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Bron G

Bron G
Country:United States
Releases:[ChristClassicJazz (mixtape)] [Memoirs]
Info:Bron G is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is a true hip hop MC in every since of the word.

There is a misconception about Rap artist in the south, in which the majority of the music industry believes that artist coming from the south have a "crunk" music sound that big up's the materialistic and negative sides of things.

True Lyricists
However, there are a large group of individuals from the south that are true lyricists that express their lyricism through originality, quality, and with the sole purpose of speaking to the hearts and souls of men and women, persuading them to look within themselves and make a change.
Bron G is a part of that group of individuals.

A born again Christian since 1986, he has never neglected the foundation in which he has stood on for almost 20 years; Christ. Moreover, showing the light not by so much of what he says, but how he actually lives.

Debut Album
The MC released his album "Memoirs" in 2007.

New Projects
The MC will release a mixtape in 2008. He's also working on a new full length album to be released in September of 2009, with planned production from Tony Stone, Silent War, Theory HazIt, Sean Penn, DJ J. Lone, KMAC, and another surprise producer.

Sources: MySpace bulletin: Bron G's Upcoming CD Will Be FREE...that's right...FREE!, July 12th, 2008.

Release:ChristClassicJazz (mixtape)
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Media:[Digital Download]
Info:The mixtape is scheduled for release in August 2008 for free.
Production by Silent War, Sean Penn and Non-Fiction.
Cuts by DJ J. Lon.
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Bron G Enterprises
Info:The album is released on July 14th, 2007.
Production by Tony Stone, S.i.l.e.n.t. War, Marc G, Knockdown, Lesun, Sean Penn, DJ J. Lone, Dert, R.E.E.F. and Theory Hazit.
Guest appearances by Eileen Torres, Praverb.

1. Welcome To Memoirs
2. Pain Killer
3. It Me
4. Lesun Learned
5. Hot
6. Inhale, Exhale
7. What Is Love
8. My Space
9. Write It Down
10. Benzes 7 Cadillacs
11. Whoa
12. 6:11
13. You
14. Till The End
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