when Ashlei was diagnosed with spinal meningitis. After a couple weeks in intensive c
Antha Rodgers from St. Louis, Missouri is REdNOTE. The MC is signed to Cross Breed Imprints in June 1997. Albums His debut album Da Last Boy Scout CD.1 : Scout Law is released by Cross Breed Imprints on May 30th, 2006. REdNOTE is also featured on Jer
Redeemed Thought
Redeemed Thought from Philadelphia consisted of Darrell also known as Stephen the Levite and Gabriel also known as muzeONE. The crew started with eight men, and would disband as a duo in 2007. Edification Night Redeemed Thought began on the campus of
Now residing in Los Angeles, California RedCloud is born in Hawthorne, California of Mexican & Indian descent. His mother, too young to care for him, left him to be raised by another family. He grew up surrounded by drugs, gangs and violence. Chosen
Reconcile, also known as Big Rec, of the crew Mass Reality released his solo album Chronicles : The Lineage, Life & Legacy in 2004. Albums Reconcile will release the album "Uprise of Fall" through HipHop Is Music in 2007. New project On October 4t
Recon, The
Jason High started out as a drummer in school, and had his first taste of drum machine programming with the Alesis HR-16b. Michael Peace He recalls seeing Michael Peace's name on the program for Atlanta Fest in 1988. "I remember asking somebody wh
Reborn Disciple
The Reborn Disciple or Gabriel Manjarrez was a secular rap artist with the group “2 of a kind” from 1988 to 1998. And as time past the group would later on become known as “Brown Blood”. As their popularity soared they signed a recording contract with Thu
Reason, Tha
Juan Torres, also known as Tha Reason, was born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn. That specific area in Brooklyn has been known to be notorious for drug dealing and gang violence. As a by-product of his surroundings, Juan was destined to be a statist
Realistikk grew up in Southern New Jersey. She didn\'t grow up in an area where the hip hop culture was easily accessible, so she went out of her way to New York to see shows whenever she could. Recording She listened to hip hop for years, but after
Real Tru\'z
This husband and wife duo, Chief and Biz from Chino Hills, California, started Real Tru\'z in 1996, and have shared the stage with many top names in gospel rap. Label In August 2005 Real Tru\'z signed with Game Plan Music, which is a sublabel from 4t
ReadyWriter released his debut album "Conduit" on GodChaserz Entertainment in 2008. Mixtapes A mixtape entitled "Poetic Freedom" from the artist is released in 2008. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Wade-O.
Originally from New York City, Anthony Perez, also known as Re:son, began his emersion into the hip hop world in 1992. While performing in schools, camps and outdoor events he created his own style. California In 2000 Re:son got married and moved to
Re:Flex the Architect
Stephen Adams also known as Re:Flex the Architect discovered hip hop at the age of eleven in England. He was intrigued by this new form of music that he had never experienced while growing up in Nigeria. Music He then decided to rhyme and produce at
Rawsrvnt is born, Eduardo Puyol, on July 4th, 1979. Rawsrvnt, pronounced as raw servant, is originally from Miami, Florida. He now resides in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he hones his music skills, quickly becoming one of holy hip-hop’s finest advocate
Raw Truth
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan native \'RationaL\' is the newest addition to two-time Grammy and Juno Award Nominee Rob \'Fresh I.E.\' Wilson\'s national recognized record label Kingdom Music. Culture Heavily involved in hip hop culture since 2003, Rash has
Rare Jewelz
The duo Rare-Jewelz consists of the producer Denzy (Denz) and the rapper Klarity. Denzy was also member of the crew Livin-Proof. Music Denzy explains his point of view on his site: "I'm a born again christian, a family man just wanting to make and pro
Rapture Ruckus
Brad Dring also known as Rapture Ruckus released his debut album "I Believe" on Parachute Records in 2006. Beginnings Wellington. Windy City. 2001. Burgeoning audio engineer and rock drummer Brad Dring sequences a Cypress Hill tune to rap along to for
Raptillion, born Russell Hickman of Georgetown, Delaware, has been ministering the gospel since 1991. Adversity Raptillion faced a lot of adversity growing up in a home were praise was uncommon and negativity was the norm. His accomplishments went u
Rappin\' Reverend, The
One of the early holyhiphop pioneers alongside Michael Peace, Stephen Wiley and MC Sweet is The Rappin\' Reverend or Dr. C. Dexter Wise III. He released his first album in 1987. Reverend As the \" Rappin\' Reverend \", Dr. Wise recorded his first rap
Raphi is part of the Tunnel Rats crew. In 2002 he released his solo album called Cali Quake on Uprok Records. Guest The MC also made a guest appearance on KRS-One\'s album Life (2006) on the track Gimmie Da Gun. Footsoldiers Raphi is also part of
Raiderz Of The Lost
Raiderz Of The Lost from New Jersey/Virginia concisted of the three MCs: - Aaron Warner also known as Messenger 777 - Sirrico Whitfield also known as Dialect - Trabelus Whitfield also known as Dr. Madd Lines The crew got together in the summer of
Rafi P.
Rafael Pauletta is Rafi P. from Utrecht. He released his debut album "Raise Him up" in 2007. Curacao The MC is born on the island Curacao. In 1990 he migrated to The Netherlands and he has been living there ever since. Testimony Rafi P. explains:
R-Swift, a native New Yorker, now resides in Philadelphia, is an avid poet and lyricist. Although he began rapping when he was 11 years old and wanted to do things his own way, God inspired him to start his ministry at the age of 17 in 1998. Start In
Quest, The
The Quest are Kaliber and 1st Lady as they are commonly called in the hip hop community. This husband and wife duo, Reginald & Ebony Dockery, are also ministers and members of the Word of Faith Ministerial Association. Founders They have founded the s
Rodrick \"PubG\" Finch was bought up in a single parent home. Trying to help his family, he got involved with the wrong crowd. but he didn\'t see it, so he came from the rugged streets and seen what it had to offer \"nothing\". Music PubG has always
Psalmist, The
David ”MC Psalmist“ Liciaga was born on April 27, 1981 as the popularity of rap music and Hip Hop culture was on the sharp incline. New York City birthed him, and Queens borough raised him through a myriad of tough issues. Through his childhood and adoles
Prozpera D
Ricardo Paul currently resides at Houston, Texas is Prozpera\"D\". The MC released his debut album on Bound 4 Glory Records in February 2007. Name The artist\'s name \"Prozpera D\" is pronounced as prosperity, but with a \"D\". Born & Raised Ric
Lewis Brown, Jr. is Proxy born in 1979 to two musically inclined and God fearing parents. He would remain in his city of birth: Denver, Colorado and expand his wings in southern California. God During his prodigal son experience he held tight to th
Proverb from Bomb Beach, Florida is well known from his crew 1 Way. Radio The MC had a weekly radio show called \"Jam Session\", which aired in Bomb Beach and South Florida from September 5th, 1995 - December 30th, 2006 on Way-FM. Proverb states: \"I
Prophetionals, The
The Prophetionals, pronounced professionals, from Columbus, Ohio are: Mark Holmes, also known as Mark the PRO, Elisha Holmes & SWORD. The crew has been together since 2006. Name The Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines music as: the science
Proph 1
Proph 1 also known as Prophetik1 from Somerset, New Jersey released \"The YBR (Young, Black & Righteous) Mixtape\" in 2006. Verses His favourite bibleverse is: Psalms 19:14 \"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be acceptable in Yo
Propaganda & Odd Thomas
Propaganda Jason Petty is Propaganda and born on May 27, 1979 in Los Angeles, California. He is member of the Tunnel Rats crew and he made his debut with "Out of Knowhere" on Uprok Records in 2003. Odd Thomas Odd Thomas from Long Beach, California is
Jason Petty is Propaganda and born on May 27, 1979 in Los Angeles, California. He is member of the Tunnel Rats crew and he made his debut with Out of Knowhere on Uprok Records in 2003. Guest Propaganda made a guest appearance on KRS-One's album "Life"
Promise D\'Apostle
Promise d\'Apostle from Toronto, Canada has a lyrical style unique to himself. His music is a combination of hip hop and R&B. Label He is member of the record label DFS Records. Name Promise D\'Apostle derives his name from two root words. Th
Jonathan Thomas also known as Prolific was born in Fresno, California, but grew up in the city of Pasadena, California. He is the younger of 2 children, as a child at the age of 3 his parents realized he had developed an ear and interest for music. Dr
Prodigal Son, The (UK)
David Ellis, also known as Prodigal Son, was born in Balham, South London on the 1st of July 1974. At the age of three due to his parents’ separation he moved up to the East Midlands to the City of Nottingham with his mother and elder brother. As the youn
Prodigal Son (Kelly O. Williams)
Kelly O. Williams is the Prodigal Son residing in Florida, Coral Springs. He is a MC, vocalist and producer as well and born and raised in Canton, Ohio. Prodigal Son only had four choices to escape poverty: 1=Crime 2=School 3=Sports 4=Music So he
Prodigal Son
The Prodigal Son, born Tory Majett in Bronx, New York on May 22, 1979 began his rapping career at the age of 13. At age 15 Tory moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he eventually accepted Christ and devoted his personal life to serving God as well as hi
The Procussions hailing from Colorado consisted of Mr. J Medeiros and Stro. Until 2007 The Procussions were a trio, including Resonant. Resonant or Res would leave the group in July 2007 to focus on his other career, being a graphic designer. On January 1
Pro from Murfreesboro, Tennessee released his Pro Show : The Mixtape in 2006.
Probly Pablo
Probly Pablo is born in Miami, Florida. He was raised in the Latin community, close to everything from people smoking marihuana to women selling their bodies in the street. Music But none of that matter, because the day he met Jesus Christ, his life
Prime Minister & Da Zoe Click
Prime Minister Prime Minister was born Andre Ford in Rockford, IL; growing up a notorious gangbanger on the streets of Chicago, he was once tried for attempted murder, and spent time both in prison and in a psychiatric ward. He turned to performing in 1
Prime Minister
Prime Minister is Andre Ford born in Rockford, Illinois. Chicago Prime started getting involved in drug selling and gangs in Rockford (outside of Chicago) during junior high. His involvement with gangs/drugs created a pit of problems. His gang activi
Priesthood now consists of J-Raw, Mr. Swift and Chico Breeze. The group was founded in 1994 by J-Raw (junior Moaalii) and Papa Semm (Semi Tafao). The two came from different gospel rap groups. J-Raw was with a group called \"Prophets of Peace\" and Papa S
Priest also known as High Priest or Prizzle started rapping at the age of 14. He is born in Los Angeles, California. Priest grew up listening to hip hop music. At the age of 12, he moved to Columbus, Ohio with his family. In Ohio, he began hearing a new s
Bob Young from New York is Precise, well known from duo Corey Red and Precise. The MC, as his counterpart Corey Red, will release solo recordings. The record is entitled "His Story My Shoes". Bob Young hired the producer Tod Bangz for this project. Alb
Preachas in tha Hood
Brothers Age & Flo of Preachas In Tha Hood found themselves in two rival gangs, while living under the same roof during the \"Summer of Violence\" in their hometown of Denver, Colorado in 1993. The name stemmed from the large number of gang-related, youth
Power and Dominion
Preachaholicz, The
The Preachaholicz from Oklahoma City consisted of the members Big Beem, Mo Stylez and PC. Albums The crew released their debut album The Rise on Alpha Omega Records on February 28th, 2004. New Name In 2006 the name Preachaholicz was laid to rest
Pottie Skippen
Pottie Skippen of West Virginia consists of: - Snowman - Leonard - Toast - werD - Phonetic (formerly Hot Sauce) - J-Fev (also known as Jungle Fever) - Sean K. (formerly Ham) Snowman Jordan Andrews has been involved in a variety of musical
Point5 is a man of God with a heart for ministry, an amazing talent, and the drive to succeed, this powerful minister of the word has captivating lyrics that persecute, inspire, and hold true to the word of God. Growing Up Point5 tells his lifestory:
Point 5 Covenant
Kiel Werking also known as Moses The Black and Flip Caderao also known as J. The Primate formed Point 5 Covenant in the fall of 2002. This crew from Texas proclaim to produce \"The best Catholic hip hop in the universe\". So it\'s now wonder they mix ever
Poetic Chaos
From Miami, Florida and Harriman, Tennessee comes the duo "Poetic Chaos" consisting of Travis "reSEARCH" Harmon and DJ Frantic. Crew Poetic Chaos is also part of the crew ShadowFacts. Recordings On February 13th, 2007 they re-released their EP "L
PNG Productionz
PNG productionz is comprised of two members: Prophetik and Giano. The group formed in Orlando, Florida in 1995 on the quest to put out a product that would give the complete circle of hip-hop music: beats, rhymes, life, and skills. However, the providence
Harry Krum is Playdough, who is member of the duo ILL Harmonics and the hip hop collective Deepspace5. Before releasing his solo albums he has made several guest appearances. The debut album Lonely Superstar was released on October 22nd, 2002. Texas Aw
Platinum Souls
Platinum Souls are Ricardo FLO (For Lord Only) and Ms. Ty Scott, who reside in Atlanta, Georgia. An anointed gumbo of hip-hop and poetry, the duo also adds to their flavor, a dash of reggae and soul. Start Since they united in January 2002, Platinum
Pinnacle Rhythms
The graphic design and music production company Pinnacle Rhythms is based in Baltimore Maryland and headed by Shaun Burkowski. He is the president of Pinnacle Rhythms and also the executive producer for the "Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty" (SOTSA) albu
Pigeon John
Pigeon John is member of the Brainwash Projects and a former member of the crew LA Symphony. The MC is also part of the duo Rootbeer together with Flynn Adam. Style He has a unique hip hop style mixing humour and situations taken from everyday life.
Phlo is a rap artist from the Washington, D.C. He has been writing and performing for over a decade and have been mesmerizing the underground scene. Crew He, along with his group ‘The Freemen’, has been from church venues, club venues, to out door fe
Brady Goodwin also known as the Phanatik is one of the founders of the Cross Movement. Albums His solo debut \"The Incredible Walk\" was released on Cross Movement Records in 2005. Phanatik\'s sophomore album is planned for November 6th, 2007.
Dewayne Petty born in 1973, Tallahassee, Florida and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He knows what it means to go through a "dysfunctional childhood". He's been molested to later on in his life end up working the streets as a hustler. But he found an out
Peace 586
Peace 586 hiphop pioneer, solo artist and producer. Established his name as part of the Freedom of Soul crew in the beginning of the nineteen nineties. Start Peace 586 started out in the crew J.C. and the Boyz as MC Peace. They released their first
Patrick Davis
Patrick Davis of Cleveland, Ohio blends rap and rockmusic. His wife Jacqueline Davis is a singer and performs in the live band of Patrick Davis. Statement Patrick Davis tells his story: If you would've told me when I was a kid, that I would be in and
Passie Posse
The Passie Posse is founded in 2000, and has since made several changes in it\'s line up. The crew started with FMA (MC), MC Ge, John (guitarist) and Suiker. In 2004 Busy R. joined the group as a DJ. Leave Half a year later, early 2005, John the guita
Matt Klassen is Paradox, who after a two-year reprieve amidst the heavy humanity of life in Belize, Central America has returned home with a head-full of experiences, an altered perspective on the United States, and a commitment to promoting positive chan
Akron, Ohio native and prolific lyricist Parabols has joined forces with B4 Entertainment to release the much anticipated solo LP “The Awakening” in early 2008. Singles In 2006, Parabols received great exposure after releasing a controversial rad
Page One & Because
Page One & DJ Because from Seattle, Washington are former members of Lojique. This crew disbanded in January 2007. Compilations The duo is featured on the compilation: - Night Owls 4 : A Shot In The Dark (2007) Albums They are currently working o
Othello currently residing in Portland, Oregon is well known of the bands Lojique and Lightheaded. He's still a member of the latter crew. His hip hop sound is a blend of soul and jazz. Featured Othello can be heard for the first time with Lojique's Y
Original Atalaya
Original Atalaya is a Dutch MC, whose roots are in Brazil. Name The artist name "Original Atalaya" has a special meaning. His friends in Brazil called him Original and after his conversion to the gospel of Christ, he became a new man. Thus a new name
Oppose residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania released his debut album "Honor and Glory" in 2005. Grandparents Oppose grew up in Norfolk, Virginia the third son to a proud mother and father. Having experienced a lot of love throughout his younger year
Only Won
Only Won was born in San Francisco, California and raised in the Sacramento (Rancho Cordova) Valley. He is the first bilingual Asian Holy Hip Hop artist and started rapping in high school back in 1991 under the influences of RUN DMC and Holy Hip Hop pione
Tim Schofield from Columbus, Ohio, is OneLife, a man of God, a father and a MC. His passion for music and art is undeniable. With all the junk that plays on the radio and video (sex, drugs, and violence) OneLife goes against the grain. Instead of complain
One Musical, The
Like D.O.C. (Disciples of Christ) more initiatives are taken to bring holy hip hop as a theatrical experience. In 2004 another project called The One musical was performed by the following artists: Gabe (Reborn Disciple) - The One Vocab Malone - Dr. L
The artist Omega, now known as Trig, was born on July 21, 1971 in the heart of Philadelphia as James Bernard Rosseau Senior. By being the stepson of a former Stone City Band member, that was known as the heart behind funk legend Rick James he was surround
Eric 'Oldhead' Davis resides in Nashville, Tennessee: My music is influential and most importantly inspired by God. It has endless possibilities. Calling Eric Davis predestined with a calling to change the scope of hip hop and the lives of many. Eri
Ohmega Watts
Milton Campbell is Ohmega Watts member of the crew Lightheaded. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, he now resides in Portland. His parents are from Jamaica. Production He is a MC since 1993 and is producing tracks since 1997, included artis
Odd Thomas
Odd Thomas from Long Beach, California is a MC, a producer and a poet as well. He made a name for himself as a member of formal Los Angeles based groups "Deviance" and "Science project". In 2005 Odd Thomas finally released his long awaited project called
Octavia Harris
Octavia Harris is from Portland, Oregon. She evolved from being the tough-talking pioneer of Portland's underground hip- hop scene as "151" to "Jymini" - one of the West Coast?s most highly respected female lyricists/producers. Alias After establishi
Novelist, The
The Novelist from Cleveland, Ohio released his debut album \"Spoken Word\" in January of 2005. The first song recorded for the album was \"Adam\'s Rib\" in August of 2002 and the last songs were recorded in August of 2004. This two year labor of love was
Richard Neal from Atlanta, Georgia is Nova4Jehovah. He released his debut album G.O.D til I D.I.E. through GI Records in 2004. Awards Nova received the 2004 Atlanta Gospel Choice Award for Best Holy Hip-Hop Artist. And he has been honored at the Urban
Clayton is Notion from Seattle, Washington, born in 1986. He released his debut recording \"The Before Now EP\" in July 2006. He made the record together with Laidback, who was responsible for the beats. Collective The MC is a member of the collective
Aaron Simon is Nomis "The O'Side Resident". The MC from California released his debut album "Destined Misconception" on 5th Wheel Productions in 2004. Duo The artist has formed the duo Forgotten Heroes with ArtOfact (Jeremiah Bonds) and released the a
Brandon also known as Youngnoble or Noblevessel is residing in Harvey, Louisiana. Rep Christ I'm just a young man from the westbank of New Orleans trying to grind daily and rep the Christ Jesus daily. I know I'm not always perfect with it, but thank G
NOA (Nomadische Onaantastbare Alliantie)
NOA or Nomadische Onaantastbare Alliantie, which means Nomadic Untouchable Alliance concists of R-I-V and Mic Joshua. R-I-V is the artist Rivelino Rigters. Mic Joshua is Marc Joshua de l\'Isle. Both have already made independant releases in the Dutch musi
Nine Up
Nine-Comes from Galatians 5:22-26, the 9 fruits of the spirit. UP- Stands for Unify People. Art of Music Clinton” Nine Up” Hopkins was born in Los Angeles, California. In 1992 he moved to Moreno Valley Ca were he discovered the art of music. But it wa
Nik Fury
Nik Fury, born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, brings a melodic and animated sound to hip hop. It's a clever blend of rock and rap. Skate-Punk Nik has been a dedicated songwriter for almost ten years now, playing shows here and there with his brothers
N.I.F.T.Y. stands for Nubian Intelligence from the Yahweh opted to take his music to another level. He decided to attain a lyrical elevation whose effects combined heightened knowledge with head-banging intensity. Born Chesley Christian in Toronto, he qui
Jackson Johnson is Nickels, the producer and DJ of Lojique. Before Lojique, Nickels made his mark with the duo Comunalien and the album Manifest Destiny (2001). Albums The producer released two albums in 2006. The first album is an instrumental albu
New Breed
New Breed are brother and sister, Rosario and Elsie Ortega. Rosario is also known as Macho. They are members of the California based Tunnel Rats crew. Two albums have been released by this duo. Their Puerto Rican background surfaces in their music.
Neogen from Atlanta, Georgia is part of the crew The Remnant, formerly known as the Remnant Militia. Albums His debut album entitled Rocket Town will be released in 2006.
NDIA (New Deliverance In America)
NDIA is a group of ministry minded young men whose purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through hip hop music. The crew consists of 4 MC\'s and a DJ: D.O.C., Big Kuppa, S.N.I.P.A., Godson and DJ Redeemd Team They have been a evangelistic te
Naturalists, The
The Naturalists are a producers duo from Toledo, Ohio, that consisted of Luke Nostrant (Luke Steel) and Ryan Forquer. Luke unfortunately died in June 2006, due to a car accident. Ryan will continue as The Naturalists and finish their debut album. Artis
Native Styles
Nathan Smart
Nathan Smart known from the crew Subculture Deviants features as a MC or producer on the following projects: the compilation Sphere of hiphop 1 (1999), Night Owls One (2001), BK & Associates (2002) plus on the Night Owls 2 album (2003) as a producer. In
Born Jabir N'aeem Fort on August 20, 1981 in Jacksonville, Florida but now currently living in Orlando, Florida, N'aeem is a new up and coming christian rap artist whose only goal is to reach as many people as possible with music he's been blessed with.
Michael Harvey (St. Louis, Missouri) also known as Mynista or Docta Wuzdead started out as a "secular" rapper, his name was Synista. When he gave his life to God, the "S" changed into an "M". His alias "Docta Wuzdead" stands for Docta for "being about Go
Michael Kennedy also known as M.V.P. (Messiah\'s Valuable Property) was born and raised in South Carolina by his mother Evelyn until he was eleven years of age. At that time his mother remarried and they moved to Tucson, Arizona. This was his step-father\
MuzeONE from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will release his first solo recording "The Proposal EP" on Lamp Mode Recordings in 2006. Redeemed Thought The MC is well known from the duo Redeemed Thought, which he forms with Stephen the Levite. New Proj
Mr. REAL was born on the 14th of June in 1974. His name is an acronym and stands for My Rhymes Realistically Educate All Listeners. He made his debut release Humility on Grapetree Records in 1999. Gary Mr. REAL\'s hometown, Gary, Indiana, was once na
Mr. J. Medeiros
Mr.J. Medeiros from Los Angeles, California is member of The Procussions. The MC released his much anticipated solo album "Of gods and girls" on Miclife Recordings (Japan) in 2007. Tattoo Mr. J Medeiros was tattooed on the TV show Miami Ink, TLC (The
Mr. G. Reality
Solomon Williams is Mr. G. Reality and is raised in the Chicagoland area. Although he was never involved in gangs or drugs, they were prevalent in his community. Growing up seeing the oppression and poverty prompted Reality to write songs of change with a
Mr. Del
Mr. Del is the leader of the Holy South Movement. He gave his life to the Lord in April 2000. His outreach ministry has received quite some media attention. Ministry He heads Holy South Records and pastors a string of Holy South Ministries. All the
Mr. D-Note
Don Franklin is Mr. D-Note he was born on September 3 in 1975 and grew up in Fresno, California. After his mother's death he made a choice not to give into the temptations of the ghetto, a life of crime and jailtime and he started out making a gospelprogr
Move Merchants
The Move Merchants are Sean P and Manchild. Sean P DJ Sean P is the producer of the duo. He has been part of the crew Bone Circus (1999-2006) as a DJ, MC and producer. ManChild The MC ManChild is member of the famous duo Mars ILL and the hip hop c
William Sterns is Motion+ (or spelled as MotionPlus). He was born in Quincy, Illinois and raised by his Grandmother. William endured poverty, and the lack of a father figure, at an early age. William was introduced to hip hop in 1981, by a cousin that wor
MOC (Mind of Christ)
MOC or Mind of Christ is \"Jersey Chica\" from Camden, New Jersey. This solo artist or femcee is now a full blown live act constisting of: - Jersey Chica - Lead MC - Nikki \"Allhype\" - MC/Hype girl Line Up DJ Toya, also known as \"Miss Marvelou
MJ or Marc Joshua is born in Oranjestad on the island Aruba in 1982. At the age of ten after his parents divorced he moved to The Netherlands. He knew at a young age he wanted to do \"something with entertainment\". When MJ was sixteen years old he found
Mizz Reality
Shanell Henry is Mizz Reality, a female emcee from the capitol city of Lansing, Michigan. Mizz Reality released a secular album in 2002, but she says, “I was not keepin it REAL!\" Now her goal is to give God all the glory, honor and praise through her mus
Miz Rock
Marlon Kuilan also known as Miz Rock was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 29, 1976. He first arrived in the US at the age of 8 months. Raised by a single parent his mother struggled to maintain a household. Going from house to house wether it was in the
Mista & Mrs. Taylor
The husband and wife duo Derek and Teresa, also known as Mista and Mrs. Taylor, have been performing together since 1993. Chicago Derek grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and developed a love for music at a young age. In 1988, he was part of a group calle
Mirac, his name is short for Miraculous and the definition of God\'s power, mercy and grace. Rap Skills Eric Isles II is Miraculous hailing from the original birth place of rap and hip hop: The Bronx. He began to develop his rap and production skills
Minority was born and raised in Colorado. Street Life As he says: "It took me many years to find myself through my Culture and being swallowed up by the street life. I became heavily involved in gangs at a young age and seen a lot of my close friends
Minister RMB, Sevin & Q-heem the Redeem
On February 13th, 2008 the artist Minister RMB announced a special album called "Glo In Tha Dark Projekt" for 2008. He will team up with the two MCs Sevin and Q-heem the Redeem. Minister RMB Minister RMB, which stands for Renewed Mind Brotha, is an I
Minister RMB
Minister RMB, which stands for Renewed Mind Brotha, is an International Youth Evangelist, Gospel rapper and motivational speaker from Sacramento, California. Minister As a minister of God's Word, RMB strives to fulfill the two fold purpose of evangel
Mindzeye Campus
Mindzeye Campus are Stressfax (Stress), Kaoticgal and Ms Mystique (Mistiq). They are part of the Secta 7 crew. They\'re currently working on a new abum, no working title has been released as of yet (16-10-2005).
Minista Dre
Minista Dre lives in Markham, Ontario. His debut album entitled Street Gospel will be released in August 2007. Mixtape The MC released a mixtape before called The Ministries of Minista Dre. Songs included are Church Boy, Holy Self-esteem, What I Got
Mike Shelton
Mike Shelton was born on October 8th 1982 and raised in Fortsmith, Arkansas. He now resides in Fort Smith. Even though he was faced with a lot of adversity in his life. If you wanted to sum Mike\'s life up with one word it would have to be \"survivor\". A
Mike Real
Michael Hollis residing in St. Louis, Missouri is Mike Real. He came to Christ in 2001. With that love came the fellowship of other youths in the \"faith.\" Evaluation Mike Real encountered the typical self evalution of his walk as a young believer i
Midnyte Sun
"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything" Those are words that have been repeated in the lyrical phenomenon Midnyte Sun's head. Rude Awakenings Midnyte Sun has chosen to stand for God! Due to recent discoveries, past experiences an
Midnight Prophets
The Midnight Prophets from Calgary, Alberta are: - DJ Transform: Turntablist, mixologist and Beat conducta - DJ CrossWalk: Turntablist, mixologist and Beat conducta - Soli: Urban Visual Artist Creative Means The Midnight Prophets aim to preach the
Isaac T. Akins III from Illinois is MIA3 he released his sophomore EP Living Words in 2006. Unconcerned with celebrity and flashy living, this mondern-day psalmist writes and rhymes about the only real reason to boast, as Jesus Christ is hailed as Lord an
MG! The Visionary
MG! is the former MC of Third Nail Productions (3NP). Name In 2004 he changed his name to Visionary. Albums He released his solo debut "Transpareemcee" on Uprok Records in 2000. A new album is long awaited for and came in the form of "Bob's Plac
messenger, tha
Gabriel Moore is tha messenger of Nacogdoches, Texas. He is a spoken word artist and poet, who released a book and CD. Biography Gabriel Moore, native of Fort Worth, Texas, “grew up in the church” as most people claim. However, the Gospel was not app
Mellow Drum Addict & Shortop
The rapper Mellow Drum Addict and DJ "Shortop" teamed up to release the album: "Are Fire Escape Artists" (2008) on End of Earth Records. Mellow Drum Addict Stephen O'Deneen is Mellow Drum Addict from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The MC released his full l
Mellow Drum Addict
Stephen O'Deneen is Mellow Drum Addict from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The MC released his full length debut album entitled "Strides Ahead Of Tha Half Step" in 2006. Artform The MC explains the title: "Not to say that what I put out in the future won't
MC Till
MC Till from Cincinnati, Ohio released his debut "Downtown James" in 2005. He made another album together with K-Drama called "Black Guy Meets White Guy" released in 2006. Teacher He has developed and implemented hip hop in after school programs and
MC Soldier
Robert Villa Rodriguez also known as M.C.Soldier grew up in San Diego, California. He became a gangleader at the age of 16 and ended up doing 7 years in the state penitentary. M.C. Soldier now influences youth all over the world with his strong testimony
MC Hammer
MC Noiz
Another new member of Dirt's Shadow of the Locust crew. MC Noiz releases his debut album Bombs Over Babylon in 2005. He also toured Brazil with Dirt the same year. Albums In April 2006 after his indy release, he went back into the studio to record "hi
MC Choirboy
MC Choirboy from New Zealand has been rhyming, since 1994 when he first started in the band Tribal Groovers. He was inspired to start when he heard the group SFC and realised that he wanted to rap about reality and issues affecting the youth. Crew He
MC Bounds
Gospel hip hop artist Clarence McBounds was born in Chicago, Illinois, the second sibling of 4 brothers. Hip Hop He definitely has a message for every man seeking a closer relationship with God. “How To Be A Man” (2007) relates to MC Bounds family l
Maximillian started out in the JC Crew in 1991. He later joined his old JC member T-Bone as a MC in the Organized Rhyme Crew. Crew Maximillian signed to 12:2 Records and formed the hip hop duo under the same name as his debut album: \"Deeper Than Mos
Masters Touch
Master\'s Touch was formed in 2004. The youngster Bunkee approached The Affiliate with his idea to make a project with a collection of local hip hop artists. The idea caught on and the group was formed. Debut Album Bunkee, Miss K, The Bald Fat Kid, B
Mass Reality
Mass Reality from Tulsa, Oklahoma consists of eight members: cOs - MC Di'Elect - MC Epsilon - MC/producer/engineer Explicit - MC/vocalist FirstBorn (Lazarus) - MC/Producer/Engineer Reconcile - MC Terse - MC/producer Vandal - MC/producer Solo
Mars ILL
Mars ILL featuring Soulheir the Manchild on the mic and DJ/producer Dust. Manchild is Greg Owens and Dust is Nate Corrona. Mars ILL has a very distinctive sound due to the production of Dust. And both are members of the hip hop collective Deepspace5. D
Mark J.
Mark J, born Mark Johnson, was raised in Queens, New York. Hip hop was his great love, but during a Youth Night Service in 1990 at Community Bible Chapel Church in Atlanta, Mark J watched a film of the "rapture". God revealed Himself, and it was that nigh
Manchild is member of the crew Mars ILL. The well known MC announced officially on January 8th, 2008 the launch of a new website "Manchildinsider.com" for February 1st, 2008. Subscription Site As Manchild explains: "It's a subscription only website,
Chris Greenwood is Manafest from Toronto, Canada. His solodebut got released in 2001 with the EP Misled Youth. Discovered One of his CD's got the attention of leadsinger Trevor McNevan from rockgroup Thousand Foot Krutch, this got him a deal at BEC R
Man Prefekt, The
Nate Curry residing in Santa Cruz, California is The Man Prefekt. The Man Prefekt (Dislikes Your Biological Makeup) formerly known as Verbal Essence has spent the last 10 years actively involved in music and music production, as the one of the founders an
Man Of War & DJ Promote
DJ Promote This DJ has toured with Verbs (Knowdaverbs). See photo. Man Of War Hailing from the West Coast of San Diego, California Man of War released his first album \"10 Horn Daggers\" (2001) on Syntax Records in 2001. Name The name Man Of War
Man of War
Hailing from the West Coast of San Diego, California Man of War released his debut album \"10 Horn Daggers\" (2001) on Syntax Records. Compilations He contributed tracks to several compilations, like: - Fashion Expo (2000) - Night Owls one : Noctu
Mahogany Jones
Mahogany Jones residing in Eastpointe, Michigan released her debut album "Morphed" in 2008. Poet True to the original form of hip hop, Mahogany Jones began as a poet. Raised in Mt. Vernon, New York, it was from the age of thirteen she began to compile
Seth Thomas, also known as Magellan, from New York City is a member of the crew ADF. He released his first recording in 2005 entitled Spit That Fire. Ecinoj Music The organisation was established in November 2006 by Magellan. Ecinoj Music is not a re
Mad Prophets
The Mad Prophets consist of Quan, Steel Will and Temple from Detroit, Michigan. The crew got together in 1996. Their first single was "Street Theology", followed up by "Street Theology II", the maxi-single. This track can be found on their debut album "Re
James Mc Morris II residing in Washington is maCmoses. His artist name maCmoses stands for: Me And Christ Moving Obstacles So Everyone Sees. He grew up in the Northeast section of Washington, DC and always had a love for music. So in the mid 1980's it wa
Macho is Rosario Ortega. He is member of New Breed and the Tunnel Rats. Footsoldiers Dert, Macho, Propaganda and Raphi from the Tunnel Rats are also part of the crew Footsoldiers. They released their album \"Live This\" on Antagonist Records, October
M.O.D. (Ministri Of Defence)
M.O.D. or Ministri Of Defence from London will release their selftitled album on CMR (Cross Movement Records) in 2007. Crew M.O.D. consists of: - E.Miner, also known as Stranjah - Rob Ryme also known as Da Pilgrim Rob Rhyme - Da Pilgrim Having
Lindz West is LZ7. He was part of The Tribe, formerly known as The World Wide Message Tribe (WWMT). The band mixed dance music with rap to minister at schools in Manchester, United Kingdom. The WWMT started in 1992 and performed all over the world. Later
Luke Geraty
Luke Geraty born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1979 is known from his many guest appearances, before releasing his debut album It\'s Cold Out Here on Syntax Records in 2003. He now lives with his family in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Touring He has toured the U
LPG are cousins Dax and Jurny Big from Los Angeles. Dax used to be called Theory. The LPG crew are the founders of the Tunnel Rats, which is a group of collaborating artists. Debut Their 1995 debut Earthworm is considered a classic in the holyhiphop
LP, which means Like Paul, is a Bay St. Louis, Mississippi native, who released his album Testament on Birmingham Entertainment in 2006. Album About this album the MC says: \"Testimony, isn\'t about flesh, flash and fast cars. Instead, LP explains, “I
The crew LouiSerlo from Killeen, Texas consists of B-Ski, Scoop, SirWiLZ and Sol Modest. United The MCs united back in the Summer of 2005. Sol Modest and B-Ski left to serve in Iraq for one year in the US Military. Scoop left to become a chaplain over
Lord Metatron
Lord Metatron is part of the Secta 7 crew. His first solo release can be found on \"Tha Sacred Analogy of Muzik Mix-tape\" in 2005.
Carlos “Los-1” Ramirez II comes to Florida by way of Brooklyn, New York City and the hip hop culture. He grew up in a multi-talented home of 9 brothers and sisters and the head start of both parents (mother and father) in the home. After years watching
L.O.R is a group that consists of four members: Elsha, Illyte, Mayne and Teezy. Albums The crew released a mixtape called Back In Bizness in 2006. The double album The Reason is scheduled for early 2007.
LOJIQUE (pronounced 'logic') was formed in 1998 by founding members Othello, who has since moved on to pursue a solo career, and Nickels (producer/turntablist). Page One (MC) joined in 2000, followed by DJ Because (turntablist) in early 2002. Comunali
Locke and the Chris Wilson Five
After his debut album Relevance, released in 2002, Locke (Andrew Walters) teamed up with jazz band the Chris Wilson Five. Wilson The band from Spokane, Washington consists of: Matthew Coleman - Drums Vincent LaBelle - Bass Guitar Jason Schultheis
Andrew Walters is Locke from Seattle, Washington, who made his debut in 2002 with the album Relevance on Know It All Entertainment. Jazz After this the fans had to wait until 2005, when Locke formed an alliance with a jazz band and thus Locke & The C
James Kelly is LMNO (Leave My Name Out). He's from Long Beach, California. LMNO is member of the Visionaries. Spiritual minded After starting out as a member of various crews, Rhyme Syndicate and Blak Forest, he got his break appearing alongside Ke
Livin-Proof of the United Kingdom consisted first of Denz and Hierarchy. Later on the line up was made complete with the addition of DJ Jamo. The crew ended their activities in September 2007. Goal The aim of Livin-Proof was to spread the message of C
Listener & Dust
A one time only project of the artist the Listener and DJ/producer Dust from Mars ILL. The EP \"Just In Time For Christmas\" is released December 2005. Listener Atlanta\'s Dan Smith is The Listener, he\'s also part of Deepspace5. The Listener used to
Dan Smith from Siloam Springs, Arkansas is The Listener, he's also part of the collective Deepspace5. The Listener used to be in a group called Labklik, together with ILLtrip, from 1995-2002. The Listener has evolved into a band and is now called the Lis
Liquid is the 2006 addition to Gotee Records\' hip hop roster of artists. Home Liquid is raised by his grandmother, since his mother was 17 years old when he was born and his father turned just 15, eleven days later. His father\'s family moved to Cali
Lingo is a rapper and a producer. As a former member of the rap group Streetype, Lingo has been performing and writing for a long time. He is also co-founder of Groovesound Records and he shared the stage with artist such as Raze, Out of Eden, Niki Leonti
Lil Raskull
Delbert R. Harris is Lil' Raskull. He grew up in Trinity Garden, a ghetto on the north side of Houston, Texas and ended up dealing drugs. His talent for rap gave him the chance to get signed at a local record label called Dead Game Records in 1991. Eventu
Lil La La
O. LaShawn Batiste is Lil La La from San Jose, California. She\'s known as one of the most innovative christian femcees. Entrepreneur Lil La La is an entrepreneur by heart besides rapping she\'s the CEO of MicRippaz Holy Hip Hop Magazine & GCO Desig
Lil iROCC Williams
Lil iROCC Williams, where the iROCC stands for "I Rely On Christ Completely" based on the biblical scripture Proverbs 3:5, emerged on the holy hip hop scene in 2003. The MC is born in New Orleans and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Comparison Being at
Lil Disciples
The dynamtic duo of Kross & Kuture, who are the initital members of the Lil' Disciples have now linked up a host of other young MCs , like: T, Sadie, Trip Sev, and Fojsu. All hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, they could be out in the street making drug ru
Lil Ash
Ashleigh Delk is femcee Lil Ash born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 8th, 1996 to Petrina and Maurice (Big Reese) Delk. Name On April 23rd, 2008 Lil Ash announced her artist name would change to Ashleigh in 2009: I will be 13 next year I am not l
Likwid Fyah
The duo Likwid Fyah from Providence, Rhode Island are Lady D.U.B.B. and Nuncio. Their music is a blend of hip hop, rock and reggae.
Lightheaded\'s official three members are Braille, Ohmega Watts and Othello. Also part of the crew for their musical contributions are DJ Bombay, DJ Manwell and Muneshine (producer). Their hip hop music is a nice mix of R&B, soul and jazz. Debut album
Light, Da Flow Minista
Light is a source of illumination. The same definition can be used to describe Light, the female hip hop artist, who is illuminating the word of God through rhymes. Femcee Light brings the truth through song to encourage the Body of Christ and introduce C
Light from Mississippi is a young worshipper of Christ, who is slowly making his way on the journey to learn what it means to be a worshipper and to live spiritually minded in a world that pushes the opposite lifestyle. Albums Light\'s first project i
On the edge between positive hip hop and holy hip hop there is the Lifesavas. Existing of: Marlon Irving - also known as Vursatyl - MC Solomon David - also known as Jumbo - MC Ryan Shortell - also kown as Rev. Shines - DJ Not-Religious Vursatyl is
Lesun from Cincinnati, Ohio produces records from 2004. Crew Lesun is part of a new crew called Anthum (December 2006). It comprises of Lesun, J-Reign, Chozen, Roman Parable and Deacon D.A.S. Albums He released his first mixtape in The Message se
Legion of Sub Par Emcees (Lospe)
The Legion of Sub Par Emcees is a unique project. The goal is to share knowledge about the industry to get novices on there way into the hip hop scene. This can range from learning to write a song until recording it. Foundation In 2000 Bryan Winchest
Legacy is born Brandon Greene in Buffalo, New York in 1978. He relocated to the Tampa Bay area in 1992 with his family when he was 14 years old. Legacy has been involved in radio and the music scene since 1994. Debut album His debut album from 2004 "
Leethal is born Arthur Lee Dennies Jr. on January 5th, 1975 to Arthur and Lorraine Dennies, in St. Petersburg Florida. Early on as a child he would write songs, but never really shared them out of embarrassment. Name His name LEETHAL stands for Live
Lecrae is born in Houston and grew up in San Diego and Denver. He now resides in Dallas, Texas. Debut album Lecrae released his first album titled "Real Talk" on Reach Records in 2004. The album features R-Swift, Tedashii, Sho and Steven Carter.
LAW Click
Another crew from the Groove Sounds Records label they are called LAW Click and L.A.W. stands for Lord\'s Anointed Warriors.
Lamar J. Sapp
Lavoisier pronounced as Love-awe-see-air from Coney Island, New York released his debut album "The Next Big Thing Version 2.0" in 2005 on his own label called AOmega Global Military. New project A new project should be in the making for Lavoisier a se
Lamar Callahan was born in Boston, Massachusetts and is the youngest of three children born to Mr. Clester Scott and Ms. Jennifer Callahan. He grew up living in-between the Franklin Hill projects in Dorchester and Chatham West in Brockton, Massachusetts.
Lady J.
Veteran Lady J. (Jacqueline Gines) released her first album in 1991. She is also the author of probably the first book regarding holy hip hop: \"Who\'s who in Christian hip-hop : artists directory\" (1996). She is now active as co-owner of the production
LA Symphony
The crew started out with the following ten members: - bTwice (Brainwash Projects) - CookBook - DJ J-Boog - Flynn Adam Atkins - J-Beits (also known as Great jason) - Joey the Jerk - Pigeon John (Brainwash Projects) - Sharlok Poems - Trendi MC
La Familia Muzik
The crew La Famila Muzik from Lakeland, Florida consists of Don Tony, Foolish, SYD, Carlito P., Ryan Horton and Verse (Mike Mills). Started La Familia Muzik started, when Don Antonio Productions and Prophetic Productions merged together as a joint ent
L.G. Wise
L.G. Wise was born of a 14 year old mother. She gave him to his grandmother to be raised and at the age of 2 his father abanded him. Feeling rejected by his mother and father, L.G. turned to the streets for parental figures. He was accepted by a notorious
Kurtis Blow
Kurtis Blow, born on August 9, 1959 in Harlem, New York, is one of the founders and creators of recorded rap. First Rapper In 1979, at the age of twenty, Kurtis Blow became the first Rapper to be signed by a major label. Mercury released Christmas Rap
The artist Kre8tor was born in Rochester, New York. At an early age of 13 he gave his life to Christ and was blessed with the gift of writing/producing and arranging music for the Lord. Backslide Sad to say the Kre8tor slowly started to backslide an
The KnowNauts consists of Micronaut also known as Microphone Astronaut and Paconaut Cerdaphide Beats. The MC Micronaut is from the bay area, California and also member of the crew The Insomniaddicts. Paconaut Cerdaphide Beats is a producer from Phoenix, A
Knowledge MC
Alfonzo Marcello Greene is the Knowledge MC. He raised himself on the streets of Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota. His father and mother left him at a young age. He got taken care of by his grandfather. When Alfonzo was 15 his grandfather got ill,
Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Knowdaverbs moved to Nashville in 1994. He would be the dancer of a hip-hop group called the Grits from Gotee Records. He started to appear on several of Grits\' songs and videos, including \"Hopes and Dreams\" and \"Alcohol
Knine is born September 14th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he is currently residing in the state South Carolina. Debut Album The MC has produced and released his debut album Regardless. Then in 2005 he released his sophomore album Born Again. Artwork
KMM started recording their latest project late November 2008 and finished most of the album by Mid-February 2009. The mixtape Messiah Mixtape 2 : Crown of Thorns is set for release in 2009. Photo: (left to right) Tha Messenger, Elijah, Blue, Tha Vess
KJ-52 is Jonah Sorrentino from Florida. He started out as a member of Sons of Intellect, before going solo. Like TobyMac, KJ-52 has been able to reach a broader audience with a more accessible sound of hip hop. Name The KJ part is an abbreviation for
The rapper Kingston released his album "Absolute Truth" on Christ Like Entertainment in 2007. Projects His sophomore album "In the City" is coming in 2008.
It was not by choice, God called me to it," states Kiwi about her extraordinary ministry. When this soldier steps up to the mic, one should not assume what she's about to do, because she does it all to glorify God. This vessel draws souls into God's kingd
Kings of Tragedy
Kings of Tragedy are MC Till and Wonder Brown. Wonder Brown is known for his work as part of Scribbling Idiots. Both MCs have released work as solo artists. Joint Venture In 2008 they teamed up to form the duo Kings of Tragedy and started touring to
King Shon & The S.S.M.O.B.
King Shon also known as Big King was born on december 21st, 1964. Shon came to Christ when he was 17, but he lost his faith when he was 19. He returned to the streets, gang banging, dealing drugs and stealing cars. Overdosed In 1987 when he was just
King Cyz
Cyrus Brandon Alexander also known as \"King Cyz\", pronounced King Size, is born in Media, Pennsylvania, February 27,1979 Parents After being told by doctors and specialists in fertility that they could not have any children, Cyrus\' parents knew tha
Khul Rhema
Tico Hudson (Atlanta, Georgia) also known as Khul Rhema, from the disbanded crew Ziklag Boyz, released his first EP The Incredible HudRock in 2006. EP This first solo recording after the Ziklag\'s disbandment in 2005 deals with betrayal and his own \
The MC is born in Jamaica, raised in Maryland and currently residing in Florida. Presently known as KD3, David C. Bryan is on an all out musical mission to reach \"the future\" with God\'s Word. Highways In the words of KD3, \"God has called me to the
Kay Bizzy
Kay Bizzy also known as \"Bizzyboy\" from Georgia is a rapper, writer, producer, engineer, and minister, is born Keenen Browne, first stepped into the world of hip hop, almost 6 years ago, as leader of the group: H.G.R. (Holyghost Rydaz). Crew After
KAOS from Coachella Valley, California is working on an album, which will be released through Calmplex\' label Upside Down Projects.
While thought to be a newcomer to the rap scene, the truth is KamB.I.N.O. (Kameron Bray) is by no stretch of the imagination “new to the game”. Born and raised in Columbus , Ohio , KamB.I.N.O. has lived life on both sides of the fence - from the hood to t
Kaleb Starr
Jerron Long from Cincinnati, Ohio, is Kaleb Starr, a name symbolizing being a Bold Light, derived from the biblical character, Caleb and from the star that led the wise men to where they could find baby Jesus. MC Today, Kaleb Starr is that bold light
Ron Wilson is Kaboose, who is born from a white mother and a Native American father. The MC is a close member of the Scribbling Idiots crew. San Jose Kaboose's formative years were spent in San Jose, California playing in the streets and embracing sp
K2S (Key To Salvation)
K2S (Key to Salvation) consisted of three members the siblings Donald Newman and Jennifer Lee-Newman. Donald is also known as Smooth. The second MC is K-Buc or spelled as KaBuc. Jennifer Lee-Newman is also known as Jen-E. K2S became a duo, when Kabuc left
Keenan Lee from Murfreesboro, Tennessee is K-Lee, who began his long road to success back in 1998 with only a dream to rap. Mortal Flesh K-Lee and 2 other homiez at tha time got together and formed the rap group "Mortal Flesh" and began putting in t
K-Drama & MC Till
Teaming up for this project are K-Drama and MC Till. The album Black Guy Meets White Guy is released in 2006. The song \"To Be or Not to Be\" was performed at RapFest 2005 and \"I\'m Good\" plus \"I wanna spend the night\" were both performed at Fla.vor F
Cincinnati based Regis Jones also known as K-Drama has his own label. T.H.I.S. Click Records is established in September of 1999. T.H.I.S. stands for This Holy Inspirational Society. Albums K-Drama released a CD-single called "Tear it up". Later on h
JustMe & Sintax the Terrific
JustMe Justin Long is JustMe, who was born and raised in southern California. After being part of the crew the SolSeekers during the People Watching album (2000) he joined Scribbling Idiots. In 2002 he released his debut recording entitled the Brutally H
JustMe & Cas Metah
The Scribbling Idiots introduce their founding members JustMe & Cas Metah with the first release from the label ESeye Music in 2004. JustMe Justin Long is JustMe, who was born and raised in southern California. At twelve years of age he took up break
Justin Long is JustMe, who was born and raised in southern California. At twelve years of age he took up breakdancing. At thirteen he was deejaying local parties and writing his name in graffiti on any surface he could find. Recording By the time he
Justin-Credible residing in Carol City, Florida is born as Justin O’neal Francis on September 22, 1987. He is the fourth and youngest child born to Bishop James & Edna Francis of Monument of Faith Ministries. Moved His family moved from the Bronx,
This duo used to operate under the name NFINITE.
Jurny Big
Jurny Big is one of the founding members of the Tunnel Rats and belonged to the crew called LPG. After LPG\'s final album in 2003 he released his solo debut: Biggest of them all.
Just paraDOX
Jeramiah Giehl is Just paraDOX also known as DJ XDC and born on March 4th, 1976 in Des Moines, Iowa, but grew up in Oceanside, California. He works for Much Luvv Records and the National Holy Hip Hop Awards (former Texas Hip Hop Award Show). Name What
Antoine Rhodes from Chicago is Judah Man. When he was a young teen, he was already involved in one of Chicago’s biggest street gangs, the gangster disciples and dealing drugs. In October 1994, four months after high school graduation, he was arrested and
Judah Priest
Dashawn Brown from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania also known as Judah Priest has been doing hip hop ministry since 1994. The MC has become a household name in the Christian music industry. Ministry Being in the Gospel Music Industry has helped Judah Prie
Judah & Secret
Judah and Secret are a MC and Producer duo and part of the crew Greenjade. They have teamed up to create their first recording, as they claim: \"a hip-hop musical landmark the album: The Truth Syrum\". Love The philosophy of Truth Syrum was born out
Juan Solo
Joshua L. Toro also known as Juan Solo is born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He has his own label Holy Flame Records and is part of All4Souls Music, since March 2007. Struggle Juan Solo\'s testimony\'s not one of a person who was raised in a
Jason Watson from St. Louis, Missouri is rapper Json. His motivation as an artist is to please the Lord and to be a servant in the Kingdom of God. He has been rapping for the Lord since 2004, but Json already rapped before he got saved. Loss One of
Joy Oliver
Joy Oliver from Gary, Indiana released her debut album “Count it all Joy” on REAP Records in 2005. Ministry This femcee is a pastor’s daughter and therefore has had extensive experience in the ministry. In her own words: “My mission is to reach the yo
Jovan Mackenzy
Jovan Mackenzy released his debut recording the EP "Operation Raputure Ready" through GodChaserz Entertainment in February 2007. Albums His first full length album is "Jihad" released in September 2007.
Jonek from Edmonton, Alberta became hooked on hip hop in Poland in 1999. He is is born and raised in Canada. But lived in Poland from 1992 to 1999. Poland That\'s where the MC met his wife, and got into hip hop. The first hip hop he listened to was
John Reuben
John Reuben's full name is John Reuben Zappin. Born January 14, 1979. He is from Columbus, Ohio. John Reuben recorded and self-released his debut LP, Monuments (1997), which caught the attention of Gotee Records. Gotee Records After the Grits John Re
Joey the Jerk
Joey the Jerk released his debut album "The Average Joe" in 2003. He's part of the crew LA Symphony. Pop On March 20th, 2008 a MySpace bulletin was send out promoting a new song on his media player. The demo track "Why" is a soft pop track showing the
Joe, The
Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. He is representing his young and vibrant local and national scene with fresh beats and progressive lyricism that builds and edifies the listeners' mind and spirit. Style The Joe uses a wealth of wordplay and a rich, co
Joe Justiz
Joe Justiz from Miami, Florida is of Dominican descent being born in Puerto Rico. The MC is also known bby the name of Joe Thunder. Relationship He describes his faith as "I'm not just a man, I'm a man of God. That means that I have a relationship (n
Garnering the God-given talents Jetti grew up in the Seattle area, and at the age of 11 began harnessing, and sheathing the art of beatbox, which he mastered. Talent Competitions Musical prowess soon followed as he began winning local talent competio
Jesus Instead of Gangs
Jesus Instead of Gangs (JIG), formed by Marquis Franklin (Tha Servant) and Marcel Wilson (Fulfilla) have been ministering through hip hop for last 8 years. Their focus is to spread the gospel through a language that the youth of today can understand. Bot
Jesus Disciple
Jared Duba from San Jose, California is Jesus Disciple (JD). He is a MC, vocalist, producer and a writer. Mission Throughout society, Jesus Christ’s name has been demeaned and degraded to little more than a cuss word. Most people are clueless to Hi
Jeremiah Jackson
Jeremiah Jackson also known as KRy is born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Jeremiah was named by his mother after the prophet Jeremiah in the Holy Bible. Some bible scholars call Jeremiah \"The Weeping Prophet\" hint the pen name “KRy” for Jeremiah Jac
JeBarr23 from Edmonton, Alberta is out to pass the faith in Christ at all odds. How ironic this young man\'s life truly is. The last thing that one would expect to emerge out of Canada would be a white christian rapper. God\'s love JeBarr23 is most
Born in January 1987 Jozef Daniel Astley is JDA. He released his debut album in 2007. The rapper stopped being active in October 2008. In May 2009 JDA announces to focus his activities to bible studies and poetry. Music He has been involved in making
JAZ (Justified And Zealous)
JAZ (Justified And Zealous) is a member of the crew ADF and released a solo album in 2005 called "My Life". Broken JAZ was born into a broken home. He became a foster child, to the loss of his mother to Aids and finally got crippled by drugs. But JA
JAZ & Tha Reason
JAZ (Justified and Zealous) is a member of the crew ADF and released his debut album in 2005 called \"My Life\". He also started his own production company called “Zealous Productions”. Tha Reason Juan Torres, also known as Tha Reason, was born and ra
Jamerson Mayberry is JayMay and co-owns the label Double Edge Sword Records. He accepted Christ in July 2001 and released his debut album in 2005. Army He is currently serving in the United States Army stationed in Colorado with his family. He has bee
Japhia Life
Japhia Life was born and raised in Philadelphia. He released several mixtapes and two independent releases. He has had much media exposure plus worked with some of the big names in the hip hop industry. Powerful music Although Japhia knows that he is
Jahaziel from south London releases his debut album "Ready To Live" in 2007. About his music the MC says: "It's about love. Love for God, love for mankind and love for music." Featuring To date, Jahaziel has built a name for himself in the undergroun
Jah Word
Paul Franklin also known as Jah Word is a native of San Diego, California. He began writing music in 1984 and Jah Word came to Christ in 1993. Jah Word (Jehovah\'s word through music) dedicated his musical talents to uplift the kingdom of Jesus Christ in
Jacob Izrael
Tredale L. McCullough is Jacob Izrael, who accepted Christ in October 1996. He's a MC as well as a producer and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Personal Style Gruff, personal, story-telling type raps are what best describe this unique indiv
David Jackson formerly known as Jiggy Jack or \"Penetentiary\" from the crew G-Side (God\'s Side) is Jack. G-Side He grew up in Detroit and formed in 1996 G-Side with MC Jiggy Jack and Mr. Ran working the beats. The crew had a hit with the song Miser
James Wade from New York is Jaawt. The first person who encouraged Jaawt to rap was his track coach in 5th grade. Since then he has enjoyed a formal music education throughout his middle and high school years. Instrument During this time he has becom
Ja & Rusp
Erik (Ja) and Ruben (Rusp) are long time friends. They met each other the first time at the age of 7 years old on a soccerfield. Erik and Ruben started out as best friends, and would, much later on, begin to make music together as a crew. Beatmaker Th
Reginald Blanchard, also known as J4J meaning “Just 4 Jesus”, is a motivational youth minister, rapper/singer, songwriter & music producer, who started performing at the age of 12. He attended Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis, Missouri
J.Kwest from Chicago, Illinois released his debut recording 20/20 : The Invision EP in 2006 on Double Threat Entertainment. Loss On April 26th, 2006 J.Kwest suffered a great loss, his friend and original member of Double Threat Entertainment Benjamin
Jaron Sherman Johnson, a native of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, son of Jarod Sherman Johnson and Sharon Johnson is J-Silas. Name His name is formed by connecting his first two initials with the name of the biblical character Silas. As the apostle Paul\
J-Roc released his debut album \"Last Days, Perilous Times\" on Grapetree Records in 2000. New Album His sophomore album got released in 2005 named Last Days : Perilous Times II.
J-Remy from Pearl River County, Mississippi released his debut recording the \"Rebirth of Hip-Hop\" EP. Albums J-Remy has taken the spotlight yet again with his sophomore release, \"The Backwoods Legend\" (2005). Production by Kene \"Ghost\" Bell (Gr
J-Reign, from Cincinnati, Ohio released his debut album \"Da 1,2\" on April 18th, 2006. Besides being a MC, he\'s a producer and a singer/songwriter. Production J-Reign is working for his upcoming Production Company Drummer Boy Entertainment.
Izreal was born and raised in Queens, New York City. His mother is Jamaican and his father is Cuban. He finished high school down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and made his way to the left coast after leaving the military. As the MC states: \"After the d
IOD (Invaders of Darkness)
IOD or Invaders of Darkness from Tampa, Florida exists of: - Cascius George as C-Money D.A. Martian - David Drigo as Big D - Clive George as The Jive - Amber Williams as Reigns Albums IOD released their debut album Here We Go. A second album wa
Hailing from the streets of San Francisco, The Insomniaddicts introduce themselves to the world with poignant, thought provoking lyrics over melodic, minimalistic beats. Crew The Insomniaddicts, established in 1995, consists of Microphone Astronaut
The Inktroverts from Aiken, South Carolina consists of: - Silas Sirius (MC) - AJ (MC) - Icthus 9 (MC) - DJ Ryval (turntablist) Collective The crew is also part of the collective Legion of Sub Par Emcees (Lospe). Albums The Inktroverts releas
Infinite Radio
Infinite Radio was an online holy hip hop radio station, that operated from Columbus, Ohio. The station was founded by Rick D in 2003. The radio activities have stopped in 2006 and the company is now focussed on releasing music.
Imago Dei
Todd Banks, also known as Imago Dei is the founder of Left Table Productions, producer and DJ. Writing The writings of Imago Dei, started out as iambic pentameter poetry when he was young in the Christian faith. He had seen God do a lot in his life an
Antavio Johnson also known as Illyte is born on March 3, 1989 in Tallahassee, Florida. Illyte is on the L.O.R. Entertainment roster. At such a young age, Illyte, not only captivates his audience since the age 13 with his strong lyrics and energetic delive
Illy Wonka
Illy Wonka from Seattle/Everett, Washington is born and bred with a strong musical upbringing from a family full of musicians and singers, he’s soaked up his musical environment as a child and has created his own visual hip hop art. Dad His dad was
Illustrate has been involed in the hip hop community since early 1995. He started out with a gangster rap label based in Denver known as Kut-N-Kru Records. Debut Album He released his first full length album called \"Summons of a Soldier\" in 1996. A
The MC ILLtripp started a solocareer after Labklik disbanded, just as his former crewmember the Listener. But after releasing one album in 2004 the MC decided to stop his hip hop activities in 2006. Albums After Labklik disbanded ILLtripp got signed
ill-DAY is part of the duo Waste Management, but also active as a solo artist. Album He released his debut album \"Just Blame Me\" on Bookbag Records in 2007.
ILL Seer
Cyril D. Guerette is Ill Seer hailing from Toronto, Canada, who released his debut album, Phosphatidylserine in 2005. He is also part of the UK collective, Delegates of Culture. This Master of Philosophy in Theology, (University of Cambridge, England - 20
Ill Harmonics
ILL Harmonics consists of Blake Knight (BK) and Playdough (Harry Krum). The duo have added drummer Tony Gib (Peter Daily ) to ILL Harmonics in 2004. The crew often uses acoustical guitar pieces as samples. Solo Both MC's BK and Playdough have release
William Higgins is the Idoalist, he founded Heilig IJs with Renger Boersma (Lion Cub) and released their first album in 1997. This album was the start for the Dutch Holyhiphop scene. Albeit a small scene, the Idoalist can be seen as one of the founding fa
ICECE from Houston, Texas will release his debut album \"The Frozen Files\" through Much Luvv Records in 2007. Mixtapes The MC can be heard on his mixtape series entitled \"Thawed Out\" prior to his debut album. The first volume came out in 2006. Thi
Chris Palomarez is IBC, which stands for Influenced by Christ. IBC\'s style is Latin Hip Hop and he has been performing for 7 years now. Some of the venues he has been are: - Epcot Center (Florida, Disney World) - Sefco Field, opened for Fred Hammond (
Hug Life
The duo Hug Life is Spoken Nerd and Bobby Exodus. In 2008 they will release their debut album on End of Earth Records. Title to be announced.
I.D.O.L. King
The duo I.D.O.L. king consists of Cedric Scott, also known as C.O., and Derek Drew, also known as DJ Cut No Slack, since 1985. These veterans are still active today. King The name I.D.O.L. King was inspired by Louis King, a very close friend of the
HOOD (Highest Order Of Discipline)
Correy McClure also known as HOOD is CEO of the Carolinas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards. This event was created to build community awareness about the positive Hip Hop movement. Program During the three-day event, where positive hip hop artists fro
HolyRollah grew up as a member in his uncle’s church all his life. HolyRollah’s grandmother is a faithful Christian who would always take him to church. Bad kid Though he was raised in the Word, during middle school HolyRollah put God on the back bur
Holy Hip Hop Foundation for Social Justice
The Holy Hip Hop Foundation for Social Justice is an organization created to seek social justice for those affected by the tragedy in Darfur, to raise funds to help those in displacement camps and bring awareness to the genocide happening in Darfur right
Holy Ghost Soldiers
Holy Ghost Soldiers from Atmore, Alabama released their album Grenade in 2006. Scripture The foundation scripture of the Holy Ghost Soldiers is II Timothy 2: 3, 4 - Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warret
HOG MOB is the ministry organization of the MC Sevin, it stands for Hooked On God, Ministry Over Business. The organization from Sacramento, California is founded in 1999. Crew The crew HOG MOB consists of (July 2009): - 51 - A-1 - A-D - Amez - B
Heilig IJs
Heilig IJs made their debut in 1997 with Vertaalslag. The first Dutch holyhiphop release. The album got distribution through GMI. Heilig IJS consisted of Renger Boersma also known as De Muis and William Konstapel also known as De Tooster. De Muis is now
HeeSun Lee
HeeSun Lee has come far from where she started. Born in Seoul, Korea on June 4th, 1983, she was sadly abandoned by her birth family. She was then placed into a foster home, and later adopted when she was four months old. Identity Growing up in Staten
Heath McNease
Heath McNease, currently residing in Colquitt, Georgia, releases his album \"The Heath McNease Fan Club Meets Tonight\" on 7 Spin Music in 2007. Name The MC is formerly known as \"Verbal Essence\". Mix His music is a mix of acoustical pop music an
Heata is a national recording gospel rapper and minister from Dallas, Texas. He has had the opportunity to minister alongside T-Bone, KJ-52, Red Cloud, NuWine, Grits, Salvador and many more. Albums Heata\'s debut album \"Igniting Tha Fire\" was nation
Michael and Anthony Wray founded Hazakim ministries in 1997. Hazakim, Hebrew for "strong ones", is a music ministry whose purpose and intent is to proclaim the truths of God's word with a messianic edge. Due to an upbringing in the messianic Jewish moveme
HanSoul & Tribe of Judah
HanSoul is a Philadelphia native, who hit the scene in 1991, with the hitsong Imagination that went to the top 10 on Billboards rap charts. Hans was the second rap artist signed to Epic/Sony records in 1991. And also did a stint with Loud/RCA records in 1
Hans R. Nelson also known as HanSoul is a disciple with unshakable principles affirmed through Jesus Christ. The Philadelphia native hit the scene in 1991, with the hitsingle "Imagination" that went to the top 10 on Billboard's rap charts. Hans was the se
Guvna B
Guvna B, born in 1989, is a talented musician hailing from the streets of Custom House situated in East London. He now resides in Essex. His love for music came at a very young age. Violin From the days he played the violin to the days he lay in bed l
GUN is Calmplex, The Man Prefekt, Glyf and Kid Curry. On May 24th, 2007 it was announced that Calmplex and The Man Prefekt teamed up to form the group GUN. Name Calmplex explains the name: "The idea behind the name is a very common idea used often in
Group 1 Crew
Group 1 Crew from Orlando, Florida are: Blanca Reyes, Pablo Villatoro, Manwell Reyes (no relation to Blanca). The vocals are dealt with by Blanca. Pablo and Manwell are the two MCs. Founded Group 1 Crew was founded, when Manwell Reyes formed a bible s
GRITS stands for Grammatical Revolution In The Spirit. This hip-hop duo consists of Coffee (Stacy Jones) and Bonafide (Teron Carter) They met each other after moving to Nashville. The duo would become one of the most successful ambassadors of the holy hip
GreenJade from London already made a name for themselves with the songs "One Time Ta Die" and "Heaven Presents". Both have been rerecorded for the album "Chronicles : The Story So Far" in 2003. Members The members of GreenJade are 3rd Son, DJ Secret
Govenor released his most recent album \"God Son\" on Christ Lyfe Musiq in 2006. High School Govenor Reiss, Jr., graduated from L.W. Higgins High School. While attending L.W. Higgins he was voted the most talented. He was awarded first place in variou
Gotee Brothers
The Gotee brothers are Todd Collins, Joey Elwood and Toby Mckeehan. They are the founders of the label Gotee Records. Tod Collins has sold his share in 2001 to start Beatmart recordings. Toby McKeehan is besides a producer better known as the solo artist
Gospel Gangstas
The Gospel Gangstas started with four members : Mr. Solo, Chilly Chill, Tic Toc and DJ Dove. Chilly Chill is later known as Chille' Baby. Tic Toc is later written as Tik Tokk. Duo The year 2007 would be a turningpoint, since the Gospelgangstas would
Goodside exists of: Darius Dunson is \"Scent\"- producer, MC, vocals Lonnie Edwards is \"L\" - MC Travis Mason is \"Trapp\" - MC Not to entertain Called not to entertain but to minister. Goodside is a team of believers, who are dedicated to deliver
God\'s Army
God’s Army are: - Body of Praize, aka T-Bop (Taivia Jones) - GodChild (Rahsaan Ivory) - Lo-Kee Manifest (Keedrick Gardner) - Maestro of Peace (Michael Bowdre) - The One-N-Only also spelled as The 1-N-Onlee, aka Rhodes Scholar (Liyongo Tolin) - Visi
Jehovanny Ramos is Godsent, is born on April 5th, 1986. He's about to release his debut album "Isaiah 55" in 2007. Split His parents split up when he was 5 years old. The MC states: "At the time I really didn’t understand why we had moved from Puerto
Goddisciples are Stephy Jey, I.C.E., 1 of a Kind. Relationship Praise be to God they are very tight in their relationship with Christ and with each other, but that was a process which is even still perpetual. They all came to the group with differe
God's Elect
God's Elect released his album "The Lost Tapes" in 2007. Godly Man How does one adequately describe a Godly Man? Is it through ones innate ability to quote scripture or is it equated to the number of obstacles that transpired during ones lifetime? It
Glue is a hip hop trio from Illinois. AdeeM handles the vocals for Glue, while the turntables are left to DJ DQ. The musical force behind Glue is Maker. The music is an attitude of tongue in cheek to a melodic blend of samples with a melancholy sound.
GIM, Tha
Jacques Guidry also known as Tha GIM is born in Fresno, California as son of Gladys Guidry and the late Al Guidry. Poetry After his fathers self-infliced death Jacques moved around with his mother seeing and learning alot about life at a young age. It
Gilead7 is Jon I. Gill, who has been raised with musical styles ranging from praise and worship to jazz. Rock music He started his interest for hip hop at the age of ten. But thinking that the skills of a MC were out of reach for him he started studyi
Gifted Da FlameThrowa
One whom is called \"Gifted\" is a person that possesses great natural abilities. Born on the Westbank Of New Orleans in the Kennedy Heights subdivison Gifted began his career as an entertainer at the tender age of eight years old. Talent Shows From
After two previous underground releases (The Element (2003), Element II (2004), the front man of PNG Productionz, Giano comes with his first solo album R.O.M. 7 (Reason of Ministry) released on October 21st, 2006. Avenue "It's not about the fame, cuz
Ghostwriters, The
The Ghostwriters consisting of UnknowN and Apaulsoul initially took form in the spring of 2007. The two artists with origins of the states of Indiana and now Tennessee (UnknowN) and Chicago, but now in Oklahoma City (Apaulsoul) would find themselves often
Ghostwriter, The
Glen McCarthy is The ghostwriter, his name he proclaims as \"One who writes for and gives credit of authorship to another.\" The MC is also a youth minister. Hip Hop Culture As a Chicago native, raised on the South-side of the city, he was greatly in
The MC Genesiz is from Sidney, Australia. Growing Up Genesiz grew up the son of a pastor in the church. In his teens he became engulfed in hate due to the racism which was directed towards him and his friends and fell into a lifestyle of violence and
Gammage member of the crew True released his Exclusive Relationship Mixtape on SoundRight Productions.
David Veira also known as Gauge gives a positive spin on real-life situations, this has gained him both street credibility and industry attention. Roots Being a native of Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York there is no doubt that his hip-hop roots run deep.
Gabriel Strong The Inspiritmentalist
Gabriel Strong from Atlanta, Georgia wants everyone to know that all glory belongs to Christ. He's just an instrument in the act of Agape. Tracks You will hear this Atlanta based MC speak of the grace given by our Lord and Savior on tracks like "Wal
Eugene Bailey II “G.wizz” rapper and producer native of Knoxville, Tennessee, left the world of drugs and alcohol after having received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in May of 1997. The Holy Spirit soon revealed God’s calling on his life soon after the
George Thomas “G.T.” Turner II was born on August 5, 1973, in Warner Robins, Georgia. Fan Growing up listening to rap and Hip-Hop, G.T. found himself getting caught up in the violent lifestyle that is portrayed in most of the gangster rap lyrics. At
G-Quinn The Crucifer
Garrett Quinton Braaf is G-Quinn The Crucifer from Sunrise, Florida. He released his debut album The Procession in 2005. Car Accident While still in his mother\'s womb, his mother was in a major car accident, but he survived. Garrett Quinton Braaf wa
G-Notes grew up in the streets of Miami and came to the United States at the age of 5, from South America. His parents didn’t have much money, so they lived in the hood for along time. Example G-Notes ended up on the wrong track, because what he saw
G-Force Alliance
G-Force Alliance is a diverse collection of hip hop artists from the UK and the US. The artists are Cas Metah (US), Gideon, Rich D (UK), Sammy B (UK) and Tia Stewart (US).
G-Force from London are Essence, Logic, Markstarr, Once and Victizzle. The most recent new members are Victizzle and Markstarr. Nominations The crew won a MOBO award for the category \"Best Gospel\" at the 2007 ceremony. The MOBO (Music of Black Origi
Future Shock
Future Shock started in 1992 with Ahred, Ajax, Sojourn and DJ TreyQel. This crew is from San Diego, California. Ahred is formerly known as Redbonz. Their debut is from 1996, but since the Xenos album in 2002 they got more and more exposure in the scene. T
Funky Preacha
The Funky Preacha also known as T.F.P. has been involved in music for approximately 15 years. He\'s a drummer by trade and played with many famous gospel artists. Now active as a keyboardist and producer. He\'s based in San Diego, California.
Fully Loaded
Fully Loaded consists of Terrell Mantez also known as Bro. T-Rell, and John Walker also known Bro. J.Dub. Bro. T-Rell Terrell Mantez (Bro. T-Rell) is the hip hop component of the group. He is born in Camden, New Jersey and raised up in a Catholic Chu
Fruits are the production duo HMD and Frikshun, who released their album \"First Fruits\" in 2005. Performances HMD rocked the stage with Redman, opened for Wu-Tang, Spit along side Busta, shared the stage with Mobb Deep, impressed industry heads in t
Fros\'T, son of a preacher, was born in Whittier, California and raised in Downey in the same state. His father Pastor Michael Neville ministered in an innercity church in downtown Los Angeles reaching out to gangmembers and drugsdealers. Fros\'T started
The Frontlynaz came to Christ in 2000. After being a regular hiphop group they returned to what they were good at, but just changed the content and entered the arena of holyhiphop. The crew's original line up was Faithful, Prophetik1, Souldierboy and Wize
Fresh IE
Robert Wilson from Winnipeg, Manitoba is Fresh I.E., which means Fresh "In Eternity" and pronounced as Freshie. The MC started in 1998, he simply used a karaoke machine with mute vocals to provide a beat, so he could rhyme out positive God messages to you
Fresh Digress
Straight out of Baltimore, Maryland, came Fresh Digress consisted of Chris MC and Reality. They promise a mix of hip hop and a good dose of uncontrollable fun. Chris MC describes the group as : "You can't get fresher than this!" Compilations The new
Frenzy is a Rotterdam based christian MC, who has been a hip hop friend for most of his life. Name Inspired by the animated television series 'The Transformers' and the Marvel Comics comic-book serie the name Frenzy is borrowed from one of the evil D
Freddie Bruno
Freddie Bruno, MC and producer, was raised in Washington DC and now resides in Dallas, Texas. He is part of the Deepspace5 crew. Debut His debut album The ballpoint Composer was released by Uprok Records in 2000. Freddie Bruno also released a record
Fred Lynch
Fred Lynch of old school fame PID, meaning Preachers In Disguise, is now active as minister and youth pastor. The Epic At the same time he's involved in a massive project called The Epic, which is to translate the bible into rap. The book of John wa
Found Souls Fam
The five piece crew Found Souls Fam hail from Gloucester and consists of Sacred, GC, Precious J, IQue and TruSay. Found Souls Fam has been together since October 2004. A former member of the band is Divine, who left in 2005. Mixtape The crew released
Forgotten Heroes
Northern and Southern San Diego have combined to bring you a new project from NomiS & ArtOfacT (Jeremiah Bonds). These two MCs combined have taken on the group name of "Forgotten Heroes". Albums Their album entitled "Forget What You Heard" is release
Foolish. The name itself draws raised eyebrows from some, cynical grins from others, and raises the anticipation and attention level of all. Quite often, the mention of the name simply leaves most listeners unprepared at best for the message and sound of
FoCuSeD from Wesley Chapel, Florida are A-FL0, kellykelz, Ray-Ray and Genesis. Label The group is part of the roster of HolyZone Records. Atlanta The group was present at the 2008 Holy Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta. Albums The group will release
Gabi Heredia also known as Focus is born in Manhattan on February 13th, 1986 and raised in the Bronx, New York. The MC now lives in Reading, Pennsylvania. His parents were born in the Dominican Republic. Youth He grew up in the rough neighborhoods, w
Flynn Adam Atkins
Flynn or Flynn Adam Atkins is a solo artist as well as a founding member of the crew LA Symphony. And he is part of the duo Rootbeer together with Pigeon John. Debut album His debut "Louder" got released in 1997 on his own label Eartube Empire. The la
Roosevelt Sargent, is Flo, MC and CEO of Christsyde Records. FLO spent most of his life out in the world like many other youth that are caught up in a reckless chain of self- destruction. Violence He lived a life of robbery, selling drugs, gang viole
Flamin Souljaz
The Flamin Souljaz consists of three members: - Lyrikal Profet (MC) - Wizdom (Femcee) - Witness of the Spirit (MC) Name People ask why Flamin Souljaz? The name is inspired by Deuteronomy 20:1-4. Because we on fire for Christ and we some Souljaz i
Marcus T.W. Gray is Flame, whose debut got released in September 2004 on the Cross Movement Records label CMR. CMR He met the Cross Movement crew in Chicago after a concert. Flame being a big fan gave some of his work, Tonic (John Wells) was impresse
Flagz Da Bad Boy
Mark Carr aka "Flagz Da Bad Boy" was born in Wilmington NC. Flagz stands for "For the Love And Grace of Zion" He started his own record label dFLY and did all production of his first CD all by himself.
Fiti Futuristic
Zach Tannehill is Fiti Futuristic, who gets accompanied by DJ Type A. They\'re friends, since 1990 and have met each other at math class in the 7th grade. Fiti Futuristic\'s first CD came out on the label Grapetree records in 2002.
Final Chapter
Secta 7 youngest members Final Chapter have released their first album titled \"Prepare For Combat\" in 2003.
Fireproof is EMc (Elmore McCoy Jr.), and GS (Javin Love) born, raised and still reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The creation of “Fireproof” is the culmination of events that began in early 2001. Party EMc was performing at a release party where GS
Ferb is a Brooklyn New York native, that has given his life and his gift back to our father Jesus Christ. He delivers true gospel texture over underground heart felt beats. Oklahoma Ferb is currently blessing the great state of Oklahoma with his mus
Anthony Flagg Jr. was born in Memphis, Tennesssee in 1982. He has lived in five different states (Tennessee, South Carolina, Michigan, Oklahoma and Mississippi) since he was born. Ministry Anthony\'s father was a pastor, so Anthony was raised in the
Faze was once a winner of the 'Golden Gloves Boxing Championship'. This ex-boxer uses real live instruments like a guitar. He was signed to Grapetree Records In 1995 and released his debut album "Just Tryin Ta Stay Up" on Grapetree Records in 1996. Gu
Falling Tsar
For this special project the following MCs teamed up to release a fund raising album, entitled \"Falling Tsar Project\", they are: Sev Statik, JustMe, Theory Hazit and Wonder Brown. Scribbling Idiots JustMe, Theory Hazit and Wonder Brown are known fro
Fab Da Eclectic
Tobias Moran from Fort Myers, Florida is Fab Da Eclectic. He released his debut album The Omega Man on FabDogg Records in 2001. Production Besides being a MC, he's a scriptwriter and producer as well. He has produced for several artists, among them a
Exodus Movement, The
The Exodus Movement from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are Lapo, Kadence, H.D., and Apocalyptic. One crewmember Vocab past away. Albums The crew released two albums on their own label Selah Records: - Let My People Go - Broken Tablets Mixtapes The cre
M. Xavier Marshall residing in Houston, Texas is Excelsius. He is also a baptist Reverend in Houston and has close contacts in the world of sports. Rhymes Excelsius started rhyming back in 1986. In 1994, the Lord Jesus intervened by taking his enthusi
Everyday Process
The duo Everyday process consists of Mac the Doulos and Israel hailing from Chester, Pennsylvania, (just south of Philadelphia). The crew's mission is to use hip-hop as a means to an end, and that end being impacting people with the gospel of Jesus Chris
Every Day Martyrs (EDM)
Every Day Martyrs or EDM are the brothers Mouf Warren of Scribbling Idiots and Griffin of TunnelRats. Mouf Warren/Mouth Warren was also known as Professor Who. Mixtapes They released their Def Defying mixtape in 2008. Streetmixtape The Every Day M
Evangel from Germantown, Maryland is member of the crew Christcentric. Label On April 19th, 2008 Lamp Mode Recordings announced the signing of Evangel to the label. Albums In 2008 Evangel's solo debut album "Expository Journey" came out on Lamp Mo
Joe Ethek McElroy was born on May 6, 1976 in the small town of Dardanelle, Arkansas. Joe grew up facing the normal challenges of adolescents and teens. Joe became involved in alcohol, sex and drugs at a rather early age. Intoxicated Joe, who had grow
Eternal Tribe
Eternal Tribe also known as e-Tribe consist of three members: Baby Boy, a.k.a. Da Germanator, Big Daddy Dub (producer ) and Mine\'eee (vocals). Baby Boy grew up in Frankfurt, Germany until he was fifteen years old before moving to Long Beach, Californ
Eternal Dynasty
Eternal Dynasty is composed of two artists The Viper and Purpose, whose music is inspired by God. Eternal Dynasty was founded on January 31, 2007. Name The group comes from a church named I.B.E. which is located on the corner of Erie and Levitt near
Ernst van de Zaak
The MC Ernst van de Zaak from Rotterdam released his selftitled debut album on GMI Music in 2007. Name The name of Ernst van de Zaak could be translated with: Seriousness or gravity of the situation.
Eric Cross
Eric Cross is born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has a combination of powerful lyrics and knowledge of God's Word and with that this young man is destined to carry out the plan God has for him, which is to reach the masses. Six Eric started
Epic is born in Oakland and raised in Los Angeles, California. The MC still lives in Los Angeles, South Central. He\'s been part of several rap groups, before starting a solo career. Solo He can be heard for the first time as a solo artist on the BRx
Enock (Rest in Peace 1974-2009) also known as Juan James and founding member of the Cross Movement, the crew he left in 2000. The MC released his solo debut AWEthentic in 2003. Juan James passed away on Saturdaymorning, October 17th, 2009 due to a heart a
Emazin & Goodson
The duo Emazin & Goodson are from Detroit. Eric Harvey is Emazin and Paul Collins Jr. is Good Son. They have been recording and performing together since 2003. Nominations The duo received two nominations at the Detroit Music Awards 2008 for: - Outs
Elsie Ortega is member of the Tunnel Rats and teams up with her brother Macho (Rosario Ortega) to form the duo New Breed. Debut Recording Elsie is releasing her solo recording for the first time. The EP is part of the VII series. The release is postp
Shael Torres Sr. also known as Elsha, born on November 6, 1981 in Lawrence, Michigan released his debut album Process of Elimination in 2003. Elsha\'s Ministry Statement God is longing for people that will seek Him first. God is wanting a people tha
Elle Roc
Elle Roc, the Femcee for Christ, born on September 29th began as a member of Sound of the Rebirth, a family of hip-hop artists from the Atlanta area. Albums She made her debut with "Sheep tales" in 1997, but started performing already in 1994. Her se
Elias Wallace has been involved with hip hop for many years. Growing up in an innercity environment in Los Angeles county listening to KDAY, one of the first West Coast hip hop shows, listening to mixtapes and working on break dancing moves were all begin
El Shaddai Crew
El Shaddai Crew are back from a season in the studio with their sophomore release “In Not Of” (2007), as a follow up to their solid debut album “One Track Life” (2005) which received regular radio rotation throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA an
Eeks Tha Locc
Eeks Tha Locc from San Jose, California released his album Mysterious Ways in 2001. Violence Eeks stood tall in the midst of a storm full of gang violence, drugs, wild parties, fast women, and hustlin. He grew up listening and emulating hardcore under
Educator is from Houston, Texas. The MC has ministered at many churches, malls, and schools across the state of Texas and Louisiana. Awards Educator has been nominated and won several times at the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards - 2003: Gospel
Educated Figures
Educated Figures are Courtland Urbano as Xperiment and Josh Williams as Jericho Son of None, this Colorado group is poised to position themselves in the inner pantheon of hip hop's ially conscious history makers. Speak Not content to simply speak wha
Eddie Hollywood
Born as Edward Cortez Hines Jr. but, officially known in the hood and, in any of the well-known hip hop Establishments in Atlanta, Georgia as Eddie Hollywood. Music Eddie Hollywood has always had a special affinity for music, the church and understan
eCsile from Independence, Oregon and member of Celtic Poet Society (also known as Versifier) released his debut album "Forgotten Dialect Re-rased" in 2007. Label The rapper is also founder of the label: Island Of eCsiLe Records. His Story Ever sin
Since his birth in 1975, Easop Winston has created a place in the world for himself, his family and community. He has become not only a pillar in the African-American community, but an innovator in the world of gospel music. For Easop has taken a vision e
After working as a stage dancer for the likes of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, E-Roc turned to the Bible for spiritual inspiration that would eventually spark his career as a motivational speaker and Christian hip hop artist. The Vahalla, New York, native ma
E Dogg Montana
E Dogg grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area\'s infamous Mission District during the 1980\'s and early 90\'s at the height of the Turf Wars. After being involved heavily in a drug dealing & gangster lifestyle, \"E\" came to Christ in 1992. Hip Hop He
Dyscyple was born on September 17, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up on the West Side of the Motor City, Dyscyple encountered the hardships that come along with not having a father figure around to guide and teach him the responsibilities, and charact
Dynamic Twins
The Dynamic Twins (D2) are the twins Noel and Robby Arthurton born in 1970. Before starting D2 they were singers in another holyhiphop crew called JC and the Boyz. They can be seen as one of the founding fathers of the holy hip hop scene in the nineteen n
Dwayne Tryumf
Dwayne Shorter from London, United Kingdom (UK) also known as Tryumf has been involved in music production and rapping since 1997. Magic Circle His involvement with music began in a rap group called \"Magic Circle\", which featured UK artists such as
DJ and producer Dust is Nate Corrona. Together with Soulheir the Manchild he forms Mars ILL. This Atlanta crew had their big break with the album \"Raw Material\" in 2001. Debut Album Dust released his first solo effort while mixing his favourite Mars
Dunamis is working on his EP "The Crossover" to be released on Underground Blaze Records.
Dre\' Sr
Andre Roberson also known as Dre\' Sr from Kansas City, Missouri describes himself as: \"I am simply a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I received God\'s call to salvation in the Spring of 2005 and I have been running for the Lord ever since. The Lord ca
Dre Marshall & Mahogany Jones
The MC Dre Marshall and femcee Mahogany Jones teamed up to make this mixtape together with DJ Sean Blu in 2009. Remixes Two tracks are remixed they are of Dre Marshall's 2008 album Room 819 or Mahogany Jones' album "Morphed" (2008). As the rapper exp
Dragon Fli Empire
Dragon Fli Empire is a duo consisting of Teekay, a mc and a producer, plus Cosm who is a DJ and a producer as well. Based in Calgary, Canada they describe their sound as "vintage, jazzy, funky, boom-bap hip hop music with a positive perspective". The cre
Double Portion
Dreyson S. Clark also known as \"Double Portion\" was born in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has been musically inclined since birth. Father Although Dreyson was raised in a Christian home, after the death of his father, he quickly indulged himself into t
Dorian Three
The Dorian Three are Adeem, Adverse and DJ MF Shalem. The crew brings the enjoyment of hip hop and life with their debut. Which was written in two weeks and recorded in one week in Troy, New Hampshire.
Dooney da Priest
Dewayne Brown from Dallas is Dooney. His style is described as dirty south. Dooney. , better known as “Da' Priest”, has carved a permanent reminder of Who orders his steps in gospel rap music. The Priest of the Streets Using beats and rhythmic sounds
Donald Thompson better known as Deliverer Of The Never Ending Truth (Don-T). Don-T is based out of Delaware area. Start He started out in the music business back in 1992 in Augusta, Georgia, setting the mic on fire throughout the Dirty South Area. H
Dolo Pacino
Dolo Pacino from Fayetteville, North Carolina released his album Mr. LEAK in 2009. Own label Roderick Leak also known as Dolo Pacino serves as Chief Executive Officer of his record label, Garodro Records and his production company, 5th Avenue Producti
brandon Arriaga is Dokument. He was born in Texas in the mid nineteen seventies to 2 young \"hippie\" parents, who came to Christ in 1982. This changed his life immensly. Dokument\'s mother accepted Jesus into her heart while listening to a gospel radio p
DOG Squad
D.O.G. Squad is a rap group from Fort Worth, Texas. The group consist of Traum, Tac and Hellfighter. They have been performing together for over 12 years now. They have been doing rap for Christ for over half of that time. Neighbourhoods God has led
DocWatson is producer of the label Christ Like Entertainment. He released the compilation "Click Rightous : The Beginning of a Movement" on July 31st, 2007 and features artists like Kingston, Brothatone, Andale, OldHead and Midnyte son. Production Mor
DOC (Disciples of Christ)
DOC is Disciples of Christ consists of Alton Hood and David Brooks. Alton Hood is also active as a solo artist named Alton Lee. He and David Brooks are graduated at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Therefore Alton lee can now also be called
DNA (Divine Newborn Apostles)
D.N.A. (Divine Newborn Apostles) consists of P.I.C.A.S.So and Frostbitten. Both young men share a passion for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, through the medium of hip hop. Teachings Before following the teachings of Jesus Christ, both were you
Dkun Frost
Dkun Frost residing in Raleigh, North Carolina released his debut album "Against All Odds" in 2007. New Project On July 3rd, 2008 the MC announces a new project "Draw The Line" for 2009. Sources: MySpace Blog: "Draw The Line" - new DKUN FROST album
DJ Zilla
Philip Rood is DJ Zilla, who lives in Brussels, Belgium. He's the man behind the internetsites Rapzilla.com, Rawkzilla.com, Rapzillashop.com and Raproom.net. He is an American, who also speaks French. Besides being a DJ he has taken up producing as well.
DJ XDC & DJ Primo
DJ XDC also known as JustParadox compiled the Much Luvv mixtape released in August 2007. Primo DJ Primo is from Mexico, but now resides in Houston, Texas. He made several mixtapes. For the Much Luvv mixtape (2007) he Chopped & Screwed several tracks.
DJ Stibs
Steve O. Cipriano also known as DJ Stibs is an American underground DJ/Producer based in Dallas, Texas. Albums He's a popular Dallas area christian DJ/Producer, who has recorded two studio albums as a solo artist, as well as several others, as a mem
DJ Souljah
DJ Souljah from Jacksonville, Florida is specialized in urban worship music and he has a mixshow on streamingfaith.com. Music As he states: "I didn't know this form of music was out until 3 and a half years ago. Once I recommited my life to Christ, G
DJ Skribe & DJ 501
DJ 501 from Goodyear, Arizona is also a producer, musical engineer and the inhouse DJ for the Modurn Languaj Asosiashun label. Accident DJ 501 got in a serious car accident in the fall of 2006. He is recuperating well. Albums The two DJ\'s Skrib
DJ Skillspinz
Since the early age of 8 years old DJ Skillspinz, hailing from Georgia, has always been close to a turntable. Skillspinz is now the official DJ of the Gotee crew Grits, since September 2003. Coming into the hip hop game DJ Skillspinz held it down at a si
DJ Sean P
Sean Patrick also known as DJ Sean P from Irving, Texas is also a producer and recording engineer as well. Pawn Shop The DJ has been involved in performing hip hop music, since 2000 when he bought some Technics SL-1200 turntables from First Cash Paw
DJ Sean Blu
Sean Wilson is DJ Sean Blu, besides releasing many mixtapes the DJ also makes mixtapes for artists. Military Family Born into a military family, Sean moved back to the states, settling in Augusta, Georgia, from Germany in 1987, bringing with him his
DJ Sazon
DJ Sazon from Brooklyn had his \"Shaolin Mixtape\" released in 2005 on Slide Back Entertainment.
DJ Rhino
Ryan Flemming also known as DJ Rhino residing in Gary, Indiana released several mixtapes. Upbringing Ryan was born in a small city and raised partly in suburbia and partly in a rural area on a small farm. He met Christ at age 12 at a youth conference
DJ Promote
DJ Promote is from Texas. Touring The DJ has toured with Verbs (Knowdaverbs) and Man of War. He also performed alongside DiRT (Shadow of the Locust). Features The DJ has featured on the albums: - Night Owls 3 : The Chiropractor's Goldmine (2007)
DJ Primo
DJ Primo is from Mexico, but now resides in Houston, Texas. He made several mixtapes. Even though his name Primo is also a street name for a certain type of drug. Primo is simply Spanish for cousin and when it was time to choose his name he stayed close
DJ Phat B.
DJ Phat B is a DJ/turntablist from Gouda, The Netherlands. He has played in Dutch bands like Vorm, Antitoxin, Fort Knox Amsterdam and in many others for smaller projects. Performances DJ Phat B has played with international groups like John Reuben, S
The creative mind behind Holy Culture Radio (HCR) is the producer Victor Padilla hailing from Southern California. Victor began HCR with the intent of creating quality mixshows with God-glorifying content. He has produced music for artists like R-Swift, 2
DJ Morphiziz
DJ Morphiziz' talents got formed after years of DJing, as well as his interest in diverse musicalstyles and artists ranging from Cypress Hill, Gang Star to the Cure, Depeche Mode. Name The DJ might change his name in DJ Morph. As he says: "I mean tha
DJ Maj
The inhouse DJ of Gotee Records, DJ Maj released several successful mixtapes before taking up the microphone himself as a rapper on the album BoogiRoot in 2005. Operation In September 2003 DC Talk\'s E.R.A.C.E. foundation has donated 6.000 dollars to
DJ Lopez
Benny Lopez is DJ Lopez born and raised in Philladelphia. After a life he\'d rather forget he found Christ. In his own words \"Honestly much of it I want to forget. I realize that God has molded and shaped me throughout my life concerning the circumstance
DJ Lace
DJ Lace from Atlanta, Georgia spins the hottest positive, life-changing urban music. His mixtape albums are released under the banner of the Mix Club series, which DJ Lace started in 2002. Store Besides being a very active DJ, he\'s also the owner of
DJ Idull
Sean Herman from Longmont, Colorado is DJ Idull. Besides being a DJ, he is also a graphicdesigner and clothingdesigner. Plus he loves to skateboard. The Art For Sean turntablism is about individuality and self expression. He's got a mellow attititude
DJ I Rock Jesus
DJ I Rock Jesus was born Rock Master Gary. His love for music evoked his desire to become a DJ, but Christ's love for him was his inspiration to do it all to the glory of God. Confusion Gary had been a DJ in the world for 18 years before he answered t
DJ Frost
Ronnie Cash also known as DJ Frost is CEO of LOJRap a subsidiary of Lion of Judah Music Group. Albums The DJ released the record: "Da Movement: More Than Music" in 2008.
DJ Heat
DJ Heat from Compton, Long Beach, California also known as "Da Heata", began DJ’ing in 1984 and thus began a long- standing love affair with hip hop. Skills Due to his skills on the turntables, he was a popular DJ frequently working major parties a
DJ Form
Producer Ric Robbins is Mr. Maxx, now known as DJ Form. He can be found co-producing on albums from the Grits amongst others. He\'s part of the production team Incorporated Elements with Otto Price. Beginnings The DJ is born in Cincinnati, Ohio aroun
DJ E. Double U
Edward Watson is DJ E. Double U, affectionately known by acquaintances as “E Dub”. He was born in the Bronx, the home of some of the world’s most renowned DJs. Atlanta Relocating to Atlanta, DJ E. Double U succumbed to the love of deejaying and with
Justin Adam from Sacramento is DJ DNA, who from 1994 and onwards made mixtapes under his artist\'s name. In 2000 he recorded with San Diego\'s Future Shock and the Solseekers. He eventually became a member of the latter. He\'s recently been more active as
DJ Diggz
DJ Diggz from Australia mixed the first volume in the Mixtape Head-Cleaner series from Mustard Records. The album is a compilation of tracks from well known American and Australian holy hip hop artists.
DJ Digital Josh
DJ Digital Josh was born in 1981 in Dallas, Texas DJ Digital Josh came from a long line of Music Makers and Evangelical Methodist Preachers. He took piano & guitar lessons when he was young. Over the years his favorite music genre went from Rock to Ele
DJ D.vize
DJ D.vize grew up in Newport Beach, California. He was mostly raised by his grandparents and he has been involved in music all his life: \"I\'ve played many different instruments and have been apart of my old high school marching and jazz band. I\'ve alw
DJ D-Lite
Radiopresenter and maker of mixtapes, Damon O'Brien is DJ D-Lite from Austin, Texas, who has released several records. Radiopresenter Besides being active as a radiopresenter for DaSouth.com DJ D-Lite is currently the radio program director as well
DJ CreOne
Christopher Ray Glick, residing in Phoenix, Arizona, is DJ CreOne. Cre pronounced as kree and One as wun. This DJ and producer of hip hop and praise music is born in the border town of Douglas, Arizona. His family moved to Tucson, where he was raised, unt
DJ Because
DJ Because from Seattle, Washington is a former member of the crew Lojique and released the mixtape "Rubber Sofa" in 2003. Duo After the disbandment of Lojique in January 2007 the DJ is now part of the duo Page One & Because. Mixtapes DJ Because r
DJ Aslan
Stefan Rosellini is DJ Aslan, currently residing in Simi Valley, Oklahoma. He released the Sphere of Hip Hop Mixtape in 2004. For 2007 he will release the first ILLECT Recordings sampler. Anno 1996 Battling in South California, since 1996 along with o
DJ Allstar
Jon Madison is DJ Allstar, who has released several mixtapes among others for Uprok Records in 2002. He is co-founder of the label ILLect Records and was part of the crew Wax Musim Collective. Jon Madison started to DJ around 1985, when his brother bought
Divine Soldiers
Jason Wallace is J-Wal and Brandon Wallace is S.o.L (Servant of the Lord), these brothers are The Divine Soldiers. After living in some of the harshest neighborhoods in Ohio and Arizona, the two finally settled down in Akron, Ohio, and coming to Christ,
DiRT (Shadow of the Locust)
Jeremy Hinermann also known as DiRT has worked together with POD among others. He is renowed for his emo hiphop and his sound is therefore sometimes percieved as dark. He works with his crew under the name Shadow of the Locust. This is a changing team of
Dillon Chase
Dillon Chase is from Ada, Oklahoma. His artist\'s name is made up of his first and middle name. Growing up with parents, who struggled with addiction, times were tough. As the MC states: \"The one thing I am thankful for is that my parents introduced me t
Dice Gamble
Veronica Gamble is Dice Gamble, who is born in Evansville, Indiana, an area not noted exactly for it\'s fertile hip hop scene. Nonetheless Dice developed her talent early playing musical instruments and being involved in her local church. Gospel Singi
The members of Descendantz have been ministering based out of south Florida, since 1996. They present Jesus Christ through the tool of hip hop to attract their generation with a common ground. Beliefs Salvation is the main concern that the Holy Spirit
Don Baker also known as Dert is producer of the Tunnel Rats and worked with artists like Mars ILL, Pigeon John, LMNO and others. Dert is from West Covina in California. Footsoldiers Dert, Macho, Propaganda and Raphi from the Tunnel Rats are also part
Delta Sin
Deizal Phluid
Max Deizal also known as Deizal Phluid, currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. He was part of the Grapetree Records duo The Truth and is still active as a solo artist. Streets As an 1980s baby, Max Deizal realized early what he wanted to do. At the
Def Shepard
Def Shepard is the collaboration between RedCloud, Man of War and MaxOne. Songs of Def Shepard can be found on Night Owls 2 (2003) RedCloud\'s Traveling circus (2003) and Man of War\'s album Love & War (2004). No full length record has been released yet.
Deepspace5 is one of the largest crews in the holyhiphop scene bringing quality with their 2001 debut The Night We Called It A Day. On the photo the elusive crew. Many of them are active with their own bands, names mentioned between (). Deepspace5 are fr
The duo DeepRooted are from Harriman, Tennessee and Miami, Florida. DeepRooted consists of: Jarrod Howard also known as Details, the MC of the crew. And Mike Tunez also known as DJ Frantic making the beats and cuts. Origine Details is from Tennessee a
Dedge P.
Dedge P (Dedrick Patterson) was raised by a single mother of five in a rough section of South Central Los Angeles. Dedge P grew up in the church as a very active participate in several organizations within the church. Basketball At an early age Dedg
Dead Republic
Dead Republic started in 2002 with MC Noiz and Wut Metaphysical doing street ministry in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. They would freestyle in the streets with a djembe drum and pass out tracks. Crew Later they became an official crew after writting
Deacon DAS
Deacon D.A.S.(Demetrius Alexander Springer) from Cincinnati, Ohio released his debut album Deaconstruction : Destroy & Rebuild EP on AYA Music in 2006. Quality As were many, Deacon D.A.S. was once wayward in his lifestyle, music, and overall purpose.
DC Talk
If the commercial succes of the Rap'Sures in the nineteen eighties showed that holyhiphop had a viable place in the christian music scene, then DC Talk was the force behind accepting the musical style within the industry in the beginning of the nineteen n
DAVID 2.0 stands for Digitally Apt Vehicle for Infallible Data. His brand of music is described as "combining the elements of Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Classical, R&B, and Pop." He is a member of the Nureau Ink collective. Mission "My personal mission is
Danny Fresh
Danny Fresh of Mannheim, also known of the crew W4C, released his first full length album "Veni" on Set Free Entertainment in 2006. Name Danny Fresh released his debut EP Frage-Antwort (2000) under the name D Boy, not to be confused with old-school ra
Damon Lamar
Damon Lamar is born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Damon\'s experience as a youth included a dad whose family was heavily into selling and/or using drugs, parents who divorced when Damon was 13, and the tragedy of his dad being killed in a car accident t
Damascus is a Dutch crew from the south of The Netherlands consisting of the following MCs: - Bob the Poet - Da Bos - Frenzy - K-sean - MaddoC - Martee Vision The 6 MCs all have a different vision on hip hop, but one thing they have in common: T
Born in Boston, and raised in Camden, New Jersey, femcee Daarinah always knew that she had a love for the arts. During her years in the Camden school district, she began to write poetry and play the flute, little did she know that God would use her Love f
D. Class
Daniel Woodis from Baltimore is D. Class, besides being a MC he is also President & CEO of ClassHeat Records. The Beginning D. Class quickly became a product of hip hop in the beginning when it was about life, pain and the side of America that the mas
D-vide, born as David in Groningen, moves to Westervoort when he\'s only 2. Naturally, David and his parents rushed on supersonic speed to this little village. Music In his early years D-vide listens to a lot of music, no matter what style, as long a
Donny Harper or D-M.A.U.B. was born, raised, and currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and children. D-M.A.U.B. stands for Dedicated to Making All Underestimaters Believers. Tribulations Like most thrown onto to the platform of ministeri
Timothy Gross, also known as Cy, started out as the problem child of the family. My parents were pastors at the church but there I was, the worst of all my siblings," Cy recalls. "My behavior was so bad that my folks had a hard time finding a school that
Custodians, The
The Custodians are Joel the Custodian and Eliot Best. Joel Joel the Custodian is born and raised in Ireland. After completing his Media degree in Luton, England, he spent two years performing with a rap group in Cincinatti and Indianapolis in the Uni
The crew CSG\'z (Christ Side G\'z) from Vicksburg, Mississippi is founded in March 1997, after Edmonton Monroe also known as Young Flame introduced Amos Pendleton also known as Agape to Christ. Crew The two connected and began to use their gift of ra
This four man crew The Cruzaiders are: - Judah (MC) - Vizion (MC) - Wizdom (MC/producer) - Essential - formerly known as Zion (MC) Their goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their local urban community areas, the United States and abroad
Crucified Saints
The duo Crucified Saints are Ever Ready and Tony Threat The Human Torch. Ever Ready Anthony Franklin is Ever Ready: CEO, MC, producer, and a writer. Ever Ready is Co - founder of God Realm Music Group, the duo Crucified Saints Black Ant Productions
Chris Sanchez is CRS. He is currently a worship leader & youth worker at his church, Victory Outreach Houston, under Pastor Ernie Lopez. Bible Study In 2001, CRS studied at the Victory Outreach “Urban Training Center” in Bridgeport, Connecticut where
James Iglesias, also known as Crossfire, was introduced to the world in Los Angeles, California. Like most inner city kids, it wasn’t long before he was exposed to the pull of the mainstream mentality. Reckless The product of a broken home ravaged by
Cross Movement
The Cross Movement is one of the most successful crews within the holyhiphop scene. Crew Starting in 1997 with the Heaven's Mentality album the crew now consists of: - William Branch as the Ambassador - Brady Goodwin as the Phanatik - John Wells a
Cross Cypha
Not a lot is known about this artist from New York then his song \"See the light\" on the 2001 DJ Maj Full plates mixtape 2 album. Name The artist has changed his name to Pryzna.
CREAM (Christ Rules Everything Around Me)
The artist C.R.E.A.M. which stands for Christ Rules Everything Around Me also performs under the name Zion (Zaad In Ontwikkeling). He has a broad international experience in hiphop for over more then 15 years. Lesson Through the service of C.R.E.A.M.,
Craig Nice
Craig Nice from Tampa, Florida is a new MC listed on the Fla.vor Alliance roster. Craig Nice has performed alongside KJ-52 as his hype man and he is featured on Spec\'s album In Your Eye (2004). Debut Album He released his selftitled debut album on Ma
Corey Red & Precise
Corey Red & Precise are from New York. Precise sometimes uses the name Bob Young for his releases. Albums Corey Red & Precise released their debut Anthology in 2001. Resistance Iz Futile (2004), the follow up album, would take three years to come out
Corey Red
Corey Red from The bronx, New York will release two albums in 2007. Duo The MC is famous as member of the duo Corey Red & Precise, they've released several mixtapes and their album "Resistance Iz Futile" in 2005. Awards At the Carolina Holy Hip
Corey Hicks
Corey Hicks was born and raised in New Orleans. He grew up in the Lower Ninth Ward, a neighborhood infamously known as “Cross the Canal,” where he witnessed the rawness of the streets firsthand. Graduation Although statistics were not in his favor, C
Corey Clark
Corey Clark, also known as \"Double C. Locc\", not to be confused with the American Idol contestant of 2003. Ex-gang member Corey is an ex-gang banger now putting in work for Jesus Christ. As a multi-state offender, he used to run around the streets
CookBook & UNO Mas
CookBook & UNO Mas, these rapppers of Latin American origin are members of LA Symphony and released their first album "Stereo-types" in 2002 on the Eartube Empire label. Compilations The duo features on the following compilation: - Night Owls 4 (2007
The MC and producer Mickell Tyler, also known as Coo-B from the crew Christsyde, released his debut album Ride Or Die on Christsyde Records in 2002.
Jason Soto also known as CookBook is a founding member of the crew LA Symphony, and part of the duo CookBook & UNO Mas. Performance CookBook's first solo show is opening up for Louis Logic on Tuesday May 19th, 2009 at The Good Hurt, in Venice Boulevar
Conquest is born Jason Andre Roberts in Trinidad and Tobago, South America and now residing in Manassas, Virginia after moving from Brooklyn, New York in April 2008. He's been a MC for at least ten years now and "pro-Christ" for half that time seriously.
Introducing Conflict, a west coast youth evangelist and gospel rap artist from Sacramento, California. Violence? With such a name as Conflict, most people would assume the title represents violence or war. Well, the name means just that, only in a di
In the dark catacombs of the underground hip hop scene in Austin, Texas, a 6-man arsenal dwelll of culturally diverse graf artists, b-boys, and MCs known as Concept7. They are: - Mista Min - ProduKt - SaulPaul - Scout da Psalmist - Zaya Consci
Comunalien, pronounced as \"common alien\", consisted of producer/turntablist Jackson Johnson also known as Nickels and the Master of Ceremony, the late Reuben Antonio Paulson. Death The crew recorded a lot of material prior to Paulson\'s onfortunat
Company, Tha
Tha Company is currently consisting of three MCs and a DJ. The group members are: Endoxos, who founded Tha Company in 1999. Kwuam, who is a producer and songwriter and H.R. the business man. Tha Company has also added a female member to their group. Traci
Common Man
Cesaron White of Saint Louis, Missouri is Common Man. Artist name The name has many inspirations all rooted to the fact that the original 12 disciples of Jesus Christ were common people. He found his passion and received his calling for this art and m
ColCutz from Houston, Texas has been a b-boy since his teens, but he has also picked up the MIC. Therefore Much Luvv Records introduces the MC talents of this dance veteran. Professional dancer ColCutz is a professional dancer/entrepreneur with URGEW
Click, Da
The \"Da Click\" duo exists of Jeffrey Boney also known as \"JBoney\" and Elliot Williams, also known as \"Mr. Soul\". JBoney is from Houston, Texas and Mr. Soul originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Start Da Click is a spun off of another group, wh
Clever MC
Carl Brown is Clever MC born in Mountain View, California on December 6th, 1971. He was raised with the christian faith, but lost track of it during his teens. In 1993 he recommitted himself to the Lord to keep his life on track. In church, Fremont Bible
Clay, Da
James Albert Owens is Da Clay. He is born in Greensboro, North Carolina as son of Albert and Pamela Owens. He has a younger brother ( Michael Owens) and two half sisters (Shaunta and Corina Owens ). Married He\'s married to Teri Nicole Owens and they
Class of Methods
Class of Methods concisted of Eas-C da Spiritual Poet and Vincent and have released a song on the compilation \"From Street To Stages\".
CL Ryderz
From Southern California’s inland empire comes the duo CL Ryderz consisting of Theodore Brooks also known as MC Nobody and Clinton Hopkins also known as Nine Up. Gangs They were heavily involved with gangs, drugs in other words the ‘thug’ lifestyle.
Cing James
Cing James from Los Angeles, California released his album "The DEMO" in xxxx.
Cisco released his album Soulitaire : Soulclap on February 1st, 2006 on 4th Man Records.
CIBM started making beats in 1996, releasing loads of instrumental hiphop-tracks on the internet.
The duo Flo (Roosevelt Sargent) and Coo-B (Mickell Tyler) are Christsyde. Compilations They are featured on the vinyl single \"Christsyde Classics\" (2006). Debut Album Their debut album Now Is The Time is released on rescue records in 1998. Thei
Christian Female Rap Network (CFRN)
Sparked from a vision that God gave Octavia Harris, The Christian Female Rap Network (CFRN) is an inspirational support system and resource for female rappers worldwide. CFRN is founded in February 2007. Goal As a group, we intend to use our gifts
Christcentric from Germantown, Maryland consists of The Apologist, Q-dog and Evangel. Their public ministry began in October of 1998 at a youth coffeehouse at Wallace Presbyterian Church in Hyattsville, Maryland, where Q-dog was then the full-time youth l
Christawn is from New Jersey. The MC is often compared to mainstream artist Nas because of his voice and wordplay, but make no mistake, Christawn stands on his own two feet to deliver original and content filled music. Personal Christawn shares his
The duo Cho\'Zyn from St. Louis, Missouri consists of Tanisha Renae Amado Foxworth, also known as Trubble, and Dawndia Kashan Chunn-Crump. Friends Cho\'Zyn, two ladies on fire for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, are determined to take it (The Gospel
Chozen Boyz, The
The Chozen Boyz from Miami, Florida are: - 4-Life - Ezrah - Spiritual Drop - Explicit - Bizzle Mission Our Mission is the commission given to all saints, to spread the gospel and make Disciples of Christ in any way possible. Our primary eff
Chozen (Jairon Robinson)
Jairon Robinson is Chozen from Cincinnati, Ohio. The MC released his first recording The Redemption EP in 2006. Albums His debut album entitled \"Unleashed\" is scheduled for release in October 2007.
Chozen was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania since the age of 4. When he reached his teenage years he got a little more freedom to explore and see what the world was really about. Friends As the MC states \"I made fr
Chosen1 (C1) from New Orleans, Los Angeles is born to his parents as Abraham Hamilton III. He started in Mass Reality before going solo. He is related to the crew as family since 2003. His debut album Baby Steps To Bride Status : The Journey was released
Chosen Vessels
Chosen Vessels are Young Dave and Jada Poet from New Jersey. Young Dave Michael \"Young D\" Forest was born in Camden, New Jersey and lived out his young teen to adult years in MaysLanding. Growing up with no father figure in the home, Michael was ra
Children of God
Children of God consists of the MC, Anonymous Voice, and the lady rapper/singer, Gods Kiss. They teamed up as a hip hop duo in 2003. But long before, as man and wife. Hip hop Anonymous Voice has, by the grace of God, been rapping from 1986, of which a
Chase Flow
Chase Flow from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania released his debut album "Reality Rap Volume 1" in 2006. Albums In October 2006 he released the 7 track recording "In Training : the EP". The MC released his most recent album "Devil in the Hole" on July 10th
Channel, The
The Channel from Nacogdoches, Texas released his debut album "Dare 2 be great" on Kingdom Minded Records in 2007. Mixtapes He can also be heard on the Messiah Mixtape series with his crew KMM.
Change a.k.a. the Rekindled One lives in Michigan. In 2004 he forms Soul Intent with his friend K-Otic. Both have learned the ways of the street, before choosing for Christ. Sports Radio Change made a theme song entitled "Detroit Stand Up" for a loca
Celtic Poet Society
Celtic Poet Society also known as CPS was formed in 2004 when members eCsile, Masapeal, Wesos (aka Jesse James) and DJ Ethics decided to work together on a project. Goal Their goal was to make a throw-back hip-hop album with positive, upbeat and clea
Celah from Los Angeles, California is a MC and producer. His name Celah (say-lah) is a Hebrew notation commonly found in the book of Psalms that indicates a stop or pause in music. It's purpose is to give the listener an opportunity to digest what has be
Nathaniel M. Reeves is CEL-D. He's from Parkhill in Staten Island, New York, but currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he came to attend Shaw University. Name His name C.E.L-D is an acronym that stands for Combining Extraordinary Lyrics
Cedric Dramaine Hardimon is CedEnough born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His first performance was at a talent show at the age of fifteen. CedEnough has since then evolved into a MC, songwriter and a producer. He also started his own label called Church Boy
Cauzin\' Efekt
One of the early examples of ministry through hip hop is \"Cauzin\' Efekt\" operating from the organisation Jesus People USA in Chicago. The crew consisted of three men at first Wicked Will (Willie Kemp), Mello Madness or MC Brother Mel (Melvin Rich) and
Cash Hollistah
Cash Hollistah currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He uses his eclectic, fresh, smooth sound to express his profound perspective of the message of Christ. Crew Cash Hollistah was member of the crew Mass Reality. God Dynasty The rapper joined S
Cas Metah & MotionPlus
Taylor Hogle known as Cas Metah started writing lyrics in 1995 and recording demo tapes in 1997. He has his own label called ESeye Music. As well as being co-founder of Scribbling Idiots, and founder of Field Specialists (his hometown crew), Cas Metah is
Cas Metah
Taylor Hogle also known as Cas Metah started writing lyrics in 1995 and recording demo tapes in 1997. The name Cas Metah stands for Christ Almighty Saves Men Everytime They Accept Him. The rapper has his own label called ESeye Music. As well as being co-
Carrington Walker
Carrington Walker, formerly known as Goodfella, from Lexington, Kentucky is born July 26th, 1980. The MC started making music with his older brother in the fall of 2004. Studio After a few studio sessions his older brother had seen that Goodfella was
Carriers of the Cross
Carriers of the Cross Ministries is a Christ centric multi-ethnic group of young people picking up their cross and carrying it to fulfill God's calling in their lives. They are inspired by Matthews 10:38 "anyone who does not take up his cross and follow m
Carnal's Rejection
Embrace unity and reject division, as if to say united we stand sounds too clich, although it is very true and very real. To sum it up that is the trio Carnal's Rejection, also known as SOG, consisting of: Beloved, DillaGence, and 4:29 (also known as Four
Carlito P.
Carlito P. residing in Lakeland, Florida released his album Firestarter in 2008. Touring Having signed with the Florida-based indie label in early 2006, Carlito P. has experienced much in his brief time in the music industry. In just 2 years, he has p
Caramel Skillington
Caramel Skillington are Smokey Craun - MC and Omar Sullivan - DJ residing in Black Lake, United States. Smokey is from Baltimore, Maryland and Omar is from Topeka, Kansas. Jack the Rapper Smokey and Omar met at Jack the Rapper 1996, where they exchan
Canton Jones
Canton was introduced to music very early. By age five he was already singing with a local quartet founded by his father. At 16, he was producing his own tracks and those of other local artists. Foundation Canton later relocated to Atlanta to attend
Camp Quest
Camp Quest from Jacksonville, Florida consist of Amp, Joules (Joulez) and Mic T (also known as Mic Millionz). Debut album After their self titled debut album released on Shabach Entertainment in 2001 it became silent. Xodus Before the release of
Marshall Couture also known as Calmplex is a new member of Dirt\'s dynamic team of MCs Shadow of the Locust. He released another album in his Blackbook series \"Blackbook 2005 : B-Sides First\". He is working on his solo debut album therefore the series s
Cal Logic
Cal Logic is a MC who stands out in a talent pool of creative musicians in the city of Los Angeles. He gained most of his credibility as an MC from his first album entitled \"The Chase\" (2001). In it he proclaimed \"I\'m just a simple kid from a simple t
The MC was born on October 2nd, 1981 in Long Island, New York, as Ricardo Brown. As an artist he goes by the name Cadeau. C.A.D.E.A.U. stands for "Christ Always Does Exceedingly Above U". Family He is one of the middle children among 2 sisters and 3
C.R.O.W. born on 15 March 1974, made his debut album Operation K.A.P. on Grapetree Records in 1999. His name stands for Constantly Right Overcomes Wrong. C.R.O.W. said he choose this name because in the Old Testament ravens provided care for God\'s people
C. Micah
Chris Morris also known as C. Micah was born in Memphis, Tennessee on September 22, 1977. Love As a youth, he strayed away from a lot of the negativity that was around him. Instead, he turned his attention to the church. This is where he found his fa
C-Squad from Leuven was founded in 1997 out of love for the three R's being Rhyme, Rhythm and Rap. The crew consisted of: - Willem Hakelbracht: WilliaM (born 1986) - Obed Vleugels: O'bey (born 1984) - Arend Boersema: L.A. le Saint (born 1983) -Koen
Crystal Sherie also known as C-Rob (C~Rob) from Seattle, Washington released her debut "Here We Go" in 2001. Her name stands for Christ Rulin Over my Body. Dreams On the outside you see a beautiful woman who looks as if she's got it all...but it wasn'
Busy R. & Miss B.
Busy R lives in Leiden, The Netherlands. He is a turntablist and member of the crew Passie Posse. He performs solo as a DJ and is specialised in hiphop and drum&bass. Busy R is also The Netherlands biggest holyhiphop promotor. He is the initiator of the b
Busy R.
Busy R lives in Leiden, The Netherlands. He is a turntablist and member of the crew Passie Posse. He performs solo as a DJ and is specialised in hiphop, breakbeat and drum&bass. Busy R is also The Netherlands biggest holyhiphop promotor. He is the initiat
Bunkee recorded his debut rap song at the age of twelve. He attended a youth church service in which DJ/producer Imago Dei was performing. After church, he approached Imago Dei asking about working on a song together. Master\'s Touch Shortly after the
Bruthaz Grimm
Bruthaz Grimm were C.R.O.W. , Brutha War Bebe and Solemn Saint Harbinger. The crew made their debut on Grapetree Records in 1998 with the album \"He\'s Coming\". Albums Their last release is \"And Things Will Never Be The Same\" of 2000. Solo Al
Brutha War
Silas Clark is Brutha War Bebe of the crew Bruthaz Grimm. Bruthaz Grimm Brutha War Bebe has recorded 3 nationwide releases as a member of Bruthaz Grimm from 1998-2000 on Grapetree Records. Performance Brutha War Bebe has performed in California
Brown King
Brown King has been rapping for over fifteen years since the days of DAT tapes and reel to reel. He came from a secular rap group based in San Bernardino, California called RBP (Royal Brown Pride). Trials and Tribulations Brown King was caught up in
Brother IG
Brother IG is from San Jose, California. Before getting saved his life was a lot different. He grew up quick because he admired the "big boys" in his neighbourhood. As he says: "I wanted to be like them and sure enough they disciple me to the things of th
Brother E.
Efrain Alicea is Brother E, from the Bronx, New York. He is the archetype of Gospel Hip Hop Ministry. He executes his lyrics with precision and an explosion of energy for his love for Jesus Christ. His performances are compelling; a composite of rap and t
Bron G
Bron G is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is a true hip hop MC in every since of the word. Crunk? There is a misconception about Rap artist in the south, in which the majority of the music industry believes that artist coming from the
Broken Vesselz Ministries
Broken Vesselz from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are Sotog (Servant of the Only God), Renewd Lyfe, and Liana Gomez plus DJ Smalls. Broken Vesselz Ministries The crew explain their name and ministry: "We are a Gospel Ministry going by the name of Broken
Brody Raw
Bradley Amaker is Brody Raw, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He now resides in Lithonia, Georgia. He\'s married to Erica and has two daughters Aliyah and Ashley. Youth Bradley started rapping when he was 12 years old. His father inspired him in re
The rapper Brinson released his debut album "Escaping Me" on GodChaserz Entertainment in 2008. Label Brinson is the producer and CEO of the label GodChaserz Entertainment. Video The MC released his first video "Solar Powered" featuring D-MAUB on D
BreevEazie comes from Chi-Town, Chicago his artist name also known as Breathe Eazy released his debut “Baby Food” in 2001. He now resides at Memphis, Tennessee. Basics His aunt Gail taught him the basics of rap at the age of 8. In 1996 he moved close
Brainwash Projects
The Brainwash Projects consisted of Pigeon John and B'Twice, spelled B-Twice or bTwice. Their 1998 album "the Rise and fall of" is considered by many a classic. Pigeon John later was part of the crew LA Symphony and he can now be found as a very active so
Braille is Bryan Winchester born in Portland, Oregon in 1981. He started recording at the age of 14. He's been part of several groups and projects. Better known is his colleboration with the crew Lightheaded or the project Acts 29 (Album: Under Exposed -
Bracey has been involved with music, since he was very young, but as he states: \"I haven\'t always done the type of music God wanted me to. I used to love secular music and had dreams of pursuing it as a career. However, God\'s plans for me were much dif
Bobby Ross Avila
The album "Into My Life" (1995) by Bobby Ross Avila can still be purchased on CD or even music cassette by using the above contact details (December 2008). Although the album contains mostly R&B, some rap can be found on the recording as well. Avila Br
Bobby Bishop
Bobby Bishop resides in Lynn, Massachusetts. He was second runner-up in an artist showcase in 1999, which allowed him to work with Deftone, a producer who was just starting ReServed Records. Three projects followed – the ReServed Project in 2000, where Bo
BLUE (Born Living Unpredictable Ending)
B.L.U.E is Michael Smith from Austin, Texas born on May 10th, 1982. The acronym B.L.U.E. stands for Born Living Unpredictable Ending. B.L.U.E is a MC and producer, who illustrates life issues through various styles of music and poetic lyrics. Housin
Blessed Man
The Blessed Man is Stephen Imuere, who started his ministry in the early nineteen nineties as part of a group called the Gifted Brothers on the Rampage (GBR) and attended Bible College in 1997/1998. In 1999, The Blessed Man released his debut single \'Ble
Blacksoil Project
BlackSoil Project consists of MC Rahlo and DJ Level. The BlackSoil Project has performed besides the US in Bulgaria, England and in Soweto, South Africa. Rahlo lives in Indianapolis. Dead Poet Society He was part of the Dead Poet Society together wi
BK (Blake Knight)
Blake Knight is part of the crew ILL Harmonics and like his partner Playdough he also released solo material. Debut Blake\'s album debut came out under the name BK & the Associates with the title Beatmaker Session 1 in 2002. It features many artists
Bishop OG Freeze
Bishop OG Freeze was born Dwayne Parker in Bradenton, Florida. The abbriviation OG in his name stands for Original Gangsta. The MC founded C2C Ministries, which stands for( From) Crime 2 Christ Ministries. Dwayne fell in love with the Lord Jesus Christ at
Bill Womer from Dover, Pennsylvania is BillyBo. The MC started rapping in 1999 with Krazed, Briza, and KEI. He later on teamed up with Big Lazy from Texas, and recorded an album called \"Microphone Diaries\" under the group name \"Elite Entertainment\".
Bigg Moose
Bigg Moose or Billy Wilson from Austin, Texas was raised in an all black and mexican neighbourhood. He joined the streetgang Crips at the age of thirteen and lost four of his best friends to the hard life of the streets. Prison Bigg Moose got two fe
Big Unc
Big Unc from California released his debut album \"Westside \'G\' Style\" on BRx2 Music in 2002. Compilations The MC features on the anti-gang compilation \"Bangin\'... The Big Lie : Pain, Pride, & Destruction\" with his track \"Tha Hood\". The comp
BIG Shadow
Claude Bevier is BIG Shadow from Ann Harbor, Michigan. Raised Raised in south eastern Michigan both Detroit and Belleville Michigan B.I.G. Shadow was faced with circumstances such as alcoholism, drugs, gangs, molestation and much more. 1991 He
Big R
Big R was born in Durham, North Carolina and raised in Franklinton/Louisburg, North Carolina. Rapping He first began his rap career as an unsaved 12 year old MC, who grew up under the likes of hip hop legends such as Big Daddy Kane, Gang Star, Cool G
Big Nate
Humble yourselves, therefore, under God\'s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time - 1Peter 5:6. This is the scripture that has been Big Nate\'s guiding light since being privileged to become apart of the SGR family from May 2001. Journey Bec
Big Beau
Beau Jensen is Big Beau. He has been on the Whatever TV show in Clarksville, Tennessee, which is like a christian Saturday Night Live. He was a part of the hip hop group the Altarego and has toured with them.
Beyond Skillz
Beyond Skillz is a husband and wife east coast duo residing in Tampa, Florida. The members are Jared Thomas also known as Imperial and Josie Thomas also known as Symalee. They are currently a part of the Flavor Alliance crew and have worked with various p
The name B.E.R.I.D.O.X. is an acronym that states the purpose of this Christian minister, artist and producer. B.E.R.I.D.O.X. is Bryant Educates Radically Informing Disciples of the X. The X usually stands for the unknown, but interpreted here as the Tr
Believin Stephen
Believin Stephen (also known as Stephen Brindle) from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania released his debut recording What I Believe EP in 2007. Goal The MC states about his mission: "I aim to point listeners to Jesus Christ who is the God man, and who came t
Arjen den Boer also known as BeBtist or the alterego StrUktO is born in Amersfoort in 1978. Young At the age of 8 he started to make music and when he is 17 he starts to write his first raps. BeBtist's first rapcrew is "Zwarte Lotus" (Black Lotus).
Beat Rabbi
Beat Rabbi from Deepspace5 grew up in Borger, Texas and was introduced in 1986 by the Fat Boys to the art form called hip hop. He eventually started producing and DJing. Besides these musical occupations he\'s a systems engineer. He now resides in Austin,
Bone Circus or BC as they are called since 2005 are DJ Stibs, Eric Craddock and Sean Patrick also known as DJ Sean P. The latter stopped in April 2006. This meant the end of the crew, because in Eric\'s own words: \"[...] Stibs and I decided there is no B
Basics, The
The Basics are a hip-hop duo comprised of MC Understatement (Alaska, United States) and producer/DJ Thought P (Ontario, Canada). United They are united in their love of hip-hop and even more importantly Jesus Christ and the promotion of positive musi
Bar Wars
Bar Wars is a Star Wars theme project of the following MCs, producers and DJ: - YSG-Timothy as YSG-Kinobi : Master of Rhyme - Paconaut Cerdaphide Beats as Paco Fett : Master of Sound & Rhythm - Micronaut as Micro Fortuna : Master of Design - Chang
Bang Theory
Bang Theory is a project from Todd Bangz. The album Underground Counsel Volume 2 is a compilation that showcases ADF, B-Dill, D. Steele, Foreign Tongues, Messenger and Shekinah. New release A new album Underground Counsel 3 is announced at the end of
Badia M. Jeter (formerly Badia J. Miller) was born on July 3, 1974, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a child she was introduced to many styles and forms of music. Jazz, rhythm and blues, classical, and hip hop music were her favorite styles. At age 8 she
B.B. Jay
Jarvis Edward Cooper also known as B.B. Jay released his single Pentecostal Poppa in 1998. His accomplishments were noticed by music industry executive Andre Harrell, who introduced him to Jive Records. His debut album Universal Concussion is released in
B. Morr
Brandon D. Morris is B. Morr from Baltimore, Maryland a MC and poet as well. Path \"Someone please stop the alarm from going off.\" Brandon thought this on the morning of July 15th, 2002. Unaware that this was the day that the path of his life would b
Atom Tha Immortal
Atom tha Immortal is born in New York City in 1980. Atom moved to the west coast (California) at the age of 3. He spent most of his life living in the Inland Empire and got involved in hip hop at the age of 12, when he began b-boying with a local breakdan
Atia Evans
The femcee Atia L. Evans was born in Ohio to Pastor George Evans and his wife Sandra. Atia currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rhyme At a very young age she developed an uncanny ability to develop complicated rhyme schemes in the form of poetry. S
Ason also known as Big Sonny began just 3 years ago rapping to teenagers in his church. Ason has performed everywhere from night clubs to college campuses, church conferences, and high schools. Stages He has shared the stage with Ciara, Lil\' Mo, Mar
Ascended Masterz
Ascended Masterz are Eleazar Tha Last Testament and Lord Metatron, who are working on a new project (16-10-2005). Eleazar Tha Last Testament (Jamerson Smith) is also known as part of the nineteen nineties crew Apocalypse.
Jeremiah Bonds, formerly known as ArtOfact, is born and raised in San Diego California. Name change In September 2007 the MC changed his artistname ArtOfact and presented himself under his own name: Jeremiah Bonds. Youth The MC grew up in a fami
Hailing from Phoenix Arizona, Arhythmatik pronounced “arithmetic”, also known as Cocoa Loco, is a MC, radiopresenter as well as a producer. He is founder of Modurn Languaj Asosiashun Records and he also hosts the radioprogram Elements of Culture, which is
Arc!tex was founded in 2002 when Chilphill and Rebec, who, besides sharing a passion for each other, shared a passion for music, decided to pick a name and go gain fame on stages worldwide ;-) Later on they concluded two MCs would rock a crowd harder t
APX (All Purpose Experience)
APX (All Purpose Experience) also known as All Perpoz (AP), born Robert Pene, purposes to bring light to the darkness that invades urban life of all cultures. His passion and heart for the youth is a direct result of his past upbringing, his current caree
Applejaxx is based in North-Carolina and he has released one EP in 2005. He is part of Nureau Ink, which is a delegation of artists that fall under the vision of Tonex. Featuring The artist also features on the albums and compilations: - WOW GOSPE
This MC and femcee duo from Detroit, Michigan consists of I-Ron-Ic-Lee and EP da energy provider. Their debut got released on Yunion Records in 2005.
Apolegetics also known as Agetics is from Toronto, Canada. Originally entering the hip hop scene as a novice, who went by the name C Soldier (Christ\'s Soldier), now after receiving more wisdom, many experiences, trials and tribulations, backsliding, and
Antonious Colts is Antonious born on the 26th of June in 1976. His first debut album Good Vs Evil is released on Grapetree Records in 1998. Letters One man?s illiteracy changed Antonious Colt?s life. Sitting in jail Antonious transcibed letters by inm
Antitoxin consists of two MC\'s being Eye D and Ninetysix plus DJ Phat B. Ninetysix studies Theology. Eye Deeh was also member of the Dutch crew Vorm and now makes experimental soundscapes and spoken word.
Antioch Alumni
The crew Antioch Alumni from Boston, Massachusetts is formed of: - Mirko Chardin: MC - Jean Alexandre (Gideon Valor): MC - Pierre Alexandre (UnEarth): MC/producer - Jose Devalle (K.I.K.O.): producer EP Their debut recording The Orientation EP
Antioch are Alon Auguste and DJ Sole. The two men have known each other since 2003. But chose to build on their fellowship, before officially forming the duo Antioch in the Summer of 2005. Origines DJ Sole is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Alon is
In December 2006 a new crew was announced called Anthum. It consists of Lesun, J-Reign, Chozen, Roman Parable and Deacon D.A.S. Founded Anthum was officially founded in June 2006. It was brought about by a song they recorded in Fall 2005 called "Ambe
Trey Williams is Andale, pronounced un-da-lay, is a lyricist of real life experiences. Struggles Through his God-given ability and trademark delivery, Trey conveys the spiritual struggles, challenges, and obstacles that are his own and we all have fa
William "Duce" Branch a.k.a. "The Ambassador" is a co-founder and primary spokesperson for the nationally known christian rap group The Cross Movement. He was signed to Cross Movement Records (CMR) until 2009. Pastor He is also co-pastor of an inner
Alpha Simplicity
The MC Alpha Simplicity living in Orlando, Florida will release his debut album in 2009.
Alon Auguste
Alon Auguste from Columbus, Ohio, who is originally from Boston, Massachusetts has released the album Automatic. His DJ is Chase, better known as DJ sole. Music The MC says about his music: \"I love music and love making it. My songs are expressions o
Alliance, The
This five piece crew The Alliance from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma started with the members X-1, Eidreveni and Castro. They released their debut recording \"Countdown to June 6th\" EP on December 31st, 2004. Complete By June 6th of 2006 the crew had grown
Alleyes Manifest
Alleyes Manifest from Saint Louis, Missouri was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has lived in many different citys and states, but grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Son As the MC states \"I am the son of a pastor, I rebelled like most pastors kids and
Kenneth Villers from Austin, Texas is Akalyte, formerly known as MC Just. Kenneth was never baptized or brought into any religion or church as a child. His mother and father, Robert and Catherine Villers, were not very religious. Robert was a fallen aw
Ajax Starglider
Ajax’s music career began when his brother Ahred came to him in September of 1992 and said ”, I am tired of the current state of music, Let’s start a group together”. His reply was ,” O.K.” That simple yet purposeful statement was the humble beginning of
Ahmad Ali Lewis, born in 1976 in Los Angeles, California, is the founding member of the band 4th Avenue Jones. Hit single As a solo artist he had a hit single in 1994 entitled "Back in the Day", a nostalgic song. It was released when Ahmad was only 1
Affiliate, The
The Affiliate is the duo Christopher Bergman, also known as Birdman, and Todd Banks, also known as Imago Dei. Start These two initially hooked up just to record one song but had no idea what would follow. Though the first song they worked on was on th
Afaar from Oceanside, California is known for rocking mics at live shows, open mics and in the studio. Sound With a blend of tough rhymes, unorthadox patters and a proficient vocabulary, afaar stands out among emcees. His appreciation for music, and
Adam is Adeem, pronounced as A. Dee M. He\'s from Chicago, Illinois. His solodebut \"The first few inches\" in 1999 was made together with DJ Shalem. Crews He is also member of Glue and the Dorian Three. New project The artist is currently workin
Abstract is Abner Gonzalez, he was born in Lanc City, Pennsylvania. Growing Up He grew up in an area where sin was highly embraced and church goers were considered weak. In spite of all that he accepted the Lord into his life at the age of eleven. Af
Absent Minded
Absent Minded from Temecula, California does hip hop, but spoken word as well. Crew Besides being a solo artist he was part of the crew Hyborian Warriors, which was more of a one time only collective consisting of artists from Syntax Records. Sist
ABG (Adopted By Grace)
A.B.G. is a family quintet consisting of brothers Quick, Soljah, Snoopy Loc, Loco and cousin B.L. Their love of music began when they were still children starting with beating on pots and pans and doing whatever their instincts led them to do to make musi
A.G.E. was part of the Grapetree Records\' crew Preachas in tha Hood. The crew released 4 albums. Albums The MC released his first solo album \"Heads or Tails\" on his label God Style Records in 2002. This album as well as the compilation \"Rollin Lat
A-Flo from Wesley Chapel, Florida was born and raised in The Bronx, New York for most of his life. Florida He now lives in Wesley Chapel, Florida and attends Wesley Chapel High School. He has loved Christ and music all his life. Now, he is doing one
From San Antonio Texas, US, Formally known as '80proof a.k.a illa instinct', 80proof has resigned his name and from working with Shyheim, Killarmy, and along with and Wu-tang family. This personal choice was made due to a spiritual awakening. Leaving
4th Man, The
Joe "The 4th Man" of Bakersfield, California is born on September 27, 1984 as Joseph Rene Gomez. Youth He was always involved in music starting at the age of 11, then at the age of 12 his cousin Gilbert Moreno (Mr. Magoo) introduced him to the art of
4th Avenue Jones
4th Avenue Jones is conceived by Ahmed Jones. The band is based in Los Angeles. The crew consisted of frontman Ahmad Jones (vocalist/producer), Tim Steward (guitarist/producer), Tena Jones (vocalist), Albert Parker (bassist), Derrick Calloway (drummer) an
3 The God Way
3 The God Way consists of B.B. Jay, Pettidee and Demetrus. Together they make a unique blend of R&B and hip hop.
3D Remedy
3D Remedy was born Rolando Remedios in Brooklyn, New York. Though raised in a Christian home and accepting Jesus Christ at the age of 10 he strayed in his teen years getting involved in sex, drugs, and gangs. After years wasted, he recommitted his life to
3 Sons of Thunder
One time project of the Dynamic Twins and NFL star Raghib \"Rocket\" Ismail together they form 3 Sons of Thunder (3SOT).
2Five Tha Hood Reverend
2Five from Hawthorne, California is an old school hip-hop artist. As a youth in gang ridden Los Angeles, his choices were limited as far as activities. 2Five decided to flow with the stream of illegal activities and destructive behavior. Always musically
The MC "2Edge" is living in Delray Beach, Florida. He is part of the crew 1Way. Christ Music 2Edge explains where he stands: "HipHop is a culture, being a Christian is a lifestyle. For those who know me, I'm a fan of good music, tight lyrics and join
29th Chapter, The
A four men crew from London. The 29th Chapter are Mr. Prince (Prince Laryea), Dangerous (Dave Plumb), Gladiator (Kevin McGlade) and Navigator (James Morson). They decided in January of 2004 to go full time as artists ministering at schools. They started o
Robert Dryer is 202 and he's here to prove that there is such a thing as positive hip hop. The genre is often denigrated by those who misunderstand it as being entirely about violence and misogyny, but that's simply not true. 202 is all the evidence you n
1773 is a collective of two MCs from Chicago, Illinois: Wisdm One and Just J. The group's name comes from the areacode of Chicago, 1-773. These two cats came together in 2004 to put together a nice side project. Album Eleven feel good hip hop songs w
12th Tribe
The crew consists of founding member David Portillo, known as Rapps Galore, Johnny Esparza known as DJ Redeemed, and Santos Smith known as Sound Mind. Beginnings Dave Portillo and Eddie Sierra from California began rapping in 1985 under the name of De
116 Clique
The 116 Clique crew (pronounced one-one-six click) consists of Lecrae, Tedashii, Trip-Lee, Ben Wa, BJ and E-Young. Romans The 116 Clique also written as the 1:16 Clique live out Romans 1:16. "For I am not ashamed of the gospel: for it is the power of
1 Way
The crew residing in West Palm Beach, Florida consists of Proverb, 2Edge and DJ Morphiziz. Crew Versal was another member, mentioned on the "Souljourn" album (1999). They have been together as a crew since the summer of 1991. Debut album Their f
Todd Bangz
Todd Bangz formerly known as Tre-Z resides in New Rochelle, New York. Some songs from him can be heard on the compilation of Bang Theory\'s Underground Council. Bang Theory is one of his projects, where he showcases his favourite artists. Producer To
Tonic, The
John K. Wells is the Tonic and member of the Cross Movement. He was about to release his debut album The Dash on CMR (Cross Movement Records) on April 19th, 2005. The album seemed shelved, but was finally released in 2009. Shelved The album was shelve
Tony Stone
Tony Shepherd also known as Tony Stone is a well known producer within the christian rap scene. His beats can be found on many releases. Gospel Tony tells his story: "I was exposed to the gospel at an early age, being raised in church by his mother a
tOObizzy MC
toobizzy MC also known as tOObiz is motivated by a strong sense of purpose and the urgency of circumstances affecting American youth. Music The Brooklyn native delivers an uplifting musical message in his Jamaican conscious music tradition of Third W
Toussaint from Birmingham, Alabama released his debut album "2 Die is gain" in 2004. Albums His sophomore album "The Cross of Christ 101" is released in 2008.
La Toya Burns is femcee Tragedy. She is signed to Houston\'s Southern Gospeltality Records (SGR) and released her debut album Diamond In The Rough in 2002. Radio The inspirational MC got her start as a teen performing on KBXX (97.9) -- FM\'s \"Roll
Bobby Herring from Houston, Texas is Tre-9, who released his debut album Thy will be done on Much Luvv Records in 1999. Founder He is one of the founders and big promotor of the holy hip hop movement in Houston. Dating back to 1997, Tre-9 has been in
Chris Williams also known as Trew grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. At the tender age of seven, his life took a drastic turn. Trew’s parents got a divorce and from that point on, he was shuffled between both parents. His mother who was a God-fearing wo
Tribs & Purpose
The name Tribs or mTribs stands for My Trust Rests In The Blood. He spent two years with K-Drama\'s T.H.I.S. Click Records before joining AYA Music (Ain\'t Yo Average Music). His first release for this label is \"The Jumpoff : My Mixtape Volume 1\" made t
Trinity, The
The Trinity consists of Kurtis Blow, Chris Flow and Ricky B. The crew released their first single entitled Crunk Wit\' It on November 15th, 2006. Members Of course the most famous member of The Trinity is Kurtis Blow, one of the founding fathers of h
Trip Lee
Trip Lee from Dallas, Texas is the third artist after LeCrae and Tedashii to release a debut album on Reach Records. The record is called If They Only Knew and is released on May 30th, 2006. High School Motivated by his faith in Jesus, Trip Lee repres
Chris Lang is Trip-C, who released his sophomore album \"Street Sensation\" in 2007. Compton Born and raised on the streets of Compton California, a highly decorated gang member and street pharmacist, already an up and coming talent in the underground
Tripple Threat
Tripple Threat consists of Mike Shelton, and Trew. The crew started as a trio. But on November 23rd, 2007 it was announced Shugg is no longer part of Tripple Threat. He has decided to part ways with the group after two years. MC Shugg Former member Le
Virgil Byrd also known as Tru-Life is member of the crew the Cross Movement and he released his debut album in 2005 called The Journal volume 1.
TRUCE : Nicky Cruz Outreach
TRUCE is a music ministry organization from New York founded in 1997 and led by Nicky Cruz, a former gangleader. The organization reaches out to gangs and the inner-city youth through hip hop concerts. Perfomers The artists performing at the show are
From Tampa, Florida comes True. The crew was founded in 2004. The members are: - Avari aka The First Lady of SoundRight - B-Lo aka The Governor - Blakk Gold aka Demon Slaya - C-Dot aka C.Powe or Main Event - Eclipse - Fat-Boi - Gammage aka King
True II Society
The husband and wife duo True II Society are Sir Fish (Prime Minister) and Pooh. The couple had their debut album with Bow Down on Grapetree Records in 1997. After that they released two other records plus a \"Best of\" album (2000) for the same label. In
Emanuel Lee Lambert is Da Truth. Da Truth's debut album was Moment Of Truth released in 2004. He quickly returned with a follow up called The Faith in 2005. His first recording is the EP Who Is The Truth (2003). Five Better known to his family and fri
Tunnel Rats
The Tunnel Rats are founded by Dax Reynosa in the early nineteen nineties. This dynamic group consists of musicians, songwriters, MCs, producers and graphic designers. The members are: Dax - MC (LPG) Dert - producer Dokument - MC Donovan - MC Elsie -
Tyrone Smack is TWyse. The MC is born and raised in the heart of blighted and crime-ridden West Philadelphia. With an undying determination to become more than what his immediate surroundings offered him, he consciously pressed through adversity to become
Unf8abo was born in Tucson, Arizona. Unlike most inner city youth, Unf8abo was truly blessed to be raised in a Christian family. Through education about God and attending church with his parents, he learned at a very early age the importance of having a p
Unity Klan
Unity Klan consisted of three members Big J. (Jarrod Richardson), Jaz (Jasmine Alarcon) and Danny Guzman. The latter MC left the crew, because he felt God told him to minister in San Diego. The Unity Klan turned duo released one last album in 2001 under
The rapper UnknowN hails from Indiana, but is currently residing in Dallas, Texas. His ministry has been moving for the past few years as he makes his mark on the genre of holy hip hop. Name He gets his name from the scripture II Corinthians 4:5 wh
Unknown Project
Unknown Project from Taos, New Mexico consists of two brothers and their cousin: - Evident (Augustin Padilla) - Obvious (Jacob Padilla) - J-Freek (David Seas) The rapper Evident was formerly known as Proph and Obvious was known as Blud. History
Urban Disciple
Tommy Kyllonen is the Urban Disciple or better known as Urban D, since the album the Tranzlation of 2001. Philadelphia He got raised in Philadelphia and strayed away from God as a teen, but recommitted his life to Christ at the age of 18. He felt a
La Vell Walton was born June 30th, 1980. He was raised by his grandmother in the Central District of Seattle, WA. The name VellVett was given him after the release of hit movie Coming to America in the 1990's. Although it came from humor, VellVett created
Verbal Contact
Verbal Contact (VC) is a hip hop/rap group whose lyrics give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. In doing so we gain interest from all ages and receive approval from people young and old. Mission VC provides enough energy and realness that we have garner
Verse residing at Lakeland, Florida is a rapper and co-founder of the recordlabel La Familia Muzik. Birth Imagine a young infant born with a series of birth defects affecting the child’s mouth, lips, and face. Again, imagine the parents of this child
Verses from Cincinnati was inspired in his youth by hearing Rapper\'s Delight and The Breaks on the radio. From that point on he began to rap, forming groups and crews with the other kids in his neighbourhood. His first MC name was Kid Fresh and his first
Vex DaVortex
Vex DaVortex was member of the illusive nineteen nineties duo BoogieMonsters. They released the classic album "God Sound" in 1997. This would be their final album. Debut album Two years later Vex DaVortex started his solo career with his debut album "
Viktory's appeal to rap began at the age of 10 when his father, Kirk Shackleford, (a former MC himself) wrote Sherrod's first rap. Sherrod fell in love with rap. It was how he expressed himself. He mainly held true to its origins and wrote about positiv
Vision1 are Jarrod Howard also known as "Details" and Travis Harmon also known as "reSEARCH". Both are member of the ShadowFacts crew. Direction Vision1 was assembled in 1998 when two life long friends set out to change the direction of hip hop music
As a young boy growing up in Nigeria, Emeka Onyema also known as Vizion automatically became part of a culture within which music played a very important role. Urban Music However, artists from the United States had a greater influence on him, having
Vizunari from Connecticut made his debut album Child of God in 2001. The topics he adresses in his music range from prostitution to racism. He made several guest appearances and his label V.E.S.M. also releases the compilation series Underground trail.
Carl Wilkerson, artistname Vocab, from Oklahoma was member of the crew Exodus, now known as The Exodus Movement. Vocab passed away on September 4th, 2006 on Labor Day. Cancer The MC found out in July of 2006 he had pancreatic cancer. He passed away so
Vocab Malone
"I love to bring that Old School fun and energy into my music," Phoenix-based hip hop artist and coffee shop poet Vocab Malone says. At live shows you can catch him cracking corny jokes and busting random freestyles. John Reuben Vocab started rappin
Curtis Allen is Voice from Washington DC. He released his first album Progression in 2005. Struggles Voice grew up in a tough neighborhood in the D.C. metropolitan area as a child. As a result of his environment, he sought refuge in anything that w
Voice, The
Ed Reynolds or Voice in da Wilderness also known as Tha Voice released his demo in 1997 called Beyond a whisper. His name is inspired by the book of John 1:23, meaning The voice of one crying in the wilderness. The rapper has been active as a solo artist
The crew W4C, which stands for Warriors for Christ, consists of: - Danny Fresh - MC - Peter Pan - DJ - Ruben Rodriguez - producer The hip hop crew can also perform accompanied by a live band. MC The lead MC of the crew Danny Fresh is also active a
WariYah is a solo artist and the leader of the collective ZionNoiz. EP He has released the EP \"Stand Up And Be Counted\" in 2001.
Waste Management
Waste Management are Meccanism and ill-DAY. Meccanism is also known as Myster\"L. The crew originating from the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut moving to Lynn, Massachusetts and are currently living in the state of Florida. Touring Meccanism and ill-
WeezAy was born and enrolled on a small Indian Reservation in Montana. Her tribe is the Assiniboine people, who branched off the Sioux Nation to form what is called the Nakoda people. She was born November 21, 1982 in Harlem, Montana. Music WeezAy wa
Whyte Fyre Boyz
Da Cipes now known as Whyte Fyre Boyz consists of: Mynista, Qfyre and features J7 on the 2006 album. Albums The crew released the album Worldwide Warriaz on Warria Records in 2006.
Willie Will
Willie Will is from Everett, Washington. Pop Heavenly and the Heavenly Boyz As a child, Will began his musical career writing lyrics for and performing with his group, Pop Heavenly and the Heavenly Boyz (P.H.B.), which consisted of his four brothers
Wisdm O.N.E.
Wisdm O.N.E. from Chicago, Illinois released his album The Lost Art of Conversation in 2004. Member Wisdm O.N.E. is also part of the duo 1773. A collective of two MCs : Wisdm One and Just J. The group\'s name comes from the areacode of Chicago, 1-773.
WOG (Women of God)
W.O.G. or Women of God consists of the femcees Jazae, TA and A. Marie. Album The crew released their debut album 31 Flava on the Holy South label in 2006. 31 Flava stands for a woman, who personifies the virtuosity of the complete biblical scripture
Wonder Brown
Jamie Farris is born in Houston, Texas and raised in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio, he was immersed in anonymity and surrounded by both poverty and materialism as a child. A devotion to basketball and a passion for hip hop brought Jamie to the hood, whe
Word Spoken
Word Spoken is made up of a group of artists from Oasis Youth Church. Albums The album \"The Beautiful Masterpiece I\'ll Become\" (2007) is a collection of poems that reflect both the experiences and the observations of these youth. Poetry This
Wordz has been active in the Chicago underground hip hop scene for several years now. He\'s been expressing himself through hip hop since 1989 and Wordz has been active as a solo artist from 2001. Before that, he collaborated with a collective called Base
Wut Metaphysical
Wut Metaphysical is born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and will move to San Jose, California in June 2008. Punk He grew up in the punk rock scene, but always dabbled in hiphop. Therefore rock influences can still be heard back in his style of h
Billy Avery Everett Coffee (born in 1983), better known by his stage name WyldBill, is an American rapper/producer from Kosciusko, Mississippi. He is also a member of the rap duo SIC. Albums The Truth of Jesus Pt.2, released in 2006, was WyldBill's f
XL & DBD (Death Before Dishonor)
XL & DBD are an early example of rapcore, the mixing of metal and rap. Todd \'XL\' Stevens is the lead guitarist and the primary songwriter. XL can be seen as a veteran, since he\'s been active since the early 1990s in holy hip hop. The name XL was given
Young Joshua
Young Joshua from Philladelphia, Pennsylvania is member of the collective Rhyme Council. Mixtapes He released the record "The Visitation Mixtape". Albums His debut album "Back to Reality" is coming in 2008.
Young Pro
Young Pro from Riverside, California released his debut album \"What it Means to Die\" on 4th Man Records in 2006. Gangsta Sound The MC is for all the fans of The Game, 50 cent, G unit etc., except with a message of hope and salvation.
YSG-Timothy lives in South Bend, Indiana. In 1999 YSG got together with Combustible The Poet, DJ AllStar, DJ Rhino and AP, as he became a member of The Wax Musim Collective. Name "YSG" is an acronym for "Young Son of God". The name "Timothy" means "
The Yuinon, pronounced as the union, consists of six female MC\'s, femcees. These Masters of Ceremony are EP, Light da Flow Minista, Mahogany, Shekinah, Sistah Dee and Techniq. Albums Their debut album the \"H.E.R. Project\", which stands for Healing
Zane One
Zane is born on March 18, 1975 in Los Angeles, California and started rhyming at the age of twelve. Tunnel Rats Years later this femcee is a veteran member of the Tunnel Rats crew. She can be heard on their classic debutalbum "Experience" in 1996 and
Aziz Peregrino-Brimah is the artist Zee from East Bend, North Carolina. Plus he\'s the founder of Bezworks Design, a Christian new media development company. Servant A Muslim man from Nigeria came to the United States to seek a higher education. Whi
Zeeda was raised in the Fisher Housing Projects on the Westbank of New Orleans. After rapping on the streets of the New Orleans and entering various talent shows Zeeda decided to take her rapping career seriously. First Deal In 1995 Zeeda secured a d
Harold Edwards from Savannah, Georgia is Zion. In Zion's quest to serve and follow Christ, he through a personal witness of the Holy Spirit discovered that he had a call on his life to preach the gospel. Minister In July of 1997, he preached is initi
Zion Project
Zion Project from New Zealand started in 2003 and consists of the following members: - Ben Clayton : Bensan - John Hickson : MC Choirboy - Adam Dewe : DJ Chops - Nate Russell [Ngati Kahungunu] : DJ Nate Bensan This MC has been rapping since he was
ZionNoiz from London is a collective consisting of MCs, producers, singers and DJ\'s. Artists affiliated are WariYah, Gamma, Judah, DJ Secret Weapon, Wizdom, Asah Shabazz, Wei, 3rd Son, Chenoa, Stratigik\'L, Bold, GreenJade and Two Men From Tibet. Unit

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