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LPG - The Gadfly

Release:The Gadfly
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Uprok Records
Info:Third and last album from LPG. Guest appearances by Raphi and Sev Statik.
All songs written by D. Baker, D. Reynosa, A. Olguin, except where otherwise noted.
All beats produced by Dert, except " Read Me and Learn" produced by Peace 586 and "Respect Due" produced by Jermz of Foundation.
Executive Production by Dax Reynosa. Production by LPG, Raphi Henley and Dert.
Recorded and Engineered by Raphi Henley at the Rat Hole. Mastered by Bob Moon at the Fender Museum.
All songs published by Tunnel Rat Songs (BMI) / Spinning Audio Vortex (BMI).
Art Direction by Donald Wilson Baker Jr.
Artist & Repertoire manager Josh "Plastic".

1. Intro
2. Place Called Hip Hop
3. Me and My Cousin
4. OW Emcees
5. Interlude
6. Record Keeps Spinning
7. Never Did I
8. Interlude
9. Squad Car
10. Liquid
11. Interlude
12. Read Me and Learn (D. Reynosa, R. Vasquez)
13. Interlude
14. Wackness Like - featuring Raphi (D. Baker, D. Reynosa, R. Henley, A. Olguin)
15. Just Another Day
16. In Your Mind
17. Interlude
18. Mistakes (D. Baker, A. Olguin)
19. Uiznotanemcee
20. Ins and Outs
21. First To Fight - featuring Sev Statik (D. Baker, D. Heynosa, A. Olguin, J. Evans)
22. Respect Due (J. Dodd, D. Reynosa, A. Olguin)
23. Outro
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