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Righteous Riders - Internal Affairs

Release:Internal Affairs
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Tyscot Records
Info:The album is released June, 2002.
Production by Logic, Chris Kelly, Iren Golder and Blue Chip.

1. Intro
2. Creation
3. Anything
4. Me & You - featuring Shenita Golder
5. Chump Season
6. Intro-So Many X's
7. So Many X's
8. Vibrations
9. Can't Live
10. God Is Good
11. Out Tha World
12. Cross In Tha Air
13. Your Love
14. Praise Up
15. No Weapon
16. Sweet Communion
17. Interlude
18. Ride Tonight
19. Unity
20. Holy Ghost
21. Benediction
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Original author/source
Review:Super album. Culturally sensitive and relate-able lyrics. I shared and gave shout out about Righteous Riders, Internal Affairs CD on Cable Vision Public Access TV show "I Can See You Well With The Kidz Club," Monmouth County NJ 2002. TV show was a take on Sunday School by means of a variety show for kids and for young parents sharing of Dr. Joy Leary's Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome discussions.
Thugs -Kids-local community members&police officers really digged these guys and their unique message about Jesus the Christ and how he cares and loves us all. And that moreover Jesus loves us enough that he won't leave us the way we came. Righteous Riders are what Dr. Joy Leary would call "truth tellers." (And we need truth tellers in this day and age.) Because of these young peoples unique testimony and faith in God others can be : better people, better community helpers, and most importantly better parents. This all gives God be the glory. (And isn't that why we become Christians in the first place -to do God's will to the best of our personal ability which then gives way for his story and glory to be shared with individuals who others may not be able to reach?) am currently the choir director and I dusted off CD and shared it with a group of 7-18yr old kids at church absolutedly loved CD and of course want to be Righteous Riders! First song we will be sharing before congregation will be "Unity" something the body of Christ is desperately in need of. I would love to hear Righteous Riders take on "DJ Dove" a Christian rap that came out of Brooklyn. I use to share with my Aslan Youth Ministry kids in Long Branch in the early 90's. Peace & Blessings Sista K
source: Karen Brittingham-Edmond , added: Oct 12, 2016

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