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Various Magazines - MicRippaz : The Holy Hip Hop Magazine

Release:MicRippaz : The Holy Hip Hop Magazine
MicRippaz : The Holy Hip Hop Magazine
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Info:MicRippaz from San Jose, California is a quality publication printed on high gloss text paper. The magazine is founded by LaShawn Batiste also known as Lil La La on September 14th, 2003.

The magazine is published bi-monthly, since 2006.

Contact details can can be found on: Micrippaz.com

The subtitle originally was "Bringing Holy Hip Hop To The Streets", issue 1, 2006. Since issue 2 (June 2006) it is "The Holy Hip Hop Magazine".

The magazine includes:
- The News: Recent news throughout the Urban Music Industry
- MR Spot: Profiles a new artists to keep your eye on.
- The Biz Industry related Q & A with major industry players.
- Ladies Corner: Articles focused towards women.
- Radio Bomb List: Top 10 lists from various regions
- Reviews: Real reviews of the latest music and videos.

MicRippaz is available at major gospel industry events and conferences as well as select locations of christian music stores.

Photo: Cover of MicRippaz, issue 1, [2006].
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