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Country:United States
Releases:[Jesus the Boss] [Isaiah 55]
Info:Jehovanny Ramos is Godsent, is born on April 5th, 1986. He's about to release his debut album "Isaiah 55" in 2007.

His parents split up when he was 5 years old. The MC states: "At the time I really didnít understand why we had moved from Puerto Rico without my dad, but I was definitely happy, my dad was very abusive towards my mother and I.

He continues: "We (my mother and I) went to live our lives together through the thick and thin. My mother raised me lovingly to be positive and respectful to everybody. At the age of 12 I came to visit the First Spanish Assembly of God with my family and thatís including my step father which my mom had married happily and my little brother, which they had conceived."

Step Aunt
"My parents only visited that once but I kept going back with my step aunt. Being that I wasnít raised in the hood or suffered poverty, it was pretty easy for me to realize that I had a lot to thank God for. When I realized that, God started tugging at my heart so that I would give my life to Him."

"I did and I was so happy that I started to tell everyone. Seeing my happiness, my mom also came more frequently and eventually got saved as well."

"Now I am waiting on God to guide my life till He comes for me and my worldwide family in Christ. Iíve been blessed with the ministry of rap as well as other great callings. Though I have been through many painful trials throughout the years that have transormed me into the man I am today I am highly thankful to God for always keeping safe and guiding me in His direction."

As of January 26th, 2007, Godsent will be joining Psalmizt (junior) and Witness (sophmore) as a freshmen at Lancaster Bible College to reach
the goal of achieving a Bachelor's Degree in both Professional Counseling and Bible Education.

Hip-hop minister
Godsent is currently studying as a Bible Institute student and hold the positions as a hip-hop minister, recording engineer, producer at All4Souls music, which a ministry based on reaching souls for Christ. As the MC says: "To God be all the glory, in Him I have the victory."

Godsent was part of the duo Christ Affiliates, who released an EP entitled "Willing to Die" in 2004.

Godsent's debut album "Isaiah 55" is released on All4Souls Music in 2007. His sophomore record "Jesus the Boss" got out in 2008.

Release:Jesus the Boss
Jesus the Boss
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on September 6th, 2008.
Production by Mac The Doulos, Tony Stone, Marv4MoBeats, E-Beats, Mad Max Productions, Average Joe, Laina Martin.
Guest apearances by Reflect 1, Monielle, Stephen The Levite, Chozen, Believin Stephen, Psalmizt, Monielle, Selah Pause.

1. Jesus The Boss
2. Who Is He?
3. "Common Sense"
4. We Worship Him
5. He's So Fly
6. Plea Prelude
7. Plea To Christians
8. Front Line
9. What You Searchin' For?
10. Rep The King
11. "For Love"
12. For Love
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Release:Isaiah 55
Isaiah 55
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:All4Souls Music
Info:The album is released on May 11th, 2007.

1. Isaiah 55
2. Long Way Home - featuring Abstract
3. Soul Fever
4. The Truth
5. New Found Joy
6. Anthem - featuring Chozen
7. Rock of Ages - featuring Glenda Lopez
8. Hip Hop Exposed - featuring L.O.S, Vision
9. Time Is Now - featuring Abstract, God's Servant
10. Psalm 18
11. Please You - featuring Psalmizt
12. Corrupted Ministry - featuring Prodigal, Jay the Nomad,
13. Righteous Living- featuring Glenda Lopez, Psalmizt
14. The Cypher- featuring Abstract, Witness, Chozen, Child
Prodigy, Jay the Nomad
15. Parable
16. What Are You Following?
17. God-Sent me
18. Rainy Days
19. Come Back Home
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