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Sev Statik - Slow burn

Release:Slow burn
Slow burn
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Domination Recordings
Info:Production by
- Tony Stone: 1
- Joey Beats: 2, 7, 8
- Shawn J Period: 3
- Relic: 4, 6, 9, 10
- Finer Arts: 5
- Dert: 11
- The Hobbyist: 12
- Magnet: 13

1. Slow burn
2. Son come down
3. As one
5. Wasted tears
6. Well traveled - featuring Explicit of Mass Reality
7. Crime of the century
8. Love you anyway
9. Kept the Break
10. Contrast
11. Spare change
12. And uhh...
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Original author/source
Review:Written by Nomad
Thursday, 27 October 2005
Sev Statik - Slow Burn

Sev Statik, member of the Tunnel Rats and Deepspace 5 crews, presents "Slow Burn". This veteran rapper is one of the more prolific in the game today. This is his 4th solo album after numerous cameos, group projects and even a few albums under an alias. He's paid his dues, built his street cred and deserves respect. This Albany, NY emcee spits street level raps... straight NY rough style. This is hip-hop from the street for the street.

Sevís style has matured and morphed slightly on this album. While other offerings were good, this album continues to show the artistís growth as a lyricist and as an overall artist in relation to beat choice and overall album composition. Slow Burn is a decidedly moody album, exposing sorrow, pain, hope and disappointment. The beats are more diverse and emotive than other offerings and really give a musical depth that well suits the depth of StatikĎs lyrics and delivery.

A diverse array of producers showcase their talent on Slow Burn: Tony Stone, Joey Beats, Shawn J. Period, Relic The Oddity, Finer Arts, JB!!, Dert, Gershom and The Hobbyist. Turntable acrobatics by the likes of DJ Majic, Money Mike, and J-Swift create a stellar supporting cast to Sev Statikís leadership. Itís like a whoís who of underground up-and-comers.

While each producer has his own style, there is a common feel that keeps the album cohesive. Tracks like 'Slow Burn', 'As One' and 'Spare Change' are up-tempo gems with cuts, chopped samples and hard kick/snare drum breaks. Contrast these with the mournful 'Kept the Break' with its stripped and sad piano loop, 'Wasted Tears' haunting vocal samples or the layered sounds of 'Line Life'. As an added bonus, between many tracks are short creative musical interludes which seem to further mature the album.

Truth, justice, poverty, greed and personal struggle are exposed like a raw nerve on Slow Burn. Sev slogs his lyrical boots through the cityís dank alleys, shining his light on the ills he sees. 'Well Traveled' and 'Line Life' reveal the heart of a rapper who loves hip hop but struggles with the pain of making good music and a living at the same time. He shares the struggle that goes on inside a man who sees pain all around and believes God has the answer for all of it. More than any individual songís message though, the entire album comes together to reveal a complex manís take on a complex world.

Sev Statik's trademark raspy voice and silky flow bless the tracks. His wordplay is excellent; words and ideas intertwine with double meanings and emotive imagery. There is a depth of thought and emotion not often seen in artists. Sev is in the game for the long term. While others may flare up in a burst of light and smoke, Sev will still be here slowly burning and always bringing the heat.

4 of 5 stars
source: Sphereofhiphop.com, added: Aug 12, 2006

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