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Cross Movement - Heaven's Mentality

Release:Heaven's Mentality
Heaven's Mentality
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Released:1997 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Info:Although there are just four men on the cover the Cross Movement crew is listed in the inlay as: Ambassador, Cruz Cordero, Enoch, Gift (Tonic + Earthquake), Phanatik, Prodigy and True Life.

1. Blood spilla
2. Test it
3. Father forgive them
4. Who's da man
5. Catch 22
6. Heaven mentality
7. Dust
8. Shock
9. Lower case gods
10. El Elyon
11. Solo Christo
12. Cypha time - featuring Ambassador, Cruz Cordero, Enoch, Phanatik and The tonic.
13. Love letter
Rating:Our users rated this release: 7.6 out of 10
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Review:1 - Blood Spilla
2 - Test It
3 - Father Forgive Them
4 - Who'S Da Man
5 - Catch 22
6 - Heaven'S Mentality
7 - Dust
8 - Shock!
9 - Lower Case Gods
10 - El Elyon
11 - Solo Christo
12 - Cypha' Time
13 - The Love Letter (Bonus Track)
source: unknown, added: Feb 23, 2005
Review:Introducing the Crossmovement, a hip-hop group coming out of Philly with one
thing on their mind: Jesus Christ and how to get His message out to those
involved with (and/or affected by) the culture of hip-hop. One thing that you
will notice about Crossmovement is that they center their lyrics around Christ
and work their way from there. On the best track on the album, "Father Forgive
Them" the Ambassador and Phanatik (both very talented emcees) come straight at
you with how the sinful nature of the planet is unpleasing in the eyes of God.
All the songs on the cd are lyrically sound. Among the best are "Blood Spilla,"
"Test It," "Dust," and "Cypha Time." "Catch 22" is also a pretty deep track in
which the Tonic explains how even in the toughest of situations, the Lord can
work it out.

Heaven's Mentality explains the mindset of Crossmovement: Their loyalty to
Jesus Christ and their desire to get His Word out to the masses. All in which
is explained in "The Love Letter." A very beautiful letter to God read by each
of the Crossmovement members. The Ambassador also explains what the
Crossmovement is all about at the beginning of almost every track. The
production value is also pretty low, but can be dismissed considering that this
is their first album. Despite these problems, Heaven's Mentality is pretty
enjoyable overall and a great tool for ministry.

Reviewed by: truWord

3.5 stars
source: Rapzilla.com, added: Jul 11, 2006

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