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Corey Hicks

Corey Hicks
Country:United States
Releases:[24/7] [The Lifestyle Of... (EP)] [Liquid Grave [Introducing Christchild]]
Info:Corey Hicks was born and raised in New Orleans. He grew up in the Lower Ninth Ward, a neighborhood infamously known as “Cross the Canal,” where he witnessed the rawness of the streets firsthand.

Although statistics were not in his favor, Corey grad-uated from St. Augustine High School, noted for its academic excellence and went on to attend Xavier University’s engineering program.

Today, Corey is a passionate minister of the Gospel as well as a graduate of the School of Urban Missions bible college, where he served as Recruitment Associate for the New Orleans Campus. He also served as Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Christian Center for two years, while serving as a representative for Youth for Christ/ Campus Life Ministries, a relevant ministry in the public school system.

Although Corey is in the ministry, he was not always a minister. He experimented with drugs like cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, marijuana, and whatever became popular to do. Eventually becoming addicted to them all, Corey became an IV Drug user.

He continues to declare that it is only God’s grace that he is not incarcerated and is alive today. As a former Artist/ CEO, he proclaimed death through his lyrics but today, he speaks life!

Corey is the Chief Executive Officer of Longevity Music, a christian record label, where he is also an artist. He is using his gift to mentor and develop inspiring youth, while also pioneering an evangelistic ministry called Philips International Outreach, a ministry translating the Word in a fresh way. Although it is in its infancy, God is already using this ministry as a catalyst to win souls and encourage God’s people.

Corey served on the Board of MC’s of the City, a ministry where some of the christian MC’s in New Orleans. came together once a month to focus on prayer for the city and strategies to improve urban communities, before Hurricane Katrina.

He currently serves on the Board of Saving Teens, a non-profit organization that provides resources for families with teens in crisis, enabling them to place their teen in environments that will meet their needs.

Corey loves the Lord and has a wonderful counter part in Nicole Hicks, a fellow graduate of the School of Urban Missions. They have two precious sons, Corey Matthew and Adan Michael. Pray with them as they walk in God’s will for their lives. Their vision is to ultimately impact lives so that Christ can have a long lasting effect.

Corey Hicks released the mixtape Liquid Grave in 2005. And the EP The Lifestyle Of... in August 2006. His first full length album "24/7" is released in February 2007.

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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Longevity Music
Info:The album is released on January 12th, 2007.
Production by Marv, Pure Kane, Legacy, Wreckonciled, Cy, JB Rye Trackmasters and Rob Hodge.

1. Block Party
2. His Love - featuring Los-1
3. Comeback King - featuring Jabo
4. Holy Spirit
5. Lifestyle
6. One Stop Shop
7. Pressin On
8. Eye Rock
9. Treasure Hunt - featuring Cy The Complex
10. You
11. Let Em Have It - featuring Godsent
12. Flamin Arrows
13. Infiltrate
14. 24/7 - featuring Young Josh
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Release:The Lifestyle Of... (EP)
The Lifestyle Of... (EP)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Longevity Music
Info:The EP is released in August 2006.

1. Flamin Arrows
2. Lifestyle
3. You
4. Holy Spirit
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Release:Liquid Grave [Introducing Christchild]
Liquid Grave [Introducing Christchild]
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Longevity Music
Info:1. Thats Dat Fya
2. Liquid Grave
3. Wyle Out
4. If I Die
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