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Mars ILL - Raw Material (Uprok version)

Release:Raw Material (Uprok version)
Raw Material (Uprok version)
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Media:[Audio CD] [7/12inch Vinyl]
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Recordlabel:Uprok Records
Info:The re-issue of the Raw Material album on Uprok Records features two new tracks: Fade to black and The abolition of Manchild. Also the second version of the song The Sphere of Hip Hop, "part 2" is not on the original album from Sphere of Hip Hop Records.
But the "Sphere" album does contain the songs Under the Sun and The End, which are not found on the Uprok re-issue.

1. Mars ILL
2. Sphere of Hip-Hop, part 2
3. We'll live underground
4. Black market
5. Love's not
6. Monotone
7. Unsound
8. Send a man
9. Compound fractures
10. Rap fans
11. Sounds of music
12. Who will answer?
13. Indulgent instrumental #1
14. Try again
15. Touch and go
16. Indulgent instrumental #2
17. Sphere of Hip-Hop (original)
18. Fade to black
19. The abolition of Manchild
Rating:Our users rated this release: 9.5 out of 10
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Review:An initllegent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!
source: Hasan, added: Oct 07, 2015

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