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King Cyz - Wake up!

Release:Wake up!
Wake up!
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Naked (intro)
2. Wake-Up!
3. Remeber
4. Stressin
5. Selah
6. 2nd Coming
7. Your Way
8. Vent
9. I Do
10. Selfish
11. As The World Turns
12. Mirror
13. Who is Christ?
14. Love Life
15. Roll-Call
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Original author/source
Review: Written by: Aziz Peregrino-Brimah

Okay, first of all… let me repent unto the Lord. Have you ever had a CD and didn’t really give it the time of day? Only to find out later that it was the bomb?!!! Well, King Cyz, if you’re reading this review, man, please, forgive me!

Now, I know that I have given the last two reviews I’ve done all perfect tens, but believe me… they were well deserved. I love all kinds of music. I’m a fan of good music. It doesn’t matter genre as long as it’s done well, effectively and – most of all – with passion. YOUR MUSIC MUST HAVE HEART!

Wake Up! by King Cyz is a project with much heart and soul. This is the kind of album I’d make. Everything about his project is perfect – the production, the lyrical prowess, and the message!

This CD is called Wake Up! because for too long the church has been sleeping. This is the first song on the album and it has a latin feel to it. This would make for a good video. I can see it now… in Spain riding scooters… LOL! Okay, let me stop that right there… I could go on with that, but I won’t.

The next track is “Remember.” The beat has parts of it that remind of the song “Alright” by Freeway. Nah, I don’t listen to secular rap for entertainment, but I do have ears and know when music is done well (content is a whole other subject; yuck!). With that being said, I like this track. One thing that really sets it off is the vocals. I don’t know who sang what on this album, because – unfortunately – album credits were not supplied to me, but whoever sang on this album – THEY DID THEIR THING! Anyway, what KC is rapping about on this one is about how he can put his trust his God to make it by giving glory to him. He encourages others not to be afraid to trust their heavenly Father in the days of their youth.

King Cyz has a really knack for making some soulful tracks. I wonder what his story is. Yo, Cyz, the world would want you man! But keep reppin’ Christ homie!

Okay, back on track…

My favorite track on the whole album is “Selah.” The chorus is hot! The female accompaniment on the chorus really set it off. Whoever mixed this track did their thing on it too! The beat is a mellow and jazzy type joint. Basically KC is talking making it within this Christian walk. The biggest struggle in our walk is our selves. Thank God he is merciful and extends grace toward us so that we can be the best child of God that we can be. Word up!

Track 8 is called “Vent.” King Cyz really does that on this track too. Folks, it’s time to trust God despite what’s going on in this world, despite mess that may go on in our churches. Who do we live for? We can’t let what others do control us. If we keep looking at the negative things in this world, we can get discouraged. But, if we keep focused, knowing that God is the only one we should have allegiance to, then other things won’t move us.

One of my favorite producers is on this album, y’all. So you know I’m feeling it. 4Sight Sounds produced a few tracks on this album. “I Do” is a hot track, and there is also very “real talk” track called “Selfish.” On “Selfish,” King Cyz raps to God in first person as a Christian who wants to continue dibbling and dabbling with the world. It’s almost like a contrast to “Vent.” Here is a Christian who want to do right, but the church has just got on his last nerve! Hey, he’s just speaking his heart. But that’s not all. He is basically a backslider asking God why would he take someone like him back after all of the dirt he has done. God’s love is stronger than our sin! Jesus’s blood will cleanse us of all unrighteousness! Thank you for your goodness Father, through your Son Jesus! Praise God! Again, the vocals were very nice on this one.

I’ll leave you with this… I skipped a few tracks, but let me back track (pun intended). The song “2nd Coming” is a track I’m also feeling. The song title tells is all. But what I want to touch on is the vocal and musical arrangement. I was done very nicely. It sounds like a choir is singing on this thing! Great job!

Some may not be feeling this album because it doesn’t sound hip hop enough for them. King Cyz really brings a soulful, r&b feel to the album in some instances. He does it well though, and that’s why I am still able to give it high markings.

This album can also transcend into some age groups some other hip hop may not be able to get into. I can see some middle-aged person enjoying this album. That says a lot when an album can reach more than one age group.

Great job bro!

Production: 10
Lyrics: 10
Message: 10
source: Rapzilla.com, added: May 14, 2006

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