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Channel, The

Channel, The
Country:United States
Info:The Channel from Nacogdoches, Texas released his debut album "Dare 2 be great" on Kingdom Minded Records in 2007.

He can also be heard on the Messiah Mixtape series with his crew KMM.

Release:Dare 2 be Great
Dare 2 be Great
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Kingdom Minded Records
Info:The album is released on November 27th, 2007.

1. Christ Over Beats
2. He's My King
3. Cross On My Back
4. The Name
5. In Pursuit
6. Live Holy
7. Kid In The King
8. Legacy Of Greatness
9. Dare 2 Be Great
10. Let Them Know
11. I Don't Know
12. Fast Lane
13. Soul Cry
14. Perseverance
15. Chase The King
16. Mic Pass
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