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Various Magazines - S.O.U.Lmag = Crossover = Flavor Fest

Release:S.O.U.Lmag = Crossover = Flavor Fest
S.O.U.Lmag =  Crossover = Flavor Fest
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Recordlabel:Fla.vor Alliance
Info:Fla.vor Alliance released their first holy hip hop magazine in 2002. This publication would be called "Fla.vor Fest" magazine in the Fall and "Crossover" magazine when released in the Spring. The magazine "Flavor Fest" is released during the annual Flavor Alliance conference "Flavor Fest" in Tampa, Florida.

First issues
The first issue published of "Fla.vor Fest" is during the Fla.vor Fest conference in November 2002 with Corey Red and Precise on the cover.
The first "Crossover" magazine was published in the Spring of 2003 with Fla.vor Alliance on the cover.

In 2006 the two magazines "Flavor Fest", and "Crossover : Our Sole Purpose, Is To Give Your Soul Purpose" were combined into one brand "S.O.U.Lmag : Speaking On Urban Life" to expand both titles beyond just the Fest and Crossover - although it still focuses on both activities.

In 2006 only one issue was published of "S.O.U.Lmag" as it was a double cover and 100 pages thick. But in 2007 a Spring and Fall issue is released.

To buy back issues go to: Thesoulmag.com

The magazine contains interviews and lifestyle articles.

Photo: Cover of Flavor Fest, issue 3, 2004.
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