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Pottie Skippen

Pottie Skippen
Country:United States
Releases:[Seventh Grade Skills Mix-Tape] [The Ballad of Pete Rose]
Info:Pottie Skippen of West Virginia consists of:
- Snowman
- Leonard
- Toast
- werD
- Phonetic (formerly Hot Sauce)
- J-Fev (also known as Jungle Fever)
- Sean K. (formerly Ham)

Jordan Andrews has been involved in a variety of musical endeavors in the past decade. From his original band "Rosewood Lane" to his current group "The Red Velvet." From his solo acoustic material to his electronica project "Aqualight." But nothing compares to the energy that is conveyed from his MC persona, Snowman. A natural frontman, Snow's star is rising to the top. His solo release "Diamonds 2 Coal" expected to drop early 2008. He made an album with Leonard, "Indie Hip Hop", which is released on October 12th, 2007.

Matthew Pack has grown up in what one might consider to be the opposite of a hip hop upbringing. The six years he spent playing violin in a youth orchestra was the only musical background of his youth. Being brought into the hip hop culture only by his surrender to God's will in his life, Leonard is excited to see what the Holy Spirit is bound to accomplish through this art form. He be co-released the "Indie Hip Hop" album along with Snowman on October 12th, 2007.

Being added to the group over a year after Pottie Skippen's original conception. He joined in the late summer of 2007, Toast (David Burner) is the most 'freshman' of the crew. He began rapping with some friends in a crew, also from Huntington, called The Covenauts. While only a freshman, he's quickly making waves in his local community.

Born Drew Temple (Drew, werD...get it?), werD hails from the opposite site of West Virginia, growing up in the eastern panhandle. He met up with the other guys in the crew during the origination, but didn't become an official member until after the album was recorded. A very God-centered lyricist, he's set to do big things with his solo release coming in 2008 tentavely titled "That's the Name".

Phonetic (formerly Hot Sauce)
Josh Dean, in his youth, was the most immersed into the hip hop culture, battle rapping with friends out on the courtyards. A gifted lyricist, Hot Sauce has recently undergone a name change to Phonetic to support his maturation.

J-Fev (formerly Jungle Fever)
Ian Sullivan spent his youth singing in barbershop groups for real. He even met his fiance through a national barbershop camp he attended. Growing up singing in the church, J-Fev has taken to hip hop to reach others for Jesus with cultural relevance. His name was originally Jungle Fever, but it was shortened (pronounced Jay-Feeve) due to our fear of getting beat up. We're not sure if anybody would get offended, but we didn't want to take the risk.

Sean K. (formerly Ham)
One of the currently less active members of Pottie Skippen, Sean Knisely was the most important part of the beginning inception of Pottie Skippen. He recorded and mixed the entire first album, "The Ballad of Pete Rose." Out of the 20+ songs on the album, only two of the beats were not produced by him. Now focused on his groundbreaking new rock band "Attack Flamingo," Sean K. has reserved his role in the crew to solely engineer at the moment.

The first album the crew has released is "The Ballad of Pete Rose" in 2006.

New project
Their most recent project is "Seventh Grade Skills Mix-Tape" scheduled for 2007.

Photo: J-Fev, Phonetic, Snowman, Sean K., and Leonard.

Release:Seventh Grade Skills Mix-Tape
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is scheduled for release in 2007 as a free download.
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Release:The Ballad of Pete Rose
The Ballad of Pete Rose
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released in October 2006.

. Welcome To Pottie Skippen (Intro)
2. Get Up
3. Insignificant Like Nickels And Dimes
4. 40 Lashes (Poetic Interlude)
5. Darkworld
6. Three Amigos
7. Sogima! (The End Of The World)
8. Get Up (Reprise)
9. Do The Rumpelstiltskin
10. Rock With The Rhythm
11. Station Identification (Interlude)
12. The Last Night You Will Ever Hear My Melodious Voice
13. Get Down, Ronald Reagan
14. The Mission!
15. Get Up (Roses Interlude)
16. Pteradactyl
17. The Tyson Left (or How America Gained It's Indepence)
18. Altar Call (Interlude)
19. Project Stank
20. High, How Are You?
21. Jupiter
22. Welcome Back, Amelia Earhart
33. Get Up (Mr. Roboto Remix)
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Reviews:Found 0 reviews for this album. [Add a review]

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