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Cross Movement - Higher definition

Release:Higher definition
Higher definition
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Info:The crew: The Ambassador, Phanatik, Tonic and Tru-Life.

1. Civilian affairs
2. Redefined
3. It's time
4. Hey Y'all
5. Lord you are
6. Hip-hop-cracy
6. Card shark
7. Questions
8. On in here
9. Jerseys & fitteds
10. Big words
11. Epiphany
12. Check for us
13. We
14. My life cypha
15. The bridge (bonus track)
16. Life, camera, action (bonus track)
Rating:Our users rated this release: 5.3 out of 10
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Original author/source
Review:With some hip hop albums, it's like a tug-of-war between the beats and the lyrics. Sometimes the beats are the best part, and sometimes the lyrics are really what stand out.

CD For The Cross Movement's 5th album, Higher Definition, this statement doesn't hold any truth at all. Both the beats and lyrics reign supreme in this 17-track (inclusive of 2 hidden) gem, that features a crew of producers.

The 2003 Dove Award Nominees for Best Rap Album of The Year boldly announce their re-emergence into the lyricists' lounge with "Civilian Affairs", a military-inspired cut complete with background vocals calling cadence. Production from JR of So Hot Productions takes a slightly military tone, without overdoing it.

"Redefined" addresses the various issues and facades intertwined in the fabric of urban culture, from the illusions found in magazines to the emptiness in some content in lyrics.

Rock Soul Entertainment vocalist Michelle Bonilla joins these holy hip hop elders on "Lord You Are" an easy-listening, synth-string heavy cut. Each member takes turns in expressing their marvel at the works and love of GOD.

Perhaps the most creative concept on this album that is jam-packed with quality concepts is "Card Shark". Phanatik aka Brady Goodwin brings the famous newyorkian story-telling approach to rap. Creating the feel of a "card dealer" on the street, Goodwin cleverly tackles the various characters to beware of, such as the Queen of Clubs, the King The Cross Movementof Diamonds and the Jack of Spades. As Phanatik weaves a cleverly intricate tale surrounding the personality traits of each "face-card", he ties each to a lesson about the superficial facades behind some of the images people portray.

Tru-Life has a knack for production and it becomes blatantly clear with is production on "We". He juxtaposes the light vibe from strings with a grittier head-nodding beat. This is definitely an anthem for all.

"On In Here" is hot party track, with a snazzy, multi-rhythm, loopy beat courtesy Official. On "Big Words", the crew has plenty fun with their lyricism, doling out multi-syllable rhymes, packed with near-obscure words. Forced rhymes (using alternate accents) and other concepts make this track sheer genius.

"My Life Cypha" features guest appearances from fellow microphone ministers, Timothy Brindle, Shai Linne and Redeemed Thought. Making use of a simple, jazz-influencedThe Cross Movement piano scale, the song is injected with instrumental soul that some hip hop fans may have been craving for from music in general.

Higher Definition is said to be THE most anticipated album from The Cross Movement to-date, and with clever wordplay and quality production, The Cross Movement does not disappoint. (And oh, those two bonus cuts!!)

This second installation to the "2004 release trilogy" (which includes The Cross Movement's Higher Definition, Flame's self-titled debut and the highly original The Cross Movement And Friends' hip hop Christmas album Gift Rap) from Cross Movement Records, is a must-have for all holy hip hop heads.
source: GospelFlava.com, added: Jul 11, 2006
Review:Gets an average vote out of me. It was so not up to par with "Holy Culture". After Holy Culture which was hot, I expected a bit more out of them this time and I just don't see it. Track 3 is good, but there are just problems with most of the rest of it. Still my favorite Christian rap group along with Grits of course.

******* of 10

source: goldenchild, added: Jul 11, 2006
Review:After spurning a string of such hits as "House of Representatives," "Know Me(Huh, What?)," and "When I Flow..(It's Gospel)," the power hip-hop quartet known as Cross Movement return once again for their fifth full-length studio project, Higher Definition. Like on their previous record, Holy Culture, CM returns to their format of assigning most of the songs to one specific lyricist throughout the project. Each track is filled with plenty of phat beats and tight lyrics to make this album a worthwile listen.

Higher Definition kicks off with the track "Civilian Affairs," a club-worthy song about spiritual warfare. Next up is the groove-laced "Redefined," which The Fanatik describes as a 'Tale of Two Cities,' and touches on the issues of the wrong type of love and sex in the media. This song basically tells the listener to redefine one's ways and keep their eyes focused on the Light of God. One of my personal favorites is the beat-bouncer "It's Time," where Tru-Life utters the words "Father, forgive me, I'm a sinner and I need you at the center of my heart because that's where it all starts." "Lord You Are" is all about giving God praise for all He has done for one's life. Possibly the biggest highlights of the album are the percussion-driven "Hip-Hop-Cracy" (which includes a 'back in the lab again' sample from "When I Flow...It's Gospel") and the first of two bonus tracks "The Bridge," where all 4 emcees pay homage to pioneering rapper MC Shan with an updated version of the song he first made popular along with original verses.

The majority of the songs covered on this project address the issues of teenage love, worldly deception, warfare, and other problems facing today's generation while consistently offering a message of hope in Jesus Christ. A typical Cross Movement album of course would not be complete without the usual 'freestyle' in the form of a song with the title "Cypha," which is executed well with "My Life Cypha," a lyrical composition of a man's life without God to guide him. Exhibiting several high points with virtually no flaws, "Higher Definition" is one of the most anticipated hip-hop projects of 2004. For those who have been hip-hop fans for a long time, or are just now being exposed to it, don't hesitate to pass up this album from the Cross Movement - possibly one of the most innovative hip-hop groups in the past 10 years.

- Review date: 2/11/05, written by Paul Portell

****1/2 of 5
source: Jesusfreakhideout.com, added: Jul 11, 2006

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