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Country:United States
Releases:[The Album] [Banganyn Remyxes : Japanese Import] [Banganyn (EP)]
Info:T.Bizzy is the hip hop alias of urban gospel artist Tonex. As Tonex the singer he has made several successful albums. As a producer he uses the alias T.Boy. The artist is born on May 16th, 1979 and his name given to him by his parents is Anthony Charles Williams II.

At the hip hop front he has remained low-key, except for his early production work for Unity Klan's "Eternal Funk" (1997) and for Gibraan on his album "Mockinbyrd Slang : The Voice of Nureaumerica" (2001) under the producer alias T.Boy.

He did make a guest appearance as T.Bizzy on Applejaxx's 805 P.O.P. EP (2005) or featured on the compilation "Twenty Seven" (2006) with the track "Militant Preacha".

The gospel artist Tonex was first signed to Rescue Records, after the major success of his album "Pronounced toe-nay" (1997), which the small label could not handle, Tonex quickly made an alliance with Tommy Boy Gospel. Just to find himself in legal jeopardy, because the owner of Rescue Records had sold the sound masters to the record company Zomba, parent company of record label Verity Records. Tonex signed a deal with Verity and he released the following three albums through this label:
- Pronounced toe-nay (2000)
- O2 (2002)
- Out of the Box (2004)

Own label
Meanwhile Tonex had started his own label called MSS Records. This label would have it's own artist roster, including hip hop artist T.Bizzy, but the plans being made in 1999 were not realized.

Nureau Ink
He would later on start the independant label Nureau Ink, LLC (pronounce as "new row").

Emotional hardships
His father, Dr. Anthony Williams, was Senior Pastor and District Elder in the Truth Apostolic Community Church in Spring Valley, California and his mother Doctor Betty Williams was also a minister. Tonex performed at the Stellar Awards in January of 2004, but he experienced personal tragedy as his father suffered a stroke while at the ceremony. His father died at the age of 54 years old in July 2004, and Tonex as assistent pastor took over his father's position: senior pastor of Truth Apostolic Community Church. Tonex and his wife became the new pastor couple. Tonex's age is 25 then. The year 2004 was hard as the artist states in February 2005: "I lost six family members last year, and won six Stellar Awards this year, which is also an irony."
More emotional hardships were to follow, when in 2005, Tonex and his wife, singer Yvette Graham got divorced.

On January 22nd, 2006 the artist declares he needs to take time for himself, away from the musical stage: "After long contemplation and much financial & emotional hardship, I have decided that Tonex needs to go on hiatus from the music industry. I have tried very hard to endure all that I can from being misunderstood to being down right lied on and I don't physically or emotionally have the capacity to continue on anymore under the current circumstances".

On May 2nd, 2006 the news got out, that Tonex was being sued by Zomba Recording/Verity Records "for over $1 million after Tonex complained to the world that he is being mistreated and, thus, desires to break ties with the record company". Tonex complained about the lack of payment regarding royalties of his albums sales.

Out in the Open
His personal life and his work as an entertainer brought more pressures, but public gossip and innuendo started mounting as well in Tonex's mind. To respond to these pressures and to show where he stands Tonex released a track on his MySpace website as The Black Maverick called: The Naked Truth in June 2007.

The heartfelt song "The Naked Truth" contains profanity, besides the choice of words and controversial topics (perceived homosexuality, child molestation), he received critique for giving his point of view in such an "unchristian" public and angry way, also not fitting for a pastor.

The discussions that followed on many online forums were also fueled by the new YouTube videos and blogs from his MySpace site, that Tonex posted to address his situation.

Counter Effect
But the counter effect of the track was that gossip entertainment site: MediaTakeOut.com saw the track as a coming out song by a gay person, due to the lyrics, "I did it, I made it ...[I'm] the genius, the faggot, the weirdo, the hobo, the homo, the magnet", instead of the intended liberating protest song made by Tonex against his critics. Tonex explains the song as "It wasn't a cry for help, but a cry for I made it". [See Interview Tonex with PATH MEGAzine part 1, July 2007].

Early 2007 it seems Tonex made peace with the Zomba Gospel Group after the lawsuit in 2006 and he signs again, only to be released nearly 3 months later by Zomba from their roster. Due to what the label states as "Tonex's decision to move in an artistic direction outside the scope of gospel music." The track "The Naked Truth" played a role in the label's decision to drop the artist. [Interview Tonex with PATH MEGAzine part 2, July 2007].

In September 2007 Tonex released an open letter with his apology: "Greetings & Salutations in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To our Presiding Bishop, Horace D. Smith To my own Bishop in California Henry Johnson and in the the Loving memory and honor of the Late Great Bishop R.W. Mc Murray, Bishop Charles L. Taylor and My Father District Elder A.C. Williams Sr. I would like to say Praise the Lord. I am writing on this Myspace Page of my organization to say that due to the high volume of controversy around the world concerning my recent but distant decisions, I would like to submit my deepest regret for any shame that this may have caused my Bishops and or Body Members.

This was not meant to bring a reproach, but it was meant to bring closure to one of the darkest chapters of my life from whence I came out alive, thank God.

I would like to publically (sic) apologize for any action deed or word that may have caused breach, embarrassment, or shame to the legacy of our great organization P.A.W. [Editor: Pentecostal Assemblies of the World] and to any other Denominations that have done their best to support me even if they didn’t understand me.

I justify nothing, but I repent for anything that may have caused some to stumble. Indeed, I did tell the "Naked" truth but the bible also does state that "all things are lawful but not expedient."

The world experienced my purging, my therapy session and the release of puss, vomit, anger, and rage that all humans have the propensity to demonstrate — I do not ask a pardon for the Sin, only for the anger and discouragement and resentment that came from years of misappropriated slander toward myself and my family. In other words, things just honestly came to a head and busted.

To every Youth Pastor, to every parent and young person that I hurt or let down , I am truly and deeply remorsed (sic) if I caused you pain or embarrassment, please forgive me and restore me. My issue was public, so therefore I needed to publically (sic) ask for forgiveness. From your understanding of your own private struggles I ask that you at least understand. I’m not asking any of you to agree, just forgive me….I’m truly sorry. However, I’m glad to report that since that song released in June of 2007 I have become a new creature. I have never been so relieved and freed from my past and the future looks very bright ahead."

New Start
Although he is without a recorddeal Tonex started working again and picked up his "Nureau Ink" projects, like the long awaited hip hop album by him as T.Bizzy.

T.Bizzy released his debut album entitled "The Album" in 2008. The title "CRUNK Assassin" is a pseudonym for the project. CRUNK stands for "Christians Reprobate Under Negative Kinetics".

Sources: Gospelflava.com: Tonéx : It's 2000. So Where Are We Now? / Stan North ; Gospelcity.com: Tonex Loses His Father, July 28th, 2004 ; Signonsandiego.com: S.D.'s Tonex shines 'the light of the world' – and Grammy approves / George Varga, February 13th, 2005 ; CMCentral.com: Gospel superstar Tonex announces plans to retire, rails against the industry in blog entry, January 24th, 2006 ; ensoundentertainment.com: Verity Records Sues Tonex for Over $ 1 Million, May 2nd, 2006 ;
Mediatakeout.com: Scandal!! Gospel singer Tonex appears to come out the closet in his latest song!!, June 20th, 2007 ; Youtube.com: Tonex interview part 1 & 2 / PathMagazineTV, July 2007 ; Blackgospelpromo.com/predesign/tonexapology, [September 2007] ; En.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonex ; biography.jrank.org/pages/2882/Tonex.html.

Release:The Album
The Album
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Nureau Ink
Info:The album is released on February 26th, 2008.

1. All 2 the Gizood - featuring National, Rhema K, & Nureau Pink
2. Li'l Bit - featuring Revelation
3. Poundcake - featuring Chewy Lewy & AJB 1981
4. Dip N' Fly
5. Stuck On StOOpid
6. Banganyn (Extended Version)
7. Break It Up - featuring Kimmé & Omega
8. Bel Air 4
9. Take Yo' Picture
10. That'z Whassup - featuring Brotha Los
11. Garbage
12. The Playground
13. Tortilla Chips - featuring Kimmé
14. Phone Convo - featuring J-Merg
15. Nobody But Me
16. Let's Get Bizzy
17. Bizzy Blooper
18. It Ain't Done
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Release:Banganyn Remyxes : Japanese Import
Banganyn Remyxes : Japanese Import
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Nureau Ink
Info:The single is released on February 26th, 2008.

1. Banganyn (Shane Newville DnB Remyx)
2. Banganyn (Shane Newville Remyx)
3. Banganyn (Chizmatonic's Jungle Myx)
4. Banganyn (PME Reggaeton Remyx)
5. Banganyn (Banganyn CC Remyx Vox + 3db)
6. Banganyn (WDP's Grown & Sexy Feat. Sharp Skills)
7. Banganyn (AntBeazy Remyx)
8. Banganyn (Deuce Dot West Coast 2020 Remyx)
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Release:Banganyn (EP)
Banganyn (EP)
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Nureau Ink
Info:The EP is released on January 24th, 2006.

1. Banganyn
2. Nobody But Me
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