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Gotee Brothers

Gotee Brothers
Country:United States
Info:The Gotee brothers are Todd Collins, Joey Elwood and Toby Mckeehan. They are the founders of the label Gotee Records. Tod Collins has sold his share in 2001 to start Beatmart recordings. Toby McKeehan is besides a producer better known as the solo artist Toby Mac. Joey Elwood still produces records, besides being Gotee's president.

The albumtitle Erace stands for "Eliminating Racism" the music is a blend of different musical styles with guest appearances by Grits, Out Of Eden, Katina Boys and Christafari. Erace won a Dove award in the category best rap/hip hop album in 1997.

A foundation called The E.R.A.C.E. Foundation, a non-profit organization formed by DC Talk members Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait and Kevin Max, along with DC Talk manager Dan Pitts and Gotee Records President Joey Elwood. The foundation was formed in 1997 with the intent of promoting racial reconciliation, targeting primarily a youth-oriented audience.
Proceeds from The E.R.A.C.E. Tour of 1998 were donated for the purchase of a building that would house a school for gang members in Long Beach, California. The Tour featured DC Talk and Kirk Franklin's God's Property with guest apearances by Out of Eden, The Katinas, Grits and comedian John Gray.
The theme of the foundation is being continued in the form of an internetsite and during the GMA week of 2005 an E.R.A.C.E. All Star Night was held.

Dove Awards
In 1997 the Gotee Brothers received a Dove award at the GMA Awards ceremony for "Erace" (1996) in the category "Hip Hop/Rap album of the Year".

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Media:[Audio CD]
Released:1996 [ Listen to HHH from this era on Spotify ]
Recordlabel:Gotee Records
Info:1. Yoknapatawpha (A Mental Mississippi)
2. Celia (Queen On the Senseless Words)
3. Sweet Tea
4. Poetry, Prose, and Other Sundry Items
5. Wages Of Sin
6. New South (the Gotee Idyll)
7. One Of Monk's Dreams (Interlude)
8. Brother's Keeper
9. I Don't Understand
10. Dancing With the Stars
11. Why Can't We Be Friends
12. Say Amen
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