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DiRT (Shadow of the Locust) - A war to restore

Release:A war to restore
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Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:Dirt's second album contains 17 songs and interludes. The guests on this album are 7lock, Faze, Epsilon (of Mass Reality), Messenger, 2211, Goldenchild, Roldan (of Reformed Elite), Optimus Rhyme (of Reformed Elite) and the World Inside.

1. Untitled
2. Harlot
3. Blunted edge - featuring the World Inside
4. Christ - featuring the World Inside
5. Scripture - featuring the World Inside
6. Saving private you - featuring 7Lock
7. Untitled (Hey Dirt) - featuring Faze
8. Royal Rucus - featuring Faze
9. Essence
10. Devils heaven
11. Judas amongst us - featuring 2211 & Messenger
12. Shanghai burning
13. 2laws - featuring Epsilon, Optimus Rhyme & Roldan
14. Holy burn - featuring GoldenChild
15. Dirty rotten - featuring the World Inside
16. Divine lines - featuring Epsilon, GoldenChild & Messenger
17. Nag champa - featuring GoldenChild
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Review:More classic material from Dirt. Again he gives the opportunity to Remnanat, Golden Child, and Raiders of the Lost to spit on this album. Another must have. A clear cut answer to Christian Hip Hop when released.
source: Codename Radius, added: May 02, 2007

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