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Atia Evans

Atia Evans
Country:United States
Releases:[Hi Def : A Clear Image of What God Wants From Us] [Religitics : Hip-Hop is Back]
Info:The femcee Atia L. Evans was born in Ohio to Pastor George Evans and his wife Sandra. Atia currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

At a very young age she developed an uncanny ability to develop complicated rhyme schemes in the form of poetry. Spending countless hours in her notebook she honed her skills and perfected them. Shortly there after she was introduced to Hip Hop and a spark would soon give way to a fire in her soul.

Atia also found growth in her father's ministry. The constant relocation allowed her to experience life in various parts of the country. These events added multiple dimensions to her writing, giving it wisdom and character. It also enabled her to witness alternate musical styles which she could incorporate in her own identity as a hip hop artist.

However, being the daughter of responsible parents, who are also devout christians did prove to be an obstacle. They didn't want "worldly" music to corrupt Atia's spirit. Atia wouldn't be denied, her pursuit get stronger. If she wasn't writing her own lyrics she was desperately seeking new music and true artists to satisfy her hip hop jones. She began freestylin' whenever she could find a circle of MCs and performing at parties in high school for fun.

High school was fun, but college was explosive. Stakes were higher and fun became wreckin' the mic for money and bragging rights. After graduation she returned to her parents home in Cincinnati and found a job teaching, but she felt lost. Atia joined her father's church, Greater Harvest, and was born again in Christ.

Her desire for music returned, stronger then ever, and now that she had found God, the combination couldn't fail. It was time to make a crucial impact in hip hop and dispel the myths that "rappers" have given to the hip hop culture. Now the true Hip Hop MC is Born Again.

Atia Evans released her debut album "Religitics : Hip-Hop is Back" through the labels Heaven's Sponsor and SubKonscious Sounds Entertainment on June 23rd, 2007.

Release:Hi Def : A Clear Image of What God Wants From Us
Hi Def :  A Clear Image of What God Wants From Us
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is scheduled for release on August 23rd, 2008.
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Release:Religitics : Hip-Hop is Back
Religitics : Hip-Hop is Back
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Heaven\'s Sponsor/SubKonscious Sounds Ent.
Info:The album is released on June 23rd, 2007.
Production by EP (aka Epik), 313 Productions, Ready Rock Productions, Team Green Productions, Hi-Fi, Swollen Drumz, Ill Beats, and Mr. Kooman.
Guest appearances by Terri't-Ann Miller and Lesun.

1. Intro
2. History In The Making
3. I'm Christian
4. Let's Get Stoned
5. Politic
6. Flowin'
7. Hip-Hop
8. Freedom (interlude)
9. Selfishness
10. ABR Standards (skit)
11. Never getting Signed
12. Choosing You
13. Stayin' On My Grind
14. Stereotype
15. Feelin' It
16. You & Me
17. Outro
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