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King Cyz

King Cyz
Country:United States
Releases:[Wake up!] [Life Or Death]
Info:Cyrus Brandon Alexander also known as "King Cyz", pronounced King Size, is born in Media, Pennsylvania, February 27,1979

After being told by doctors and specialists in fertility that they could not have any children, Cyrus' parents knew that the medical profession had its limitations and that only God could and would perform the miracle that they so earnestly prayed for. They strongly believed that when the season and timing were in-accordance with His Divine and Perfect Will it would be so. From the womb King CYZ was labeled as the "Miracle Baby" since even the doctors were stunned at how such a conception could have ever occurred.

At the age of five he accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord and began to evangelize and win souls for the Kingdom of God with a zeal and fire second to none. His boldness in confronting people as to their "soul status" and whether or not they would go to heaven or hell if they died at that very moment was the onset of that "burning fire" that is so evident as he”spits” the lyrics of his gospel rap songs to this very day.

Hip hop
At the age of nine King Cyz began to "call those things which be not as though they were" and stated that when he grew-up he wanted to be a gospel rap artist, which although humorous and strange to many, offered no hindrance to the vision and goals which continued to intensify and become more focused than ever before. He began to record his own background tracks, as crude as they may have been, by "beat-boxing" with his mouth and using one taperecorder to tape onto the preceding track of the other recorder. This until all of the sounds were intact and then he added the instrumental music from another source, which occasionally was provided by his mother who played the keyboard/piano at their church. This gave him the accompaniment that was needed for him to effectively deliver his rap songs.

As Cyrus entered his teen years he began to receive invitations to minister his gospel raps at youth conferences, crusades, street ministries, schools & colleges, etc. and God began to strategically place people into his life who could impart their expertise, wisdom and guidance in such a way that he would mature in the Word of God and the ministry that he had been called to.

The very name Cyrus was handed-down through several generations of his family and had its origin in the Bible, the Book of Ezra, Chapter One and verse one where God commissions King Cyrus of Persia who is not a Christian to lead the people back to Christianity and fellowship with God.

Debut Album
With King Cyz's debut album, "Life or Death" in 2001 he delivered a message urging his listeners to choose life in Christ, or experience eternal damnation. In 2005 this album got a follow-up in the form of "Wake Up!" which identifies whether or not anything was learned in the four-year interim.

Release:Wake up!
Wake up!
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:1. Naked (intro)
2. Wake-Up!
3. Remeber
4. Stressin
5. Selah
6. 2nd Coming
7. Your Way
8. Vent
9. I Do
10. Selfish
11. As The World Turns
12. Mirror
13. Who is Christ?
14. Love Life
15. Roll-Call
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Release:Life Or Death
Life Or Death
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Phat Boy Recordings
Info:1. Life or Death (intro)
2. Man of God
3. I'm God
4. Should I Go On - featuring Non Chalant
5. Nice Guys
6. No Blood Thicka
7. Turn Your Love Around
8. Battle In The Basement (freestyle)
9. 30 Seconds
10. WAR (interlude)
11. No Weapon - featuring Ann Nesby
12. WAR
13. Tribulation
14. Listen To Dis
15. Calvary
16. Last Call
17. Death Row
18. Happy (bonus track)
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Reviews:Found 1 reviews for this album. [Add a review]

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