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Country:United States
Releases:[The Beginning] [Mixology]
Info:La Vell Walton was born June 30th, 1980. He was raised by his grandmother in the Central District of Seattle, WA. The name VellVett was given him after the release of hit movie Coming to America in the 1990's. Although it came from humor, VellVett created a reputation for himself as a smooth, yet vibrant, and unique rap artist.

The instant his voice was heard publicly he was considered one of the best unsigned artists yet. Quote: you are an advocate of the basic nature to feel good and give praise stated by Giana Garel, producer/co-host of talk radio show On The Real.

VellVett started working on his first solo release entitled, after signing with Genuine Life Recordz, an indie label based in Seattle, on September 18th, 2006.

He is also preparing songs for movie projects while promoting his album via internet, collaborations and live performances. In his own words: I've recognized the necessity for unadulterated, influential music in today's world. I too enjoy entertainment, but youth today mimic fictional characters rather than real-life success stories. They don't know the benefit of being themselves. Instead, they compromise their essence by imitating unhappy people who lack identity. So, instead of highlighting the need, I would rather contribute through music, film and demonstration of who we are according to God; our Creator. His immediate goal is to work with a trustworthy distribution company with a successful track record.

Rapping & Re-birth
VellVett has been rapping since 1987 and has been writing songs since 1993. He started performing at nightclubs in 1995. He was always known for his strong voice, great stage presence, and lyrical content and creative flow. Now he has truly broken the mold in hip-hop, bringing the Unadulterated Truth in a most creative way since his re-birth (salvation) October 11th, 2001 at Faith Deliverance Assembly A.O.H. Church of God.

His inspirations range from: EWF, Marvin Gaye, Whodini, Fat Boys, The Fresh Prince, LL Cool J, NWA, Digital Underground, 2Pac and many more. His greatest inspiration is Jesus Christ. “It was His attitude, strength and grace in hard times that influenced me, VellVett states.

Over the past couple of years he's attended an annual award show held here in Seattle called "The Pacific Northwest Charity & Music Award Show" hosted by "Inside Tha Musik (ITM)." And from this award show VellVett has been nominated for 3 years in several different categories. Walking away with: Best Performance in 2006, Best Mixtape in 2007, Best Single, Best Collaboration, and the Soldier Award in 2008.

The rapper released his mixtape "Mixology" on Genuine Life Recordz in 2007.

His debut album "The Beginning" is to be released in 2008.

Release:The Beginning
The Beginning
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Genuine Life Recordz
Info:The album is released on October 7th, 2008.
Production by Don Christi'on for Genuine Life Productions and MD3 for Zoe 4 Life Productions.
Guest appearances by Ak, Chameion Sutton,
Servant, Khaleel Grant and (JIG) Jesus Instead of Gangs.

1. The Beginning (Intro)
2. Spotlight
3. The College Park
4. It's In The Game
5. Love Thru All
6. AK Speaks (Interlude)
7. Real
8. Same Ol Same Ol
9. Go Back
10. Ups & Downs
11. Heat Spurts Culture
12. Akapella
13. One
14. Wit A Swaaagg
15. Beautiful
16. Bread of Life (Interlude)
17. Broken Home
18. Game U On
19. Genuine Life
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Media:[Digital Download]
Recordlabel:Genuine Life Recordz
Info:The mixtape is released on February 22nd, 2007 for free.

1. Hold Ya Heart Up - featuring Chameion
2. Northwest - featuring Servant
3. Let Me Talk 2 Ya
4. Special - featuring Chara
5. Killing Me - featuring AK
6. Come On
7. Breaking Even
8. Walking Thru Traffic - featuring Chara
9. Seattle Anthem
10. Hungry
11. Keep Walking
12. Stay Hopeful
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