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Original Atalaya

Original Atalaya
Releases:[Rappertorio Mixtape] [Genesis]
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Info:Original Atalaya is a Dutch MC, whose roots are in Brazil.

The artist name "Original Atalaya" has a special meaning. His friends in Brazil called him Original and after his conversion to the gospel of Christ, he became a new man. Thus a new name was appropriate and Atalaia was chosen. Atalaia is a warrior, a watchman. In old times soldiers who were guarding the citywalls, like in Jeruzalem, were called Atalaia. And so the artistname Original Atalaya was born.

Original Atalaya started his involvement in the music scene in 2004, rap meant for him a message of drugs, sex and other misery. In May 2005 the rapper turned his life to Jesus Christ and soon after he got baptized. Music remained at the background until September 2006, when his interest was fueled again in the hip hop culture and the inspiration was given to honour God with hip hop music.

After reading Revelations 5 the words Seven Seals remained in his thoughts and spirit. After much prayer for wisedom and guidance this turned into something solid. The christian label for Dutch hip hop "Zeven Zegels" [meaning Seven Seals] was founded in April 2006.

In December 2006 his debut album "Genesis" is released. In November 2007 Original Atalaya released his first mixtape entitled "Rappertorio Mixtape".

Release:Rappertorio Mixtape
Rappertorio Mixtape
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The mixtape is released in November 2007 as a free download.

Production by:
- EdO: 2, 4
- JDA: 3
- Original Atalaya: 7

1. Mão No Ar (Intro)
2. Rima Viva
3. Fura Bala
4. Momentum
5. Aquela Historia
6. Passado-Futuro - featuring Mordekai
7. Consciência Divina
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Indie (Independant Release)
Info:The album is released in December 2006.

1. Genesis (Skit)
2. Aprendendo A Viver (Learning to Live)
3. Muziekdoos - featuring De Wrekers
4. Van Vader Tot Kind
5. Telefoongesprek (Skit)
6. Nothing Lasts Forever
7. Vrijheid
8. Shout Outs (Skit)
9. Wapenuitrusting Van God - featuring Strijder
10. Achter De Spiegels - featuring Bram
11. De Dagen Vroeger - featuring BOB
12. Rei Dos Reis (Skit)
13. Het Is Tijd - featuring JDA
14. Instrument Van God
15. Blijf Mezelf - featuring Onbetwist
16. Instrumental
17. Stand By Me
18. Outro (skit)
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