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Cross Movement - Human emergency

Release:Human emergency
Human emergency
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Released:2000 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Info:The crew: The Ambassador, EarthQuake, Enoch, Phanatik and Tonic.

1. Intro - Dispatch (we called you)
2. The light (the blazin' one)
3. Hold it down
4. C to the R
5. On the move
6. Know me (huh, what?)
7. In route (interlude)
8. What do you see?
9. Love life
10. Come in London (Interlude)
11. Lord?
12. Creature double feature
13. Somebody help! (interlude)
14. On right now
15. All day
16. Remember
17. Live agua
18. To my peoples
19. Back up
20. Cypha' 911
Rating:Our users rated this release: 8.2 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:I learned about Cross movement ministries through a good friend here at Emmanuel church. I remember walking up the stairs to the EEC office and hearing hardcore rap music blasting from the vicinity of the office. Opening the door I saw my friend dancing to this music. Bewildered at the strange sight, I gathered my thoughts and asked my friend what he was listening to and he told me that this was a Christian rap group called Cross Movement.

I was initially shocked to find out that they were a Christian group, because normally when you mix Christianity and rap music you end up with a poorly produced, cheesy sounding compilation of music (this is from personal experience). The more I listened, the more I wanted to learn about this group, so I went to their website www.crossmovement.com. This is what I found:

"The Cross Movement is a team of ministry minded individuals who primarily exist to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout urban areas, and assist in discipling those who believe. Through various means, The Cross Movement aims to employ an evangelistic task force that demonstrates and promotes solid commitment to the person and mission of Jesus Christ."

Cross movement is more than just a bunch of guys rapping about Christ. Their main focus is to do the will of their Lord and Savior in responding to his call to reach the lost generation in the inner city. In response to the message of self image, violence, sex, and hopelessness being portrayed throughout secular rap music and other forms of media, they bring a message of salvation and hope in Christ Jesus.

The genre of music is hardcore rap. Now, I know most of us here at Emmanuel Church are more into the soft, contemporary rock music; listening to praise music and being content with what we know and have. But I'm telling you, this music is no joke! Even if you've never liked or listened to rap music before, you'll at least appreciate their lyrics. Somebody recently told me that Cross Movement's music is like apologetics in rap form and I totally agree with him. Their lyrics are completely reformed and very Christ-centered. In "Hold It Down," the message is plain and simple: to choose Christ is to live for him. "Cause though we too were condemned, each man now has a choice - to choose Christ and rep with more than your voice - Cause just what is it you're really telling me - when you say you love God but live the life of Be-elzee?" This is a challenge to walk and not just talk about Christ.

"The Light," is a reminder of God's grace demonstrated through Christ. It challenges us to look to the cross and to "praise the Son". "The light of Christ is a blazin' one - There's a fight to live right and its major son - But the grace has come so we praise the Son - And celebrate Him 'cause we know what He saved us from." Other songs have similar hope-filled messages about Christ and his death on the cross. "C to the R" and "Know me (Huh What?)" are some of the songs on this CD that encourages people to seek an understanding of God's love and grace.

Other CD's from The Cross Movement are: 1-Christology, 2-House of Representatives, 3-Heaven's Mentality. These CD's are just as biblically sound and emphasize the same encouraging Christ-centered message. I recommend checking out all of Cross movement's CD's. (I personally like some of the older CD's more than this one, but you should check'um all out!!!)

Bonus: Amazingly, Cross Movement offers 20 songs on one CD!!! Now that alone makes this CD worth buying - what other CD offers 20 songs?

source: emmanuelchurch.net, added: Jul 11, 2006
Review:cross movement: the epitome of CREAM OF THE CROP in christian hiphoop. what more can i say!!!! thanks for ur dedication to having lyrics and such exacting standards so that it glorifies God, not just stupid abstract junk found in most others or whining on how others think they suck and yaddi yadddi yadda, ...... u guys r DOPE!! thanks cross movemet!!!
source: keep up da goodwork, added: May 05, 2008
source: -1', added: Feb 25, 2015

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