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Mr. Del - Crunk Soul

Release:Crunk Soul
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Holy South
Info:The album is released in October 2006.
Production by Mr. Del.
Guest appearances by Senoj, Divine, April and Holy South.

1. Intro
2. Memphis In Me
3.Best Of Me
4. Paradise
5. So Beautiful
6. Surreal
7. Something
8. Crazy
9. Afraid
10. Slip Away
11. What About Us
12. Fairy Tales
13. You
14. Outro
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Review:This Album was the bomb! I thought the tracks were smooth and left you wanting more. I really thought that songs like fairy tales, Crazy,Something and Paradise should have gotten secular spins. I need more quiet storm music like that. Well done!!!!!
source: gospeljamz, added: Aug 29, 2008

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