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Country:United Kingdom
Info:Livin-Proof of the United Kingdom consisted first of Denz and Hierarchy. Later on the line up was made complete with the addition of DJ Jamo. The crew ended their activities in September 2007.

The aim of Livin-Proof was to spread the message of Christ via the musical genre of Tru-school hip hop.

The crew did various shows in the United Kingdom and featured on various projects with the likes of Greenjade, Pentalk, Roc One and more.

As Denz states "As for me as I used to rap my heart has always been producing and establishing artists etc, so hence I'm gonna be concentrating on that."

Livin-Proof released the mixtape "The Closure" for free in September 2007.

Release:The Closure (mixtape)
The Closure (mixtape)
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is released as a free download on September 30th, 2007.
Production by Denz

1. Intro - Livin-Proof
2. What Went wrong - Livin-Proof
3. Christmas Wish - Leproce
4. 4Real Love - Livin-Proof featuring Dark Water Quartz & Clear Rose.
5. Love So Real - Leproce
6. We Need a change - Livin-Proof featuring McM
7. Interlude - Nena
8. Blood - Dark Water Quartz
9. You Know my Style - Rare Jewelz: Klarity & Denz
10. Sold Out - Oscah
11. Interlude - featuring Shama & Leproce
12. All I got left - Livin-Proof: Hierarchy featuring Ravage
13. Interlude 3 - DJ Jamo
14. Love You - Livin-Proof
15. LP Live - Livin-Proof featuring Young Hierarchy Jnr.
16. Rare Jewelz Promo - Rare Jewelz: Klarity
17. Son Of Man - Livin-Proof: Hierarchy featuring Dark Water Quartz
18. Don't Go - Livin-Proof featuring Nena, Dark Water Quartz, The Elements, Leproce
19. What's Going On - The Mighty Elements
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