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Playdough - Lonely superstar

Release:Lonely superstar
Lonely superstar
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Recordlabel:Uprok Records
Info:Production by Beat Rabbi, Freddie Bruno, DJ Skillspinz and Harry Krum.
Guest appearances by Jurny Big (Tunnel Rats), Freddie Bruno (DeepSpace5), LMNO (Visionaries), ManChild (Mars ILL) and Joey the Jerk and J-Beits (L.A. Symphony).

1. You will listen
2. Seeds Of Abraham
3. 5 Cent needleheads
4. Clappy Valentino
5. Shadow dance
6. Lonely superstar
7. Freedom fighters
8. Simple 1
9. Verbal tea
10. Retract the feedback
11. Mr. Mike R. Phone
12. Soul brothers
13. 1/4 Inchin
14. Palm sunday
15. Supreme service
Rating:Our users rated this release: 9 out of 10
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Review:Great Album one of my ALL time favorites! Everything Playdough releases is amazing. Buy this album if you have not already.
source: Whit Hagemann, added: Oct 22, 2014

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