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Country:United States
Info:Bunkee recorded his debut rap song at the age of twelve. He attended a youth church service in which DJ/producer Imago Dei was performing. After church, he approached Imago Dei asking about working on a song together.

Master's Touch
Shortly after the two were in the studio. Bunkee's passion and dedication belonged to music. One of his desires was to bring together a rap collective of local like-minded artists. He recruited The Affiliate as well as a handful of others to form the group Master's Touch.

After the full-length project of Master's Touch "Our Message" (2004) was completed Bunkee stepped away from music to focus on academics for a bit. Once school and other areas of life smoothed out again, he bought a new pen and re-opened his rhyme book. Bunkee's first full-length solo project, "My Voice, His Message" was released in 2007.

Release:My Voice, His Message
My Voice, His Message
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Left Table Productions
Info:1. Welcome to the Show
2. The Anthem of a Warrior
3. Complexity's Fall
4. For Your Amusement
5. Conquer
6. The Art of Music
7. My Little Opinions
8. Heroic
9. Could It Be?
10. Playboy Bunny
11. When Hypocrisy Bites Back
12. Let Us Imagine
13. Hard Times 2
14. Finding Me
15. For That Time
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