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Ghostwriters, The

Ghostwriters, The
Country:United States
Info:The Ghostwriters consisting of UnknowN and Apaulsoul initially took form in the spring of 2007. The two artists with origins of the states of Indiana and now Tennessee (UnknowN) and Chicago, but now in Oklahoma City (Apaulsoul) would find themselves often working and performing together.

They initially collaborated for Double Edge Sword Records artist S.O.C.O.M. on “Makeya Fingers Snap”. In fall of 2006 both artists were scheduled to perform in the state of Colorado, though they had never met, they instantly became friends.

UnknowN would later sign to Double Edge Sword Records bringing not only his artistic ability but also his production and engineering skills, his production credits include the 116 Clique, Dedge P, Dillon Chase, S.O.C.O.M., JayMay and many others in the Christian Rap genre.

His solo album “Forever Fameless” whch released in summer of 2006 has sold close to 1000 copies to date. Meanwhile Apaulsoul, founder of the Chicago/Oklahoma City rap group Supertropolis was taking the necessary steps to expand the territory of his group through solo performances and collaborations with other artist to include C-Micah, Da Clay, and a host of others. His group Supertroplis has been on the underground scene since 2003 releasing five mixtapes selling over 5000 combined copies to date in the United States and abroad in countries as far as the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, and Canada.

Collectively the two artist has shared concert stages with Lecrae, Mark J, Canton Jones, Grits, B.B jay now known as J.E Cooper, The Apologetix, Bobby Tinsley, S.O.C.O.M., Mr. Del, Corey Red, and many other great talented hip hop artist.

This merger of experience and talent is a blessing sent straight from the hands of Christ himself and would set the stage for a creative yet biblically sound group ready to make its mark on this generation.

By summer of 2007 they had two songs completed with three songs lined up but for future individual projects. But after several conversations the two decided that maybe there was more to this union than met thee eye and decided to commit to 7-10 songs. This move would eventually lead to the Unknown and Apaulsoul produced debut full CD entitled “Notes to Self” and they would now be known collectively as the “Ghostwriters”.

On November 5nd, 2007 Double Edge Sword Records announced the signing of The GhostWriters which consist of Apaulsoul and UnknowN.

Short lived
The duo separated as stated in a Double Edge Swords Records Newsletter on July 14th, 2008. Therefore the album will come out through digital retailers only.

The Ghostwriters released "Notes to Self" on Double Edge Sword Records in 2008.

Release:Notes to Self
Notes to Self
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Double Edge Sword Records
Info:The album is released on August 14th, 2008.

1. The Call
2. Ghostwriters
3. Holy Ghost Party
4. I Will
5. Soulja Story (Apaulsoul Solo)
6. In God We Trust - featuring Mr. Del
7. Notes to Self
8. We Practice - featuring Dillon Chase
9. Jesus Anthem Interlude
10. Jesus Anthem Remix (Unknown Solo)
11. Get S.i.c. - featuring C. Micah
12. Move - featuring Breeveazie
13. I Wanna Be Your Man - featuring Superkat
14. Some Type of Lady
15. Take Back - featuring Mark J
16. Block Is Hot Interlude
17. Welcome to My Hood
18. Holy Hip Hop
19. They Don't Know - featuring Syreena
20. Many Reasons
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