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Index Labels
Yuinon Records
CEO Jason "Maji" Wilson is the founder and CEO of Yuinon Records. A former member of the successful rap group Kaos & Mystro. Vice President Shannon Gaston is the Vice President of Yuinon Records. A graduate of Wayne State University in Detroit, Sha
Word Records
Wise Ant Music
This is the label started by I.D.O.L. King.
Wide Range Music
The label based in St. Louis, Missouri consists of: - Will: Co-producer, co-executive officer - LeBeau: Co-producer, co-executive officer Mike Real The label signed the rapper Mike Real in 2007.
Warria Records
The recordlabel Warria Records is founded by Mynista in 2000.
WeAreOne/Throne Room Records
D.O.C. - Disciples of Christ\'s own label.
Voicebox Records
This indy record company is established in 1997.
War Cry Productions
War Cry Productions is Silas Clark also known as Brotha War Bebe\'s production company.
Warfare Records
Warfare Records was formed in 2003 as a division of Rose Petal Entertainment LLC. The record company focus is on producing and development of Holy Hip Hop and Urban Gospel artists.
Virtual Frequency
Since it\'s launch in June 2000, Virtual Frequency has become one of the industry\'s top resources for urban culture. The creators of VF first launched this new vision as a one hour radio program visiting over 60 radio signals weekly. Thanks to the advanc
Ubiquity Records
Underground Blaze Records
Underloc Entertainment
UNDERLOC is a God inspired initiative to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ by means of music, dance, drama, tv, radio, internet, events and various evangelic projects.
Up Above Records
Uplifted Productions
Uprok Records
Founded in 1999 Uprok Records is the hip-hop label of parent company BEC Recordings, which released a great deal of quality hip hop in the years 2000-2002 with acts like KJ-52, the Tunnel Rats and Mars ILL. Active KJ-52 is still active for the label
V.E.S.M. stands for Vision Edge Symphony Music and is Vizunari\'s private label.
Upside Down Projects
The production company of Calmplex is called Upside Down Projects. The record label will be providing an array of services, like logo design, clothing design, a beat store, comic books, music production, screen writing etc. First artist The first arti
Tyziq Life Music
Touie\'s own private label.
Tru Praise Productions
Tru Praise Productions was founded by Jacqueline & Terence Townsend in 2002. Terence Townsend is also known as Apostle T. The company was born out of a desire to see the ministry and the gospel message reach the masses by hip hop music. Services Tru
Tunnel Rat Music
Tyscot Records
Tyscot Records was founded in 1976 by Dr. Leonard S. Scott, a practicing dentist, and L. Craig Tyson. The latter partner relinquished his share of the company to Dr. Scott. Son In 1988, Dr. Scott assigned the positions of Executive Vice President and
Traveller Records
Treasures Out of Darkness
Harmony Star, wife of rap artist Pigeon John, is a county social worker and has a ministry called \"Treasures Out of Darkness\". The ministry released a fund raising compilation in 2007 called \"The Diamond Collection\".
Tres Records
Triumph Records
Terry Bradford (Mr. Fingers), Derrick Crouch and Darnell Alexander (RIO a.k.a Kuntryboyy) are owners of Triumph Records based in Saint Louis, Missouri.
Trailblazin\' Ministries
Trailblazin\' Ministries was birthed in December 2005 after the Lord spoke to LaRosa Johnson to transform his former web ministry Jesus4Life Ministries, which was originally founded in 1999. Preaching The former ministry was founded upon the Word of
Tooth & Nail Records
TIG Music
Real Saints Network is established in 2003. The name of the label is TIG Music.
Three Strong Entertainment
Integrity and Excellence are the standards by which each artist and project is approached. Formed in 1998 by label CEO and President Angela Nichols, Three Strong Entertainment has become a label home for some of today’s finest emerging talent. We produce
Thump Records
A label which predominantly releases compilation albums. Thump Records took the Tunnel Rats by surprise by releasing Both Sides in October 2005 without thorough consent.
Thought Life Records
Threatt Muzik
Threatt Muzik, which means \"Threat to the enemy music!\" The label started off as a publishing company name for writer Jacques Guidry through SESAC (European Stage Authors and Composers). This American performing rights organization represents songwriter
Telephone Company
Pigeon John\'s own label.
The Orchard
Distributor of online music to the most well known music shops on the internet. Only the adress of the US department is mentioned, UK contact information can be found on the site.
SuperHappyWax Recordings
A mainstream label and online hip hop store.
Survivor Records
Survivor Records are best known for their praise and worship albums.
Syntax Records
This label is founded by the brothers Steve and Tim Trudeau in 1997. After ending up with debts due to the fact that their old distributor the Butterfly-Diamante Music Group suddenly went bankrupt in 2004 they worked hard to keep the label going and to pa
T.H.I.S. Click Records
T.H.I.S. Click Records is founded in September 1999 by Regis Jones also known as K-Drama. T.H.I.S. stands for, \"This Holy Inspirational Society\". K-Drama: \"We believe in this rap game by being holy, we will Inspire a society to be in 1 Click (The bod
Sungate Records/Classheat Music Group
Co-release The album of Cash Hollistah \"Best Kept Secret...The Collection\" (2007) is a co-release between Sungate Records and the Classheat Music Group. Sungate Records Artists affiliates of the label are: - Fedel - Cash Hollistah - The Czar -
Slaughter Music
Slide Back Entertainment
Soldier Sound Records
Pettidee\'s own private label.
Soul Deep Ministries
Soul Deep Ministries (SDM) was established to affect the depths of people’s soul with the truth about God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance. Founded Since it\'s inception in 2002, SDM, led by it\'s founder and chief spokesman, Eduardo
Soul Food Muzic
Soul Kitchen Sound
Surreal\'s own private label.
SoulMuzick Recordings
The label is mostly specialized in urban and R&B music. Mission SoulMuzick Recordings mission is to take the gospel to the streets by force. [...] Simon \"Crazy C.\" Cullins Jr., the label\'s co-founder believes that with the power and wisdom of God
SoulSpeak Entertainment
Sound Tabernacle Muzik
Soundmind Records
Soundmind is a subdivision of End of Earth Records that is run by Nickels. Profit AudioSketchbook is a commercial label, but the portion of the profit going to End of Earth will go to the charity organizations that the parent company supports. Ne
SoundRight Productions
Sphere of Hip-Hop
The initiator behind the internetsite Sphere of Hip Hop is Josh Niemyjski also known as Plastic.This was also the first label, which he founded in 1999. He started a new label called ILLECT Recordings in April 2003, after being the (A&R) Artist and Repert
Spitt No Evil Music
Stagestalker Entertainment
Star Song Records
The label was founded in 1976 by Darrel A. Harris. In 1989 the label moved from Houston to Nashville. The company was purchased in 1994 by Sparrow Records and Star Song eventually became an imprint of Sparrow in 1998.
Stealthmode Production Company
The label produces different kinds of hip hop, amongst them is Godson\'s holy hip hop: The Road Less Traveled in 2005.
Stone Built Productions
The mainstream label "Subcontact", was born in 2004. The label's concept is to provide art of work (music, design) that can contact man’s subconscious ness. Subcontact has been always looking for new music. Beside the License deal. Subcon-Dist also does
Sungate Records
Sungate Records released an album of King Ray in 2003. The label's site for King Ray was active between 2001-2005. But the label emerged again in 2007 to disolve in April 2008. Albums The first release was United Souls "Play It By Ear Vol. 1" in 2000.
Skilltone is a subdivision of LowRoof Records. LowRoof LowRoof Records is a Dutch record label founded in 1999 and is committed to the support of underground artists and delivering exiting music to the world. Founders The founders are Arjan Nihot
Shake It Records
Shepherd City Records
The label Shepherd City Records is founded by Crow (Bruthaz GRIMM) in 2007. In April 2009 the label seems to go through a restructuring. Roster The roster consists of (7/2007): - CROW (MC) - Solemn (MC) - Anno-Domini (MC) - Skarred Deep (MC) - Tr
ShadowFacts Records
SGR Music Group
Dirty South hip hop label from Houston, Texas. SGR stands for Southern Gospeltality Records.
Shabach Entertainment
The label now releases mostly R&B albums.
Set Free Entertainment
Set Free Entertainment is the private record label of W4C.
Sephora Music
Sephora Music is France's largest music label and distribution company established in the 1970s. It's founder is Marc Brunet. Festival The company even organized a christian music festival, Festival Sephora between 1983 and 1993. Sublabels Sephor
Reach Teach Touch/Tru Life Records
Real Deal Records
Label of Evander Holyfield, the famous American boxer.
Real Saints Network
The Real Saints Network is established in 2003. TIG (This Is Gospel Music) is the label of Real Saints Network.
Red Sea Records
A record label specialised in Native American music, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The label is part of Sound Of America Records (SOAR), which consists of three publishing companies and five different labels: SOAR, Natural Visions, Warrior, Dakotah, and R
ReServed Records
This Chicago based label has been established in 2001.
Revolution Art
Besides 5e Entertainment Grits have started a new label called Revolution Art. The first release by this label is the EP "5 for $5" released in February 2008. Artists On September 24th, 2008 they announce two new artists: - Jade - Stefan The Scienti
Revolution Recordings
The label seems to have an imprint called 712 Records. This still needs verification.
Rezurrected Muzic
Illustrate's own private label. Distribution for the album Chronicles Of Life LP (2006) is through 4th Man Records.
Righteous Entertainment
Label from Richie righteous.
Sanctified Sound
Sanctified Syndicate\'s own label.
Sanctify Entertainment
Sanctify Entertainment LLC is a Gospel Hip Hop record label based out of New York City. Our purpose is to use our God given musical talents to bless others. Our label produces music that is targeted to the urban community but we pray that it will edify
River City Music Entertainment
RockSoul Entertainment
RockSoul Entertainment delivers a wide spectrum of musical genres, including Hip-Hop, R & B, Pop, Jazz, Praise & Worship and Christian Rock. CEO of the label is Lee Jerkins. Shai Linne The MC was shortly connected to the label, before choosing for Lam
Rugged Cross Recording
Rugged Cross Recording started off 18 years ago in the heart and mind of a young man Derrick Hannah, also known as Bro. Derrick. Eager While the company had no form, vision or location, it\'s reality would become evident once that young man became a
Reach Records
Reach Teach Touch Ministries
The company releases music- and filmproductions and is founded by Don & Erikka Franklin in 2003. Don Franklin is also known as Mr. D-Note. Album In 2006 the label Reach Teach Touch Ministries co-released an album with Tru Life Records: - Brotha-E &
Rawkus Entertainment
Rawkus Entertainment was formed by lifelong friends Jarret Myer and Brian Brater. In 1996 Rawkus began to release full length albums and singles that would help define the late nineteen nineties hip hop movement. Between 1996 and 2005 Rawkus sold over 6 m
Raw Truth Productions
PNG Productionz
PNG productionz is comprised of two members: Prophetik and Giano. The group formed in Orlando, Florida in 1995 on the quest to put out a product that would give the complete circle of hip-hop music: beats, rhymes, life, and skills.
Rapshore Records
Christmas Albums Rapshore Records released probably the third Christmas album in the christian rap scene entitled: Amier Votre Cadeau (Cherish Your Gift) in 2007. The first Christmas album is Yo! Ho Ho (1990) and Gift Rap (2004).
Since 1994 the Salem Coffee House hosted what is now known as Rap Fest. Every year, dozens of ministries from all over the United States, and even outside of the U.S., share the stage for this 8 hour, non stop, christian hip hop event. The event is held i
R.E.B.E.L. Firm Music Division
The founder and senior manager of this firm is Philip “Sharp Skills” Jacobs. The company specializes in motivational training and consulting services and is founded on April 13th, 2007. Vision The R.E.B.E.L. Firm is where creativity, innovation, prof
Scyon Music
Selah Records
The label of The Exodus Movement.
Proximity Records
PT Records
PT Records or Promoting Truth records.
Pure Productions
Pure productions is an organization made up of several artists and ministers working together to create an effective and entertaining cumulative ministry. P2 Music is a division of Pure Ministries, that focuses particularly on music. The recording artist
Quannum Projects
R.E.A.P. Records
REAP Records is a division of Embassies of Christ Kingdom Ministries founded by Pastors Cedric and Joyce Oliver. Committed REAP Records is a record label committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of gospel music and artists
PHF Productions
PHF Productions is a label started by the brothers Gabe and Geno Duran from Houston, Texas in 2006.
Plug Label
Plug Label is a Bay Area based record label focusing on quality hiphop and electronic music. Philosophy Their philosophy for music: The rule? Gotta have soul.
Preacha Boy Music
Prophet Records
Prophetic Poetic
The label is founded by Cyril Guerette a.k.a. ILL Seer and his wife Maegan (visual arts) their goal is to provide innovative artistic creations in all available media that bring honour to the Creator through Jesus the Christ. Management Prophetic Poe
Prayin' Child Music
Praimantis Records
Praimantis Records is the label of Christ Revolution Music Ministries. Beridox The album N.O.L. (2007) of Beridox is a Praimantis Records / Mindright Entertainment release.
N-Soul Records
DJ Scott Blackwell founded N-Soul Records in July 1993. The label was aimed to release house or be it dance music. A genre not quite common in the christian music scene. Scott Blackwell left and founded Myx records. The label N-Soul seems defunct since 20
OnOurGame Entertainment
The mission at OnOurGame is to deliver hip hop lovers what they deserve, quality R&B and hip hop music, that reflects all walks of life and personalities, while still maintaining the integrity of the culture. Bron G The christian rapper on this labe
P-Vine Records
Parachute Records
Parachute Records partners with artists from Australia and New Zealand, enabling them to take local Christian music to the global market.
Pastoral Advisory Productionz
An old indy label that released some demo's by local artists..
Peculiar Records
Peculiar Records is founded by Dooney. Artists of this label are Cotton, Lil J.J, Holy Boyz and Tha\' Throne.
Motiv8tor Records
The indy label of Divine Soldiers.
Move! Records
Much Luvv Records
Much Luvv Records is founded by Bobby Herring also known as Tre9 in 1998. The label also produced TV shows. Texas Awards The label has won a Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Award for: - Label of the Year (2007) - Disc of the Year (2007) - The Next…
One Route Entertainment
D-MAUB founded the label One Route Entertainment in 2005.
One Quest Records
Label from Darryl James also known as Vision.
Nutritious Visions
Nureau Ink
Not so much a label as a collective of artists Nureau Ink is under the musical guidance of Tonex also known as T.Bizzy. Origine Tonex states about the start of Nureau Ink: "Well Nureau the sound and culture was actually established back in 1992. I don
NuffSaid Music
NuffSaid Music is founded by Dedrick Patterson also known as Dedge P in 2003.
NGMR Records
The Kenoly Brothers founded Next Generation Ministries Records in 1998/1999 to release their second album \"All the Way\" (1999). They are the sons of gospelsinger Ron Kenoly.
Nspirit Music
New Mind Records
The president of New Mind Records is Gerald White. Mission This music ministry is specifically designed to reach our youth that are overwhelmed by hip hop culture. We have compiled a group of ministers and christian artist to bring awareness to the
Neo Psalmz
Label of Redd Lettaz from Atalanta, Georgia.
New Era Recordz
In March 2006 K2S\'s label New Era Recordz got signed to 4th Man records.
Mustard Records
Mustard Records is founded by Darren Paine also known as \"djp\" in 1998. The label is now part of the Mustard Empire Company since 2006.
Music 4 The Soul Ministries
This Octavia Harris\' private label.
Mush Records
Mush Records is a division of Dirty Loop Music. Dirty Loop Music was formed in 1997.
One Way Records
The MC JDA founded his label One Way Records on February 9th, 2007. Goal Inspired by Mark 16:15 \"He said to them, Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.\" One Way Records goal is to use their music to tell people about God\'
Maranatha Music
Mass Reality Enterprises
Mello Music Group
Mello Music Group is from Seoul, Arizona. The recordlabel describes itself as "Mello Music Group is music for the soul, from the heart of American culture, opening the personal and private realm of the intelligent Hiphop experience through melodic evocati
Makeshift Records
Malaco Records
Specialized in traditional gospel music, like award-winning icons such as The Mississippi Mass Choir, The Georgia Mass Choir, The Jackson Southernaires, The Williams Brothers, and Dorothy Norwood, the Malaco Music Group signed their first holy hip hop art
Most High Music Group Inc.
Most High Music is an Independent christian record label that represents artists from the genres of rap/hip hop, rhythm & praise, and rock and reggaeton as well. Mission They describe their mission as: \"Here at “Most High” we strive to witness the Go
Modurn Languaj Asosiashun Records
Modurn Languaj Asosiashun (pronounced \'Modern Language Association\') is an independant record label founded by Arhythmatik and Scott Allen.
Monkofonic is operated by Kevin Clay, also known as 2Shon, is an independent label founded to produce, distribute, and promote music, audio liturgy, and other sonic works for artists and monastics who are contemplative and counter-revolutionary. Roste
Metro One
Miclife Recordings
Miclife Recordings is a mainstream hip hop label from Japan, which was founded by Jun (president) in 1999.
Ministerz Of Tha Underground Records
In July of 1997 a debuting satellite televised program called \"Ministerz of Tha Underground\" was broadcasted. The television program showed artists and venues in underground music scenes across the United States. Ministerz of Tha Underground had such a
NE Kind Entertainment
NE Kind Entertainment is an independent-based label from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan set on breaking the barriers of sound and speech. Creativity Home to talented young artists, producers, DJ\'s and graff artists, NE Kind Entertainment is not just a labe
Mental Link, Inc.
LP Records
Make Believe Records
Dragon Fli Empire\'s own label.
Machine Records
Machine Records is a label from The Machine Productions (TMP) Inc., a California Corporation. TMP is created as a multimedia entertainment company which will supply profitable, positive, audio and visual entertainment to a diverse, international consumer
Life or Death Records
The label has the following artists in 2008: - Easop - BC - Don Clay
Lighthouse Music
Lighthouse Ministries was started by the passion of a couple of young men and has blossomed to include over 75 young men and women all across the country, that actually go into the neighborhoods of their respective cities and develop a relationship with t
Lion Of Judah Sounds
The label is run by Ramont \"Monty G\" Green and it\'s an independent christian based production company dedicated to inspiring and motivating people through positive music. Styles The objective is to take music to higher heights through unique colla
Longevity Music
The label lead by rapper Corey Hicks. Artists are: - Corey Hicks - The Gatekeepers
Look Alive Records
Label of Ahmed Jones, who is the frontman of 4th Avenue Jones.
LowRoof Records
LowRoof Records is a Dutch record label founded in 1999 and is committed to the support of underground artists and delivering exiting music to the world. Founders The founders are Arjan Nihot and Onno Groeneveld, but since 2003 Wim van Wingerden is
DJ Frost is CEO of LOJRap a subsidiary of Lion of Judah Music Group. Lion of Judah Music Group The Lion of Judah Music Group consists of: - LOJSounds: Lion of Judah Sounds - LOJRap The CEO of Lion of Judah Sounds is the reggea artist Monty G.
Liquid Assets Recordz
Mainstream hip hop label.
Left Table Productions
Left Table Productions is founded by Todd Banks also known as Imago Dei. He is a producer and DJ as well. Goal The goal of this label from Middletown, Ohio is to produce positive and effective music. It\'s not driven to make money. It doesn\'t try to
LOR Entertainment
The label is founded by Shael Torres in 2001. LOR stands for Leaders Of The Realness (Revolution Eagerly Approaches Life No Emprisonment Will Shadow Our Success). President Alexisandria Collazo Torres named president of LOR Entertainment in 2006.
Lion of Zion Entertainment
Lion of Zion Entertainment (LoZ) is a record label formed in 1999 by Christafari founder Mark Mohr and musician/businessman Scott Whelan for the purpose of \"Reaching the World through World Music.\" In this global community we live in, God is using peopl
Lamp Mode Recordings
The label is founded by Joshua Wann also known as DJ Essence. He was working together with Timothy Brindle on his hip hop album, when Timothy suddenly gave his life to Christ. DJ Essence and Timothy began to grow in the Lord together and became very close
KMG records
Killen Music Group (KMG) Records is not very active anymore and it has acquired the backcatalogue of the Frontline Music Group. Therefore some classic releases like PID, CMC\'s and the Gospel Gangstas plus other CCM artists are available at the site. KMG
KMG/Nureau Ink
KMG stands for Kingdom Marketing Group.
JusRoCc Ent.
Kaught Upp Entertainment
The label is committed to spreading God’s Love to a hurting world through quality music and heartfelt lyrics. They are inspired by Jeremiah 31:3 - The Lord hath appeared of old unto me, [saying], Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore
Kerygma Music
Private label from rapper the Voice. The label is incorporated under Fros\'T label 4th Man Records.
Kingdom City Records
Kingdom City Records LLC, was founded by Michael Watson in the fall of 2007. A former UMKC Basketball standout and current Professional Athlete, Michael's love of all genre's of music began at an early age. Renewed Purpose With a renewed purpose in
Latitude 116
Latitude 116 is an imprint from Sephora Music, which is France\'s largest music label and distribution company established in the 1970s. It\'s founder is Marc Brunet. Distribution Séphora licences and distributes Christian music albums from the USA a
Labaddictz, The
The label The Labaddictz is based in East Windsor, Connecticut. Start Calmplex joined his friend Charles \"Codak\" Maze to partner in a record label called The Labaddictz, this was announced December 27th, 2006. Goal Their goal is to bring the be
La Familia Muzik
The label La Famila Muzik from Lakeland, Florida consists of the artists Don Tony, Foolish, SYD, Carlito P., Ryan Horton and Verse (Mike Mills). Started La Familia Muzik started, when Don Antonio Productions and Prophetic Productions merged together a
Kingdom Music Group
Kingdom Music Group or Kingdom Music Inc is founded in October 2006 by Fresh IE from Canada. The label should not be mistaken for Kingdom Music of rapper Jah Word. Distribution Kingdom Music Group is distributed by Fontana North/Universal. Mission
Kingsway Music
This label is from the distribution company Kingsway Communications in the United Kingdom. The Kingsway Music is now more used for praise and worship compilation albums.
Kingdom Minded Records
Since Kingdom Minded Records was formed in 2004, our desire has been to see lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A few years later, we find ourselves getting ready to embark on an incredible campaign with your growth and success as our focus.
His Way Productions
HOG MOB is the ministry organization of the MC Sevin, it stands for Hooked On God, Ministry Over Business. The organization is founded in 1999. Label HOG MOB Muzik is the musical ministry portion of the organization and it\'s main focus is to share th
Jizfat Global Music
The Jizfat Global Music team consists of: J. E. Cooper (B.B. Jay) - CEO & Music Director DJ I Rock Jesus - Music Mix Master Derrick Ghentry (Big G) - Producer Kris Bell (Doc Sizzle) Rovion - Chief Studio Engineer Website: The old website w
Jesus Christ Tru Vine Entertainment
This is maCmoses own private label.
Jive Records
Jive Records is a sublabel of the Zomba Label Group, which in return is part of Sony BMG. The company specializes in pop and hip hop.
Javo Records
Ras's own label.
JahRock'n Productions
JahRock'n Productions pronounced as jaah-rock-inn. Production A music producer is to music what a film director is to cinema-possessing the innate ability to articulate one’s vision through the language of music. Creative In an age where a number
Interscope Records
Island Of eCsiLe Records
Island Of eCsiLe Records is an independent record label based out of Independence, Oregon. It was created in 2003 by eCsiLe and MaSapeal (both of Celtic Poet Society) and is affiliated with Future-Hop Productions. The truth is, it was intended to be merle
Isolated Music
J4J Music Ministries
J4J Music Ministries is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is operated by Minister Reginald Blanchard. Mission This label is dedicated to youth empowerment, youth motivation, and youth bible teaching, by providing inspirational and positive music as well a
Inspired By Christ
Clothing company \"Inspired By Christ\", that released it\'s own mixtape in 2005.
IMS Entertainment
IMS or Immortal Souljahz Entertainment is based in Houston, Texas and founded by Tyrone Franklin also known as Immortal. Compilation In August of 2001 Immortal started his recordlabel IMS Entertainment and in June of 2004 began working on the first a
HolyZone Records
The label HolyZone Records is from Wesley Chapel, Florida. Their roster consists of: - FoCuSed - A-Flo
I-66 Entertainment
Manager Gary W. Coleman also known as G-Wade is the manager of Atlanta based Flava 4 The Savior Ministries, Inc. Part of Flava 4 the Savior Ministries is the hip hop and R&B label I-66 Entertainment. Radio G-Wade has been named Operations Manager o
Illectronica is an imprint of ILLECT Recordings. ILLECT Josh Niemyjski also known as Plastic started ILLECT Recordings in April 2003 after his departure from the Uprok Records label as the Artist & Repertoire manager. He is also founder of the interne
Infinite International
Rick D\'s label has the following roster in 2007: - Kambino - Priest - Rick D Company The company also included online radio activities, but these have stopped 2005-2006.
ILLECT Recordings
Josh Niemyjski also known as Plastic started ILLECT Recordings in April 2003, after his departure from the Uprok Records label as the Artist & Repertoire manager. Josh Niemyjski had worked for Uprok from 2001-2003. He is also founder of the internetsite S
Holy South
Holy South is an imprint of the Dedicated Group of Mr. Del. Ministry Holy South is a youth and young adult ministry that was founded in Memphis, Tennessee by Mr. Del. The vision was given in June 2000 and birthed in April 2001. Kingdom As Mr. De
Holy Hit Makerz
Holy Hit Makerz is founded in 2002 when two former secular producers: Ronald Simmons and Tony Galati, merged their production companies to form a partnership. The two produced together for over a year and eventually befriended another local producer Raul
Holy Hip Hop/Cold Cut Records
The album \"The Foundation\" (2007) from DJ Skillspinz is released through the distribution alliance of Holy Hip Hop and EMI Gospel.
Holy Culture Media
The founders of Holy Culture Media are the same as the initiators behind the internetsite Holycultureradio.com. The label was started in 2004. Their first release was Theory Hazit\'s album \"Necrology 101\".
Holy-Wood Records
The label is founded by Kelly O. Williams (Prodigal Son). Holy-Wood Records has secured a distributiondeal in London, United Kingdom via the Awake Music Group.
Groove Sound Records
Groove Sound Records is distributed by Word Distribution.
Holy Hip Hop
The Atlanta based label Holy Hip Hop has a distribution deal with EMI Gospel since February 2004. This means that EMI's Chordant group will distribute Holy Hip Hop albums to the general market. The "Taking the Gospel to the Streets" series is the first jo
Holy Flame Records
The label Holy Flame Records is founded by Juan Solo in August of 2005. The label is based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Salvation Our mission is to bring a message of salvation to the entire world. The individual member’s of H.F.R all bring somet
Hip Hopposite
The label is founded in 2005 and has the following artists: - Celah - B\'Love - Crossfire - DJ Heat
HipHop Is Music
This label is founded by artist Braille, first to release his own albums and his friends of Lightheaded, like the album of Othello and the Hipknotics - Classic (for the US). Philosophy The label's philosophy is to make their music available in every s
Grrr Records
Guinness Records
Gye Nyame Recordings
The label\'s name Gye Nyame - is a West African adinkra meaning \"Only God\". It is a deeply religious symbol of the supremacy of God. The symbol is most popular in Ghana. My Pastor gave me the name after I found out that the original name chosen for the
Halo Hip Hop
Handcuts Records
Japanese quality musiclabel releasing Braille\'s album for the Asian market.
Gotee Records
The founders of the label Gotee Records are Todd Collins, Joey Elwood and Toby McKeehan. Tod Collins has sold his share in 2001 to start Beatmart Recordings. Toby McKeehan is besides a producer better known as the solo artist TobyMac plus a member of DC T
HGS Records
Gozpul Music
Gozpul Music Group, LLC, is a gospel recording company from Los Angeles, California founded July 2006. The President of Gozpul Music, LLC, is Big Earl and the vice-president of A&R is Terrance Bolen, also known as Terry Did\'Um. 2007 In the year 2007
Gospel365 Records
Gospel365 is part of Junket Media, which is an independant home entertainment company, that acquires, licenses, and produces exclusive content for world wide video distribution. DVD Junket Media produces, distributes and market entertainment, includin
GospoCentric was founded in 1992 by Vicki Mack Lataillade, who began her career in music as an intern with RCA Records in 1975. In 1996, her husband Claude Lataillade founded B-Rite Music, envisioned as a more eclectic and avant-garde label. The two label
Gospel Engine
Gospel Engine in alliance with Amen Gospel released their first compilation: Inspiration Jam, Volume 1 in 2008. This was distributed worldwide by EMI CMG.
Goon Trax
Goon Trax is an imprint of Media Factory, which is a big publishing and distribution company in Japan, mainly known for it\'s anime movies. Sources: En.wikipedia.org
God Dynasty Entertainment
The rapper Shorty Roc is the force behind the God Dynasty, which is a group of hip hop artists and people with creative and positive talents that work together to help each other become successful in the hip hop industry. Welcome The God Dynasty welc
God Only Recordings
God Style Records
Adrian Sandoval also known as AGE is the president of God Style Records. The label has had a distribution deal with Grapetree Distribution in 2001. Now God Style Records have their distribution done through Point Of Grace Entertainment. Age was part of
GodChaserz Entertainment
GodChaserz Entertainment (GCE) was created in 1994 and has undergone great changes in recent years. GCE was formerly CND LLC which only specialized in urban music and was based out of Jacksonville, Florida with satellite offices in Tallahassee, Florida a
Flicker Records
Floodland Recordings
Fly Away Records
G-Like Music Group
Gladiator Music
This imprint from the SGR Music Group is first used in 2006 for the Organized CRIME Mixtape Volume 2.
GMI Music
GMI Music is the largest CCM distribution group in The Netherlands. The company distributes music for Provident and EMI. Albums The company occasionally signs Dutch gospel artists. For example the rapper Ernst van de Zaak to release his selftitled al
Fla.vor Alliance
This hip hop ministry was first called \"Flavor Records\", but later on adapted the name \"Fla.vor Alliance\" in 2000. It should not be seen as a record label, all members are part of the Crossover Community Church to reach out and minister to children. S
FISNO Media/Records
Essential Records
ESWP music
Evolution Musik
Evolution Musik is the record label birthed out of C.U.R.E. Ministries. The label is founded by Rolando Remedios also known as 3D Remedy.
Eye Am Productions
Eye Am Productions is Brandon Bornes also known as Name Brand (instrumentals, mixing) and Ruslan Karaoglanov (intrumentals, vocals and mixing).
FatBeats Records
Fat Beats, Inc. is the brainchild of Joseph Abajian (DJ, B-Boy, and producer, DJ Jab), with Ryan Sikorski in the Amsterdam operation and founded in July 14, 1994. Store concept The store is completely dedicated to the hip hop fan with hard to get alb
Fear of the Drum Records
Label of rapper and producer The Psalmist.
Fedelity Music
Fedel\'s own music label.
Fervent Records
Founded in 2001 by Susan Riley, Fervent Records is a part of Word Label Group, a division of Word Entertainment, a Warner/Curb company. Word Entertainment announced the addition of Fervent Records to the Word Label Group on May 6nd, 2005. The Nashvill
Genuine Life Recordz
Genuine Life Recordz and Productions was created by Marquis Franklin in 2000.
Flavor Records
This hip hop ministry was first called \"Flavor Records\", but later on adapted the name \"Fla.vor Alliance\" in 2000. It should not be seen as a record label, all members are part of the Crossover Community Church to reach out and minister to children. S
Fierce! Records
On March 2nd, 2009 the news came out Kingsway Communications bought FIERCE! Distribution. This meant that the subsidiary label of Kingsway called 'Survivor Records', which had a smaller subsidiary label called 'Outreach Records' (OTR) merged with Fierce
Fishermen Media Group
The Fishermen Media Group is distributed by Infinity Music Distribution and it's parent company Central South Distribution.
Fireproof Music LLC
Epicenter Entertainment
Epic\'s label which will release mixtapes as well in the future.
ESeye Music
Cas Metah, a member of Scribbling Idiots, founded this label to release his and the group\'s music.
Dunsin' Donuts
Dunsin Donuts was founded in 2008 in order to bring the best of overseas hip hop music to Japan. We chose our artists very carefully and only on their sound suitability for the japanese market, but once we go into an agreement with an artists we are full
End Of Earth Records
The label End Of Earth Records of DJ TreyQel is founded in 2007. The DJ used to be a member of the crew Future Shock. Non-Profit On November 16th, 2007 the label announced it is a non-profit organization. This means that after the artist gets paid the
EMI Gospel
Black gospel, soul & R&B label from record company EMI, like the sublabels Forefront Records, Sparrow Records and SixstepsRecords.
EMG Records (Executive Music Group)
The Executive Music Group is founded by Jacob Cap in 2004.
Recordcompany with Dutch artists ranging from praise, rock, pop and hip hop.
Elementz of Life
The Mission of Elementz of Life™ is to present the Gospel in relevant and engaging formats to unchurched youth and young adults affected by contemporary urban culture, and to provide the church and parachurch groups with faith-based programs and Scriptur
Church Boy Entertainment
This is CedEnough\'s own label. His debut album Strange to the world of December 2005 was re-released nationwide with distribution by PGE(Point of Grace Entertainment) through FaithWorks for the christian market and Sony\'s Red for the general market in F
Church Publishing
Publisher of books and music in New York.
CIO Music Group
CIO (Christ Inspired Only) Music Group, is an organization established in 1995 to promote, manage, plan, develop, direct, produce and implement wholesome Christ centered music. Operating as a boutique music booking and media agency, CIO Music artists ha
ClassHeat Records
D.Class is besides an artist, the label owner of ClassHeat Records. Music Group The ClassHeat Music Group was founded in 1991 by Baltimore native, Daniel Woodis (D.Class). As a DJ, the focus was to make a strong impression on the masses as a music gi
The abbreviation CMR stands for Cross Movement Records. It\'s founded in 1997 and is the label of the hiphop crew Cross Movement. CMR has an agreement with BEC recordings. Strategy In 2005 they made a license agreement with Reach Records\' Lecrae. CM
Dunamis Records
Anthony Allen is Vice President of Dunamis Records. Mission The label is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music of excellence. Our mission here at Dunamis Records is to bridge the generational gaps placed on us by society an
Don-T Records
In 2003 Donald Thompson better known as Deliverer Of The Never Ending Truth (Don-T) founded Don-T Records. Vision Don-T\'s vision is to reach the lost souls, but main focus is the lost youth. Don-T is an artist, CEO, music producer, music composer, a
Double Edge Ministries
Double Edge Sword Records
Jamie Mayberry (JayMay) and Curtis Kemp founded the label in January 2005 and co-own the label. Military Their start came from a deep desire to want to get music out to people that was filled with the Word and glorifies God. These two brothers met in
Divine Intavention
The label run by producer Roger Moore also released the \"Gospel 4 U\" Series. These compilation CDs and DVD contain artists of the United Kingdom ranging in musicalstyles from R&B to hip hop.
Domination Recordings
In the year 2004 Domination Recordings & Distribution was founded by DJ Fisher. Domination is not only a recording label, but also a distribution company.
Def Jam Recordings
One of the first hip hop labels in the world founded by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin in the nineteen eighties. Russell had a brother, Joseph, who was in a group called Run DMC and the rest is history. Other famous names are LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Publ
dFLY Entertainment
DFS Records
Diadem Music
The label is specialized in CCM, like it\'s artist Bob Carlisle.
Divine Flava Records
In May of 2000, Michael Kennedy also known as MVP started Divine Flava Records and began working on his debut album entitled \"Fired Up\". This would also become Divine Flava Records’ first release. The album got distributed by Grapetree Records. Partn
Cold Cut Records
Colemine Records
Cornerstone Ras
COZ Records
COZ Records stands for City of Zion Records, which is founded by Melani Ismail and Raghib Ismail in April of 2000.
Cross Breed Imprints
Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Cross Breed Imprints is founded in 1997 to teach, inspire, motivate and compel the creation of God to seek His face through all media possible.
Crucial County Records
Crucial County Records is part of the multi-media company Crucial County delivering different services from Webdesign, Audio/video production to Clothing. Distribution The label\'s distribution is being dealt through 4th Man Media Group.
Deepspace5 Records
Day By Day Entertainment
Dedicated Group
The Dedicated Group is the head of Holy South and all affiliated ministries. It is a multimedia ministry company, that houses 12 divisions including; City of Refuge, Dedicated Music Group, etc. The group is specialized in movies, tv shows, radio, a clothi
Cul De Sac Records
The label is now more focussed on pop and praise music.
Cypha International
Cypha International is the parent organization and ministry for various areas of music, spoken word and teaching ministry. They are committed to reaching people captured and involved in the hip hop culture by exposing them to the truth and reality of God
BRx2 Music
BRx2 Music is an imprint of Bettie Rocket Records. The label was active in 2002 and 2003 with the artists Big Unc, ELLE Roc and Epic.
Bus Shop Recordings
Label from the store of the internetsite DaSouth.com.
CAJO International
Camp 8 Records
Label from the Gospel Gangstas. It\'s a joint venture with Native Records.
Chosen Records
Chosen Records has a distribution deal through Universal Music Christian Group (July 2008).
Chosen Vessel Records
Christ Like Entertainment
Christ Lyfe Musiq
The label consists of the artists: - Govenor - Stephen Michaels Logo Design by kirk jennings in 2005.
Christsyde Records
CEO of Christsyde Records is Roosevelt Sargent, also known as Flo. He states about his label: "My vision for CSR is to be a label that's not just a christian hip hop label, but one that will reach all people through all genres of music and to be a channel
Broken Vessel Records
The indie recordlabel Broken Vessel Records from Belmont, California is founded by Microphone Astronaut of the Insomniaddicts and Knownauts crew in late 2006. Artists The label houses the following artists: - Microphone Astronaut - Soul/Addicts
Broken Chain Records
Brother IG runs the label Broken Chain Records. New member Joe The 4th Man is out of Bakersfield, California. And is a new member of the Broken Chain Records roster in January 2007. Distribution In February 2007 the label announced, that Broken Ch
Brentwood Music
The label of Stephen Wiley, the first holy hip hop artist. Brentwood Music therefore is one of the first record companies to invest in the release of more than one hip hop album. The label is well known for their \"Brentwood kids\" series, \"evergreen\" c
Brainstorm Artists International (BAI) was owned by Gene \"Eugene\" Andrusco and Joe \"Ojo\" Taylor in the nineteen nineties. Their albums were first released through Maranatha\'s label: Broken Records. Brainstorm gave many great holy hip hop artists a vo
Boundless Recordz
The founder of the label is John Paige also known as (DJ) I-Knight. He has been in the entertainment business from the nineteen eighties, but chose to make use of his talents for the gospel industry in 1996. The label wants to reach out to christians, but
Beesyde Records
Soup the Chemist\'s own label. He would terminate the site in 2005, but it may still be online.
Birmingham Entertainment
Birmingham Entertainment, LLC was established in February 2005 to produce, publish, market, promote and release music under the umbrella of the Birmingham Records label. Branches The Birmingham Records label has a Gospel and a Street branch. On the G
Battle Axe Records
Battle Shield Records
Beat Junkie Sound
Beat Lab 7 Productions
Beat Lab 7 is a division of CrossWorks Studio, which focuses on ground-breaking original instrumental compositions within the wide-spread music industry. Contemporary Beat Lab 7 is designed to fit the needs of artists who are looking for original co
Beatbreak Music
Beatmart Recordings
Label from producer Tod Collins of Gotee Records fame and one of the Gotee Brothers. As a co-founder he sold his part of the Gotee label in 2001 and started his own enterprise called Beatmart Recordings with his brother Troy Collins. Distribution In
BEC Recordings
BEC Recordings is well known for it\'s labels: Tooth & Nail, which is specialised in hardrock and punk music. Uprok Records is their former hip hop label. It became more of an imprint after 2004. KJ-52 is the only artist left of the original Uprok Records
Bomb Hip Hop Records
Boss Entertainment
Bound 4 Glory Records
Bound 4 Glory Records is under the covering of Bishop Lester Love & 1st Lady Fran Love. Pastors of Greater Antioch Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana.
GospoCentric was founded in 1992 by Vicki Mack Lataillade, who began her career in music as an intern with RCA Records in 1975. In 1996, her husband Claude Lataillade founded B-Rite Music, envisioned as a more eclectic and avant-garde label. The two label
B4 Entertainment
On September 23rd, 2006 the company B4 Entertainment anounced it\'s distribution deal with Soul Food Muzic/Universal Music & Video Distribution. This will make international distribution for the label\'s products possible. New artists On October 4th
Bang Theory Music
Label founded by Tod Bangz.
Basement Records
Basementalism Records
Backpack Vagabonds Records
The label is founded by Leonard, Snowman and werD in 2008. Origine On June 5th, 2008, three friends, Matthew Pack (Leonard), Jordan Andrew Jefferson (Snowman) and Andrew Temple (werD), while walking out of Marshall University's WMUL radio station, beg
Az One Entertainment
B&W Label Group
The Black & White Label Group is Washington Projects own indie label. For the 2007 release \"Commanders of the Resistance\" the label made deals with distribution companies and other labels to give the album the promotion and support that it needs.
Baby Boy Music
Eternal Tribe\'s own label \"Baby Boy Music\". The label is a partnership with Dub (e-tribe) & Dan Wantanabe from the Hawiian distribution company ( Quietstorm Distribution ). Baby Boy has distribution in the state of Hawaii, Southern California and Germa
Anno Domini Pros.
Label of James \"Jaawt\" Wade.
AOmega Global Military
Arc The Finger Records
Arrow Records
The label is specialized in R&B and gospel music.
Founded in 2008 AudioSketchbook is a subdivision of End of Earth Records. The label is managed by both TreyQel and Capture the Elusive from Future Shock. It's parent company End of Earth Records is solely run by TreyQel. First Artist The word got out
ABB Records
ABB Records is an independent record company since 1997, which encompasses ABB Soul, an inhouse distribution company, ABB Records RPM and e-commerce, ShopABB.com.
Above the Ground
Label of Dynamic Twins.
Abundant Harvest Entertainment Inc.
Abundant Harvest Entertainment is the recordlabel of Abundant Harvest Fellowship of Churches, an international fellowship with more than 175 churches in the United States, Africa, and India. First Hip Hop Artist Christawn is the first rapper on this l
Adullam House Records
Adullam House Records put out their first album BIG Shadow\'s No\' Mo in June of 2004 as an Adullam House Records/ Wiseup Records release. As BIG Shadow recalls: \"It was pulled off the shelves because stores thought the cover was to provocative. After th
Agape Music Group
The distribution of Agape Music Group is dealt by 4th Man Records.
All4Souls Music
All4Souls Music (formally Elohim Productions) is a Christ-centered production team headed by Juan-Carlos "L-O-S" Morales and Eric "E-Dub" Caresquillo. Back in the late 1990's, then, Elohim Productions, was home to the HHH group 4th Dimension (L-O-S, Pro
Alliant Music Group
The Alliant Music Group is based in Nashville and has been founded by Gospel music veteran, producer Paul Wright III in 2000. Alliant Music Group has won several awards like the Dove and Stellar Award with praise concept albums. In January 2005 the Musi
4th Man Records
The label is started by Fros\'T. Under the 4th Man Records umbrella the following imprints are found: - Accolade records - Agape Music Group - Crucial County Records - Game Plan Records - Heaven\'z Muzik - Kerygma Music - New Era Recordz - Raven R
7 Spin Music
After Playdough from ILL Harmonics got signed in 2005 the second rapper to be signed to 7 Spin Music is Heath McNease with his crossover sound of pop and rap.
Authority Music
Lil iROCC family\'s private label.
Avante Records
Avante Records is the artist development and music production divison of Family Life Network. In January 2003 Family Life Network launched Avante Records - a full-service recording label that provides artist development, music production and tour manageme
Amen Films
The Amen Films' executive director is Christopher Martin, also known as 'Play' from the former hip hop duo 'Kid N' Play'. The music division component of Amen Films is Amen Music. Mission Statement Amen Films is dedicated to seeking and promoting ins
Alpha Omega Records
Vintage Clothing Limited
The urban clothing brand Vintage Clothing Limited is founded by Shaun Burkowski of productioncompany Pinnacle Rhythms, and Eric Nine of the hip hop crew The Remnant (Militia). Vintage Clothing Limited is based out of Baltimore, Maryland, and Atlanta, Geor
Amen Music
On November 15th, 2006 it was announced that Christopher \'Play\' Martin will debut Amen Music in 2007, as the Music division component of Amen Films. Soundtracks Amen Music shall produce all soundtracks for Amen Films releases beginning in 2007 and
XDC reCORDz / JAG'D Edge Media
XDC reCORDz is founded by Just paraDOX to release the EP Fired Up (2003) by Soulfire.
1280 Music
The label launched in August 2006 features only Verbs. But 1280 Music has plans to expand their roster with different artists and musical styles in the future.
2-BZ Media
2Sick Music
Realistikk\'s own recordlabel.
The urban clothing brand 3Sixteen released the mixtape \"Blood, Sweat & Tears : Hosted by Theory Hazit\" in May 2007. The CD is given away for free with every purchase of a 3Sixteen clothing item. Slogan The brand\'s slogan is \"3sixteen : The new ro
12 Strings
12 Strings is a fully operational Faith Based Urban development and Out Reach Organization. Our vision is to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nation by means of proclamation, media, video, music and entertainment. Mission To reach th
Zang Productions
The British indie label Zang Productions releases music from different musical styles: rock, folk and hip hop.
Zeven Zegels
The label Zeven Zegels, meaning Seven Seals, is based upon the biblical scripture Revelations 5. The goal of the label is to obey Jesus Christ in his command to go out into the world and spread the good news [like in Matthew 28:19-20]. The label is founde
Zucker Schallplatten
ZYX Records
The single of the Rappin Reverend seems to be released through Fantasy. Fantasy is an imprint of ZYX Records. It\'s now used for their jazz artists.

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