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Country:United States
Info:DAVID 2.0 stands for Digitally Apt Vehicle for Infallible Data. His brand of music is described as "combining the elements of Hip-Hop, Spoken Word, Classical, R&B, and Pop." He is a member of the Nureau Ink collective.

"My personal mission is to experience, daily, the 'Greater things'. As mankind, we fall short of God's glory. But by our response to (or expression of) life's experiences, we evolve by all facets, into "new creatures". By that notion, I'm a new man every day. My delegation as a 'Nureaumerican' is to provoke the same evolution in you- that you too would be drawn closer to Greatness, which is the very nature of God manifested through us."

Although born into the Church, 2.0 grew cynical of the inconsistencies noticeable in it's social interaction. But this did not stop him from discovering daily Truth on his own. Influenced by his faith-based environment growing up, 2.0's sound is very much a diary of his journey, failures, triumphs, and everything in between, cataloguing his personal breakthroughs for the World to see and hear.

Nureau Ink
DAVID 2.0 is part of the award-winning collective, Nureau Ink, founded by Gospop superstar, Tonex. Spearheading the online marketing team for the Nureau Ink movement, 2.0 serves as a catalyst for musical and spiritual evolution. His passion for people is evident in his songwriting, as he seeks to bring something real and tangible for a people looking for answers.

Kingdom Marketing Group
A native of San Diego, California, 2.0 currently resides in his hometown, working as a graphic designer, beatsmith, and legal rights advocate, alongside his recording artist career. 2.0 also acts as Co-CEO of Kingdom Marketing Group, a brand co-founded with his younger brother, Michael (aka Mic Blu). The company functions as a one-stop shop for artists and aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide.

DAVID 2.0 has shared the stage/studio with Mic Blu (aka Mic B), George Callahan, Tonéx, Omega Mythologist, Undefeated, Tha Gift, AJB 1981, Answered Prayers, T.Bizzy, Brotha Los, Rhema K, Wyze Guyz, Lyikal Princess, Simone Edwards, National, Kimmé, Eternul, Young & Godly, and many others.

David is married to wife, Q. They have two children, Amaris Anjanette and Davión Mozéx.

The artist released "RED 4:12 : The Anti-Virus" in 2008.

Release:RED 4:12 : The Anti-Virus
RED 4:12 : The Anti-Virus
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Media:[Audio CD] [Digital Download]
Recordlabel:KMG/Nureau Ink
Info:The album is released on April 12th, 2008.

1. The Upgrade
2. R.E.D. Introlude (Firestorm)
3. Chronicles of a Time Traveler
4. 2040 AE: Ode 2 Nureau
5. Time
6. 2 The West (Seymour's Azusa Story) - featuring Omega
7. The Freedom Fighter
8. Tumblin' Down
9. Observant
10. Stormy Weather
11. iPray
12. Sonrise, Sunset - featuring Moufpeace
13. I AM Legend
14. Enlisted (Worship Is Warfare)
15. The Blunt Edge (Anti-Virus)
16. Got Me Twisted
17. Elephant In The Pew
18. See Saw XXX - featuring Law
19. Stay 2nd Outrolude
20. Tumblin' Down (Acapella)
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