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B. Morr

B. Morr
Country:United States
Releases:[Search Me] [Self Denial] [In The Meantime] [Pieces (Books)]
Info:Brandon D. Morris is B. Morr from Baltimore, Maryland a MC and poet as well.

"Someone please stop the alarm from going off." Brandon thought this on the morning of July 15th, 2002. Unaware that this was the day that the path of his life would be altered, up out of bed and off to work he went. At 20 years of age, he was young, zealous, ignorant and totally oblivious to what was about to take place in his life.

A man of words, Brandon was a poet, who at the time, likely without regeneration, decided to put down secular rap and hopes of becoming famous. His desire, as a "saved" young adult at his church, was to use his gift of writing to please God. Yet, at the time, he still wasn't sure how he'd go about accomplishing that. A task many seek to pursue, but never achieve.

People Person
On the afternoon of July 15th, he carelessly strolled through the aisles and halls of this huge credit card processing company where he worked. It used to be a four story building, but when they moved it was made one big one - level edifice. It was likely he'd speak to no less than 15 people, walking from one end of the building to the next. After all, he considered himself a people person. Somewhere around the 2 o'clock hour he made acquaintances with a young lady in another department. After consistent communication, she invited him to her church.

Personal Battles
Now, let's pause the story here. Brandon was already attending the church that he was virtually born and raised in. However, through many personal battles and the pastor leaving the church, the sheep did scatter, but Brandon was at a stand still. "Do I stand or do I scatter as well?" he thought. He'd been attending his own church faithfully since Cal Ripken Jr. started his consecutive games streak. But perhaps not only would visiting another church be understandable, it might be necessarily refreshing.

Fast forward back to the church invitation from the young lady at his job. At this point he was trying to consider his true salvation, looking for the acceptance that was slowly fading at his home church and just seemingly needing to be embraced by a local assembly. Arriving at an annual Vacation Bible School at the young lady's church, Brandon was introduced to a few people who would eventually have a great impact on his life and spiritual growth. Namely, he met the pastor of the church. Carrying a heart filled with pain, sadness, hurt, confusion, chaos and even a distorted view of God, Brandon began to share with the pastor of this church what was going on with him.

Warm Embrace
Brandon poured and poured as if he were the wall that held back the Colorado River, suddenly giving in and collapsing before the very eyes of this pastor. It helped tremendously that the pastor was not only so down to earth and reachable, but that he was genuinely concerned for this young stranger that stood in his presence. As Brandon poured, his eyes filled with tears and he cried one of his hardest cries in his life. As he wept almost uncontrollably the pastor embraced him tightly and sat with him on the front pew of the church while remaining silent. He understood that sometimes a warm embrace comforts a broken heart better than words can.

As the visits to this church would increase, Brandon could not help but notice the true godly love that seemed to flow from the pastor on down to the guy that stood at the door greeting people. We're not talking about our average, traditional, "smile in your face and ask you how you're doing but hope you onlu respond with something simple cause I actually don't wanna know how you're really doing cause I was just trying to be nice" kinda thing. Not at all. This was genuine.

Holy Hip Hop
The young lady, from his job, that invited him was intrigued by his love for poetry and word structure for it was a poem that he wrote to her upon his approaching her that kept her from totally shooting him down….crushing any hopes or assumptions he might have of them becoming friends. Upon further getting to know her, she introduced him to Holy Hip Hop. He'd never heard of it and while acting like he knew it would probably be wack, he was extremely curious. Having lunch one day the young lady gave him his first HHH CD: Cross Movement's House of Representatives. Brandon was floored and wanted more. It was not only challenging him to examine himself and his claims to be a christian, it was actually good! Artistically!

Fast forwarding - because perhaps you're getting tired of reading, Brandon hooked up with two brothers in 2003 and formed the group First Line of Defense. First Line had a short run in time, but left a mark of truth in the hearts of many, including Brandon himself. Through God's orchestration and divine plan.

Brandon (also known as B or B. Morr) is now a solo artist desiring to bring all glory to the all powerful and triune God of the bible.

The rapper also released the book "Pieces" under his real name Brandon D. Morris. The book is a collection of poems.

B. Morr released his full length debut album "Self Denial" in 2007. Prior before this record he released the sampler "In The Meantime" in 2006.

Search Me
Search Me
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:B. Morr Music
Info:The album is released on April 14th, 2009.

1. Redeemed Intro - featuring Derek ...
2. A Few Thoughts
3. Open Eyes - featuring B-doe
4. Ungrateful
5. Repentance - featuring B-doe
6. Guys And Dolls
7. Behind The Wheel - featuring Evan...
8. Deprogrammed
9. Take Me Out
10. Table Talk - featuring Average Jo...
11. Overseas
12. Holy Is Our God - featuring Mike ...
13. Share My Life
14. The Statutes Of The Lord
15. The Canons Of Douglas - featuring
16. Darkness 2 Light - featuring B-doe
17. Continuous Battle (Hidden Track)
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Release:Self Denial
Self Denial
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:B. Morr Music
Info:The album is released on April 21st, 2007.
Production by Joseph Delacruz and B. Morr.
Gues appearances by Mike Ferrante, Xavier Pickett, Joseph Delacruz, Mike Armstrong, Derek Pulliam.

1. Intro
2. 66 Books
3. Musings
4. Doctrine
5. Do You Really Want That
6. Consequences
7. Kill Your Flesh
8. Cost Of Love (int)
9. Manner Of Love
10. Humble Yourself II
11. Romans 6
12. You're Beautiful
13. Making You (int)
14. Life Goes On
15. Lord Jehovah
16. Arrogance
17. Self Worship
18. The Journey
19. Wake Up
20. Outro
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Release:In The Meantime
In The Meantime
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:B. Morr Music
Info:The mixtape is released August 22nd, 2006. It can be downloaded at: Trailblazinministries.com. For the listener's guide, please visit Bmorr.com.

1. Introduction
2. Turning Around
3. Lust
4. My Peace
5. Paradise
6. Give It Up
7. Life Goes on - Bonus Track
8. Self Worship - Bonus Track
9. Paradise - Instrumental
10. At The Gates
11. We Different
12. The Warning
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Release:Pieces (Books)
Pieces (Books)
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Info:The book is written by Brandon D. Morris and published by B. Morr Publishing in June 2005. It's a collection of poems.
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