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Zeven Zegels

Zeven Zegels
Info:The label Zeven Zegels, meaning Seven Seals, is based upon the biblical scripture Revelations 5. The goal of the label is to obey Jesus Christ in his command to go out into the world and spread the good news [like in Matthew 28:19-20]. The label is founded by Original Atalaya in April 2006.

The recordlabel utilizes two passions to make this goal a reality:
1. Jesus
2. Music
Not only is the music of Zeven Zegels to encourage brothers and sisters, but it's meant to praise the Lord as well.

Zeven Zegels is mainly focussing on rap and hip hop music. But there will also be influences of latin, reggaeton and R&B in Zeven Zegels music.

The first record to be released by the label is the Zeven Zegels Music Compilation in 2008.
Phone:+316 51013640
Releases:A few random releases on this label...
Zeven Zegels Music Compilation Various Artists - Zeven Zegels Music Compilation
Equilibrium Atalaya - Equilibrium

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