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Mars ILL - Pro Pain

Release:Pro Pain
Pro Pain
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Gotee Records
Info:The album is released May 2nd, 2006.
The new release has added two new songs: Glam Rap & Too Strong To Change.
Three songs have not made it in regards of the recalled version of Pro Pain: All Out, Moment & Loud!.

1. Pro Pain intro
2. Say So
3. Sound Off
4. Too Strong To Change - featuring Cappadonna (Wu-Tang Clan)
5. Dog Eared Page
6. More
7. Just The 2 Of Us
8. Stand Back And Watch
9. Wicked Ways
10. Saturday Night Special
11. Glam Rap - featuring Prince Po
12. Higher
13. Effortless
14. Write Of Passage
15. When Heaven Scrapes The Pavement
16. I Is
17. We Out
Rating:Our users rated this release: 7.7 out of 10
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Review:Written by Ahnon Knomis
Monday, 14 August 2006

Mars ILL - Pro Pain

Quite possibly the best super duo since Batman and Robin... ATL'iens Soulheir the manCHILD (emcee) and master of the crate diggers, Dust (producer) hits you hard with their latest release "Pro Pain". A solid release.

Beginning in 2001 with their debut album "Raw Material" these two have put a new sound into the melting pot that is hip hop music. 5 years and several albums later, with no gripes about it they stick to the underground like a rebellion clamoring troops to take the front-lines. This confrontationalism through positive messages is even more evident in their word play and sound.

Mars ill is harsh dirty drums and complex collages of vinyl sampled gritty guitar licks, soulful abstract horns and keys, plus grimy bass lines that set aside a soundscape for raw truthful lyrics which smack you upside your head. A truly unique find among the culture.

Pro Pain was supposed to be released in July of 2005. But due to a sample clearing issues the album was recalled from the shops and the release was delayed until May of 2006. Now, with the addition of a few new songs and some surprising collabs such as Cappadonna of Wu-Tang Clan, and Prince Po of Organized Konfusion... Pro Pain makes its mark.

Key tracks include: The single "More" that features Ahmad of 4th Avenue Jones, "Dog Eared Page", and "Effortless" that features X:144 who also comes with the beat on this banger... But there is a whole lot more worthy of your ear play! The M.I.A. tracks from the original track listing are: Change Your Ways, All Out, Movement, and Loud. Nevertheless, Pro Pain is a must have for the underground hip-hop fan. Not to mention Mars ill fan. Quite arguably their best album to date. An instant classic.

My one and only gripe is I wish the producer Dust would use deeper kicks or layer allot more depth to his drums. Often times it doesn't hit as hard as I would like and feels more like a 70's rock album on the drum kit rather than hip-hop. This seams to be intentional and Dust's steelo, so its somewhat excusable in comparison to the rest of the dope soundscape. Although in comparison to the two beats not produced by Dust such as "Effortless" by X:144 and "Dog Eared Page" produced by T.R.E.K. you can really hear the difference as those stand out sonically and hit much harder than the rest on the album.

Over all this album is jam packed with solid lyrics and a natural flow about them that is refreshing to underground hip hop fans... and a reason to be fearful for aspiring emcee's on the come-up. But with enough content focused more on building up then destroying, its inspiring to hear something this original.

My suggestion. Pick this one up for sure.

For fans of: Deepspace5, 4th Avenue Jones, Listener, Sintax,the.terrific, Sev Statik, Stu Dent, Tunnel Rats

5 of 5 stars
source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Aug 14, 2006
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