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I.D.O.L. King

I.D.O.L. King
Country:United States
Releases:[Not by might] [Christsyde (single)] [Hell? No!] [Explosion 2000]
Info:The duo I.D.O.L. king consists of Cedric Scott, also known as C.O., and Derek Drew, also known as DJ Cut No Slack, since 1985. These veterans are still active today.

The name I.D.O.L. King was inspired by Louis King, a very close friend of the duo, who passed away of cancer. The multi-talented King was the guiding influence of the development of each memberís artistry. Due to Kingís positive influence on their lives, the group wanted to honor him by forming the name I.D.O.L. King, which stands for "In Dedication Of Louis King". The song Eulogy on their first album is decicated to him.

I.D.O.L. King released their debut album Explosion 2000 on the Brainstorm label in 1991. The crew then constsisted of the three members Lord Byron, C.O., and DJ Cut No Slack.

One of the last I.D.O.L. King only productions after 1996, was a christmas track Joy To The World on the Christmas Harmony album (1998).

Full length Album
Fans had to wait for eight years, since Hell? No! (1996), when they released another full length album Not By Might in 2004.

Release:Not by might
Not by might
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Recordlabel:Wise Ant Music
Info:1. Intro
2. What is true Holy Hip Hop?
3. Heís coming back
4. Some do, some donít - featuring Todd Bangz & Rayza
5. Ooowee - featuring Pigeon John
6. Whatícha gonna do?
7. Jesus lives
8. Fake I.D.ís
9. Not by might
10. Love
11. Iím sorry
12. Good news in bad times
13. Lord youíre worthy - featuring Lanee Battle
14. Keep on smiling
15. Pray
16. Indifference
17. Turn it off!
18. Hope
19. Sistah
20. Room to breathe
21. Trinity
22. Mad questions???
23. The gospel
24. Falling apart
25. Forgiveness
26. Heaven
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Release:Christsyde (single)
Christsyde (single)
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:Production by Brycyn Evans (tracks 1 & 4), Eric "Enuff" Drake (track 2) and Derek "Cut no slack" Drew (track 3). The track is from the Hell? No! album.

Four different versions of Chrystsyde being:

1. North hip hop syde
2. South hip hop syde
3. East jungle syde
4. West R&B syde
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Release:Hell? No!
Hell? No!
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Recordlabel:Reap Records
Info:Executive producers are Darryl Sutton and Jefflyn Dangerfield.

1. The Zone 77.7 Ygod - Good morning show
2. Christsyde
3. Up in this
4. Hush
5. The zone 77.7 Ygod - Mid day mix show
6. One shot
7. Cn u feel me
8. No one's gonna love ya (the way He does)
9. The zone 77.7 Ygod - station Id
10. Family
11. Where is the love
12. Keep the faith
13. Gotta leak
14. Hit'em high
15. The zone 77.7 Ygod - I.D.O.L. King interview
16. Hell?... No!!!
17. Goin' fo mine
18. The zone 77.7 Ygod - thank yous
19. Save me
20. Christsyde - bonus track
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Release:Explosion 2000
Explosion 2000
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Media:[Audio CD] [Audio Tape]
Info:A bonus track called "Royal Court" (track 18) was only available on the music cassette version.

1. Idol King, Idol King go
2. The sermon on the Mt.
3. Ain't nuttin 'n hell I want
4. Sounds from hell
5. Satan's enemy
6. Beware of false prophets
7. Can't hold back
8. Dr. King
9. I'm black and I'm proud
10. Explosion 2000
11. This is your night
12. Get wit it
13. You don't know like I know
14. Scripture reading
15. Religion vs. relationship
16. The invasion of Jesus
17. Eulogy
Rating:Our users rated this release: 10 out of 10
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