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DiRT (Shadow of the Locust) - Plague

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Recordlabel:Rescue Records
Info:Production by Fingaz and Sir Roc. Guest appearances for instance on the track Good medison are Drastic, Deacon(fire), KJ-52, Golden child, Roldan Militant, Arcchitect, Oposit and 7Lock.

1. Suitecase packed... infiltrate
2. Iniquisities - turn rust
3. Good medison - featuring Remnant Militia and Sons of Intellect.
4. Part 1 (Evilution: unholy ghosts)
5. Part 2 (Revolution: revolution) - featuring 7Lock.
6. Intoxicated by self
7. A chapter a day
8. Mustard seed
9. Grasshopper - featuring 7Lock.
10. Chant
11. Operation E.
12. Theophilus - featuring 7Lock.
13. Breathe deep
14. Woodburnfire (H.E.A.T.)
15. Apocalypse now - featuring 7Lock.
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Original author/source
Review:This album features production by:
DJ Fingaz
Sir Rocdomz
Remnant Militia

Guest Appearances by:
Sons of Intellect
Remnant Militia

Song Titles:
Phat Cat
Heat (Wood Burns Fire)
Chant Apocalypse Now
Breathe Deep
A Chapter A Day
Iniquities Turn Rust
Intoxicated By Self
Operation E.
Good Medi-Son
Mustard Seed
source: unknown, added: Feb 24, 2005
Review:Dirt brings forth innovative styles that are unmatched in the industry-both Christian and secular. The hip hop sub-culture is made up of four elements: rapping, dee-jaying, graffiti art, and break dancing. His music caters to each of these elements with a direct Christ centered message. Since his guest appearance on P.O.D.ís Brown, Dirt has been highly anticipated by all who have heard his superbly creative and poetic lyrics. Shadows of the Locust (who has gained major respect in the underground hop hop scene), the group Dirt has descended from, also appears on this album. Dirtís versatility allows him to cross over from hip hop to the alternative scenes and still be well received. He continues on the Rescue quest for lost souls. His music proves itself in every aspect and will gain respect from audiences nation wide.
source: www.gofishnet.com, added: Feb 24, 2005
Review:Classic Material! Most Christan Hip Hop Artists could not step outside the boundaries and create the artform the way Dirt did on this album. Everyopne can relate to his life and their own through this album. A must have that most will have to mediatate on to understand. Some hot lyrics from Remanat and the Sons of Intellict. Dirt even gets 7Lock to spit like a pro on Theophilus and Apocalypse now.
source: Codename Radius, added: May 02, 2007

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