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Various Magazines - U-Zone Magazine : No Fashion, No Religion, All Spirit, All Urban Gospel

Release:U-Zone Magazine : No Fashion, No Religion, All Spirit, All Urban Gospel
U-Zone Magazine : No Fashion, No Religion, All Spirit, All Urban Gospel
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Info:U-Zone Magazine published by the Urban Gospel Alliance from Oakland, California is an urban gospel trade publication targeting gospel radio, media, promoters, artists, label executives, ministry heads and all urban individuals with an interest in urban gospel music styles and comedy.

Iissue number 1 is published in June of 2005. The magazine is released quarterly. The issue numbers continue through the volumes per year.

No international subscriptions are possible. But U-Zone can be obtained in stores or (US only) subscribe at: Uzonemagazine.com.

The magazine's subtitle was first, "The Voice of the Urban Gospel Alliance", but changed with issue nr. 5, March 2006 in "No Fashion, No Religion, All Spirit, All Urban Gospel".

The magazineís goal is to bring awareness of the
growing landscape of Urban Gospel Music to the general music industry population and an expanding urban audience of music lovers hungry for new styles of music to fit their spiritual beliefs.
U-Zone believes in promoting urban gospel music styles including urban contemporary, hip hop, jazz, reggae, and comedy.

The magazine U-Zone contains the following:
- In The News: provides the latest industry news.
- Radar: features the hottest independent artists to hit the music scene.
- The Biz: contains informative tidbits from industry movers and shakers to help propel the music careers of new and veteran artists.
- Radio Reports: radio top 10 lists for the quarter from various regions across the U.S.
- Reviews: candid reviews of the latest projects to hit the streets.
- Features: Articles on artists, events and music.
- Insight: Exposing various topics within the industry.
- Special Events: provides event details of various
industry events.

U-Zone is often the official magazine for these events, like the Holy Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta (January 11-13, 2007) and Fla.vor Fest (November 2-4, 2006) .

Photo: Cover of U-Zone, issue 8 (January, February, March 2007)
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