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Info:JeBarr23 from Edmonton, Alberta is out to pass the faith in Christ at all odds. How ironic this young man's life truly is. The last thing that one would expect to emerge out of Canada would be a white christian rapper.

God's love
JeBarr23 is most definitely no gangster but has a burning passion for sharing God's love and grace. In a world full of greed, and pride, JeBarr's goal is to simply show people that we can't make it through this life on our own, but instead need to call on our creator and savior Jesus Christ.

Debut album
So "Which Thief Are You?" This isn't just some fancy CD title. JeBarr believes that this question is the basis to life as he brings you on a journey through what it means to have a faith in Christ Jesus. See, when Jesus was crucified there were two thieves crucified alongside him.

One of thieves simply cursed Christ and called him a fake. The other thief, however, saw past this beaten man on a cross, and realized that Christ was God and our one true savior. These two thieves resemble all of humanity including you. JeBarr's hope is that people will take the question of the CD title seriously, and ask themselves which thief am I? Romans10:9

JeBarr23 received a nomination at the 29th Annual Covenant Awards 2007 of the Gospel Music Association Canada (GMA) for:
- Rap/Hip Hop Song Of The Year: Get Truth Or Die Tryin’
- Rap/Hip Hop Album Of The Year: Which Thief Are You?

The MC released his debut album "Which Thief Are You?" in 2007.

Release:Which Thief Are You?
Which Thief Are You?
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released on February 23rd, 2007.

1. Which Thief Are You?
2. Ironic
3. Feel Me Now
4. We Gon Go
5. Why Me?
6. Get Truth Or Die Tryin'
7. Interlude
8. Every Snap
9. To Die Is Gain
10. Get Ya Kicks Laced
11. I Told You
12. What You Talking Bout
13. Jesus Loves You
14. Surrender
15. My Prayer
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