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Sev Statik - Afterburn : Slow Burn Remix LP : The PCM Edition

Release:Afterburn : Slow Burn Remix LP : The PCM Edition
Afterburn : Slow Burn Remix LP : The PCM Edition
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:This is released 21st March, 2006.
The 2004 album Slow Burn gets a remix workover in the form of the limited edition Afterburn album. The remix is executed by Pitch Control Music team from Albany, New York. See for the producers the credits.

Track 1 - production by Money Mike
Track 2 - production by Scotty Beams
Track 3 - production by PJ Katz
Track 4 - production by Magnet
Track 5 - production by Unconventional Science
Track 6 - production by The Hobbyist
Track 7 - production by The Hobbyist
Track 8 - production by Tommy Wong
Track 9 - production by Dtox
Track 10 - production by JB
Track 11 - production by Vinylcologist
Track 12 - production by Gershom
Track 13 - production by Arkitek
Track 14 - production by Vinylcologist
Track 15 - production by Unconventional Science

1. Intro
2. Contrast
3. As one
4. Keep an eye out
5. Spare change
6. Line life
7. Kept the break
8. Son come down
9. Well traveled - featuring Explicit
10. Love you anyway
11. Crime of the century
12. Hits home - featuring Manchild (bonus track)
13. Gone with the wind - featuring Macho (bonus track)
14. Son come down (bonus track)
15. Spare change (Myspace exclusive) (bonus track)
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