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Various Magazines - Bassic Instinct : The First and Only Gospel Hip-Hop Magazine

Release:Bassic Instinct : The First and Only Gospel Hip-Hop Magazine
Bassic Instinct : The First and Only Gospel Hip-Hop Magazine
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Info:The magazine is published by Sprout, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan. The editor-in-chief and publisher was M.J. Sprout Jr. also known as "The J-Man". The magazine released the first 2 issues in 1992. In issue 3, 1993 the publisher M.J. Sprout Jr. gives a reason for the long wait of a new publication due to his fight against cancer. There seem to be only 3 issues published.

The black and white magazine Bassic Instinct featured interviews, music reviews and news.

Contributors were:
- Jamie Lee Rake
- John
- Mark Reiser
- Brother faith
- Walt Requejo

Lay out assistance by Chris Dean.
Graffitti art by Drew "Starving Artist" Clemens.

Please contact us, if you know more regarding this journal and the people behind it.

Photo: Bassic Instinct, issue 3 (1993)
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Review:I am The J-Man and am rather stoked to find this post about Bassic Instinct. I'm about to start an online version. If anyone has any old copies of those three issues they could scan and send me, I'd be really grateful. Over the course of the years, I've lost mine. Thanks for remembering.
source: Jay Sprout, added: Sep 06, 2014

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