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Masters Touch

Masters Touch
Country:United States
Info:Master's Touch was formed in 2004. The youngster Bunkee approached The Affiliate with his idea to make a project with a collection of local hip hop artists. The idea caught on and the group was formed.

Debut Album
Bunkee, Miss K, The Bald Fat Kid, Birdman and imago Dei began working on "Our Message" (2004). The album was geared toward sharing God's love and grace.

The crew now consists of:
- Birdman
- Bunkee
- Cross Word
- Imago Dei
- JB
- Miss K
- Wolf
- Yours Truly

New Project?
After a long hiatus there are talks of making a sophomore album with most of the original artists as well as some new additions.

Release:Our Message
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Left Table Productions
Info:1. BFK Presents
2. Hello, My Name Is...
3 A Loving Soul
4. Prayer Song
5. Our Awesome God
6. Missionary
7. Elemental
8. Theological BFK
9. Hard Times
10. Come With Me
11. Week One
12. Give God Praise
13. Worth the Fight
14. Interlude
15. The Pain Has Already Been Bled Out
16. Donation to the Beatless
17. Enough Hip Hop
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