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Supa Mario

Supa Mario
Country:United States
Info:Supa Mario also known as Mario Record was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1973. He discovered his interest in music about the age of 7 when he heard his first rap song by "Rappin' Duke".

Shortly after that, he became involved in secular rap music by making his own mix tapes around the age of 10. By the age of 14, he purchased his first drum machine and began rapping and releasing his own mix tape series called Mac D.L.E. Productions.

Later he began performing in local clubs with a group called Unemployed Gangsters and sharing the stages with names like 8-Ball & MJG, Skinny Pimp & 211, and Indo G. & Lil' Blunt just to name a few. During his later teenage years, he heard a voice thought to be from God that led him to believe there was a much greater purpose for life.

By the age of 19, just as he thought the way was paved for his mainstream success, he was at a church in Sledge, Mississippi when he was asked that life changing question, "If you died today, do you know where your soul would spend eternity?" From that day, his life was not the same. He no longer had the same agenda to make music that glorified all things sinful and negative like selling drugs which he used to do, smoking weed, drinking alcohol, and promiscuousness. He then threw away all his secular music and parted ways with all people who were opposed to his new lifestyle.

He then began to go to church regularly, a church called Prayer House of Deliverance, where the late James Salton was pastor. Under the expert tutelage of Pastor Salton and other leaders in the ministry, they taught him about Jesus Christ and how to come Up from the World.

New creature
For about 5 years he absorbed all the knowledge they would convey to him, thus birthing a new creature with the same gifts and talents to be used against the enemy he once served.

Supa Mario started his ministry in 2001 performing at local churches, clubs, and other youth activities with a group called The Ludachristians. The southern sound of deep bass and poppin' snare drums caused people to wanna hear what we had to say, and for about 3 years they shared stages with names like W.A.R. Klick, The Great Commission, Mr. Del & Holy South, Non-Fiction, and Canton Jones are only a few.

Ludachristians: Album
They would soon release an album in 2003 called "We on a Mission". The Ludachristians have parted as a group but till this day remain friends. Still, Supa Mario is moving forward with the mission God has given him and using the powerful tool called Rap Music to tell this dying generation about the enemy's plans and Jesus' return.

Supa Mario: Debut Album
The rapper released his debut album "Holla Looya At Ya Boy!" in 2008.

Release:Holla Looya At Ya Boy!
Holla Looya At Ya Boy!
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Media:[Audio CD]
Recordlabel:Mario Records
Info:The album is released in February 2008.
Production by Radikalous Productions, Trauma Da Drummer Boi, and Supa Mario.
Guest appearances by Tina Tilton, Percy of Non-Fiction, Khamsin, Essence, Naketha McGee, Mastamynd, Ilia, Non-Fiction, C. Micah, Alphlex, Kari Hobbs, Souljah Cee, RedDog, Triz, and C-Dub.

1. Supa Start
2. Holla Looya At Cha Boy!
3. Err Body Up
4. Handz In Da Air
5. The Greatest Song
6. Nothin'
7. Coast 2 Coast
8. How U Ride
9. Lift Yo Armz
10. Kingdom In Me
11. Airbagz
12. WSPR Radio
13. Killa
14. Whatcha Think About That
15. Runnin' Fa
16. He Reignz
17. Get Back
18. Holla Looya At Cha Boy (remix) - Bonus Track
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