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Various Magazines - Exodus : A Journey from Death 2 Life

Release:Exodus : A Journey from Death 2 Life
Exodus : A Journey from Death 2 Life
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Info:Exodus Magazine is an urban christian magazine designed for youth/young adults, ages 15-25.
Exodus Magazine was founded in June 2007 by Joel Maldonado, and Rochelle Moyd. The magazine is launched in October 2007. After April 25th, 2008 the magazine is published in a digital format only.

The magazine is published 4 times a year (January, April, July, October).

For more information visit: Exodusmag.com

The magazine includes:
- Da Message: Topics that will give biblical principles on how to grow as Christians.
- Da Movement: Focuses on youth groups, or youth geared organizations that are doing something to help build their community, or change the lives of other youth.
- Story-2-Tell: This will share testimony about how Jesus manifested his glory in someone’s life and brought them out of a difficult situation and gave them victory.
- Young & Successful: A spotlight on young entrepreneurs.
- Shout!: This section will give the youth an opportunity to express themselves through poetry, spoken word, or art.
- On the Grind: A focuse on up & coming gospel artists on the grind to make it in the industry.
- Hot or Not: Four gospel artists on review, who have albums, scheduled for release or recently released. The albums will be reviewed and rated by a panel of youth.
- Fashion & Faith: This section will emphasize fashion through different styles and give tips on how to glorify God through your clothing.

Our mission is to bring the gospel to the streets, and in return bring the streets to the gospel. We want to meet the youth/young adults where they are, uproot them and lead them on a journey from death to life. Our ultimate goal is to help raise successful, spiritually mature youth by encouraging them to meditate on things that are positive, uplifting, and respectful, as well as, entertaining.

The word Exodus is defined as a journey of a large group to escape out of a hostile environment. The book of Exodus narrates the journey of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt into the promise land. Just as God called Moses, we believe He called us to lead the youth/young adults of this world, “the Chosen Generation” out of spiritual death and into the promise land, which is life and that more abundantly.

Photo: First issue October 2007.
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