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Uprok Records

Uprok Records
Info:Founded in 1999 Uprok Records is the hip-hop label of parent company BEC Recordings, which released a great deal of quality hip hop in the years 2000-2002 with acts like KJ-52, the Tunnel Rats and Mars ILL.

KJ-52 is still active for the label. When the Tunnel Rats released New Breed's Nine album in 2004 it was their last album for Uprok Records. Many artists had already left by then and were independant or signed to another label.

This might be influenced by the departure of the Artist & Repertoire manager of Uprok Records Josh Niemyjski. The basis of his departure was due to a difference in vision and resources for Uprok Records with the parent company BEC. Josh Niemyjski has worked for Uprok from 2001-2003 and he founded ILLECT Recordings afterwards in 2003.

Signed artists were:
- BK & Associates
- Freddie Bruno
- Deepspace 5
- ILL Harmonics
- Jurny Big
- KJ-52
- Mars ILL
- MG! The Visionary
- New Breed
- Peace 586
- Playdough
- Raphi
- Sev Statik
- Tunnel Rats

The label Uprok Records became more of an imprint, since KJ-52's Behind The Musik (2005) album was released as a BEC Recordings product.
Country:United States
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Generations Peace 586 - Generations
Uprok Radio Singles Volume 1 Various Artists - Uprok Radio Singles Volume 1
Take Two Ill Harmonics - Take Two
Back In The Day (single) KJ-52 - Back In The Day (single)
Will I? (single) Ill Harmonics - Will I? (single)

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