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Various Magazines - Elementz of Life

Release:Elementz of Life
Elementz of Life
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Info:The magazine from New York is released for the first time in May 2004, as "4the Streets" magazine, which was renamed Elementz of Life in February 2006, with issue 2. Elementz of Life is a reach out program of the American Bible Society.

The Mission of Elementz of Life is to present the gospel in relevant and engaging formats to unchurched youth and young adults affected by contemporary urban culture, and to provide the church and parachurch groups with faith-based programs and scripture resources.

The publication is a positive, faith-based street-level magazine that seeks to meet the spiritual needs of our youth by providing empowering information; filled with hope and ways to address life issues. Through the power of poetry, stories, interviews, and art, they find a way to help prevent others from going through their same struggles.

The magazine can be obtained at: Elementzoflife.com.

Reading guides to use the magazine in the class or in groups can be found at the site as wel.

Volume #1 was released in May 2004.
Volume #2 was released in February 2006.
Volume #3 was released in October 2006.

Photo: Cover of Elementz of Life, Volume #3.
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