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Future Shock - The art of Xenos : entertaining aliens

Release:The art of Xenos : entertaining aliens
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Syntax Records
Info:1. Best believe
2. Jazzman
3. Integers & fractions - featuring Sup the Chemist.
4. Intelligent words
5. Should I... - featuring Johnny Robles
6. Reigndance - featuring Black Mambo
7. Little bit - featuring Capture the Elusive (SolSeekers)
8. Penchant
9. Revolting - featuring Listener (DeepSpace5)
10. Atoms
11. Foreshadowing - featuring Kaitlyn Cassels (Sackcloth Fashion)
12. Diego days
13. Paper weights - featuring Pigeon John, bTwice (LA Symphony) and Capture (SolSeekers)
14. Groundwork
15. As If
16. Heart & Soul
17. Through
Rating:Our users rated this release: 9 out of 10
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