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Various Magazines - 23:4 : Official Magazine of the Christian Revolution

Release:23:4 : Official Magazine of the Christian Revolution
23:4 : Official Magazine of the Christian Revolution
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Info:The magazine is published by Noah Tutak of 23:4 Productions. The first issue was published in 1993, which was initially a run of 1.000 free black and white magazines. The last issue came out in 1995. By that time the magazine was a full color glossy nationally distributed magazine.

The name is derived from the scripture: Psalms 23:4 - Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

The idea behind the magazine was to publicize about the emerging scene of young alternative christianity.

The mission was described as: "To provide a forum of communication for the diverse and dynamic population of christian youth; to strengthen christian brothers and sisters through wisdom and encouragement; to outreach to the world by spreading the true message of Christ; all for the purpose of strengthening the Kingdom of God.

The magazine was a monthly publication.

23:4 contained an editorial, news, interviews, music reviews and special columns.
As Noah Tutak explains further regarding the music: "Really anything out of the christian mainstream that the youth was listening to - primarily hip hop, especially at first, but the magazine expanded quickly to cover punk, hardcore, dance, etc."

Hip Hop
Hip hop was the primary genre the magazine covered. As the publiher states: "Primarily because 1 it was my favorite and 2 it was the most underserved at the time."

Contributors were:
- Jeffrey Daniels: editor
- Mel Booker: articles
- Christopher Dart: articles
- Wayne Harper: articles
- Mark Mingin: articles
- Calix Lewis Reneau: articles
- Michael T.: articles
- Randall L. Rike: photos
- Larry Bolen: photos
- Eberardo Sanchez: art
- Raul Landaverde: art
- Wayne Harper: advertising
- Michael T.: marketing

Photo: Cover of 23:4 issue 4 (April 1994). The first coloured issue.
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